This Week’s Cinema: Conquering Inner Challenges!

January 29, 2011 at 2:09 AM (Uncategorized)

I will say that Iwas very pleased with tonight’s selections!  Both of the films were entertaining, and they were worth the time (and money) spent.  It was good to see two films that actually kept the attention during the entire time in the theater!

We began with The Rite!  The ALWAYS entertaining Sir Anthony Hopkins was the lead in this film, starring as Father Lucas Trevant.  He encounters a religious student named Michael Kovak (O’Donoghue).  Kovak is a seminary student at a Vatican City school of exorcism.    He is of American origin, and he is at a point where he is becoming weary of his faith.

It is when Kovak arrives at The Vatican that he begins to explore the more in-depth levels of Catholicism.  This leads to the search into interactions with curious journalist Angeline (Alice Braga), who is researching exorcisms.  Together, they find that even the most holy location of Christianity is not safe from the intrusions of Satan! 

The Rite Poster

We followed-up with The King’s Speech!  This film already is being nominated for several awards!  It revolves around England’s King George VI.  He is familiarly-known by the nickname Bertie.  Those whom know him well realize that Bertie suffers from a nervous conditon, which is why he was not ready to be crowned King of England.

George VI first is coached by his father, King George V.  He leads his son as Prince Albert, while George V holds the throne.  As a boy, Albert has several problems, including a physical disorder that has made him knock-kneed, and a stuttering speech impediment.  Also, he is looked down upon because he is left-handed. 

After George V dies, older brother Edward inherits the throne.  He is cruel to his brother Albert because of his obvious disorders, as well as snide with him because of his attraction to an American female, Wallis Simpson (Eve Best).  Yet, Albert does take speech lessons to deal with his speaking disorder.

World War II is beginning, and Britain is preparing for battle.  It is with a radio broadcast to the nation of Great Britain where Albert has to prepare a weary population.  He is coached by speech therapist Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush) on how to address the public while overcoming his speaking impediment.  At the speech to the nation, along with the knowledge that Winston Churchill suffered from speaking problems as well, Albert finds success.  He has assumed the title of George VI, while providing a calming and encouraging speech to a war-weary nation.

Poster art for "The King's Speech"

Next week, at least two exciting films will be premiering.  The suspense-thriller Sanctum, about a team of trapped, deep-sea explorers, opens.  Also, Hottie Berry is set as the lead in the new film Frankie and Alice, where she stars as a woman dealing with multiple personalities, and displaying racist traits against her own people!

February has several other features premiering during the month!  Big Momma’s:  Like Father, Like Son, Gnomeo and Juliet, I Am Number Four, Unknown, and Vanishing on 7th Street are set to start during February.  March will include The Adjustment Bureau, Battle:  Los AngelesBeastly, Mars Needs Moms, Rango, and Red Riding Hood

Animated Gif Cinema (31)

 I told you to holla back…..

Animated Gif Cinema (36)       Animated Gif Cinema (36)


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