Anybody Over There???

January 30, 2011 at 1:34 AM (Uncategorized)

The Gliese 581 system has been capturing attention for the past decade, or so.  I realize that it’s distance, and only having so much technical capacity, is making it difficult to study.  Yet, recent finds about it have been fascinating, nonetheless!

This solar system is located in an area of The Milky Way that has been measured as roughly 20.3 light years away from Earth.  It’s distance is within a twenty parsec measurement.  That actually is an incredible distance, roughly 1,174,920,334 miles away!  It is found in the area of the sky that we have aligned with signs of the zodiac.  Gliese 581 is found in Libra.

The Gliese 581 system is being alleged to contain six planets.  The star itself is a red dwarf.  It’s known planets are being estimated as between the sizes of Earth and Neptune.  Some of the six planets are speculated as being within this sytem’s habitable zone.

The planets Gliese 581c, 581d, 581f, and 581g are being studied to discern whether or not they actually are situated in prime locations around their host star.  Astronomers whom have been reviewing the system seem to have identified which of these worlds is located at the right distance from Gliese 581 that would allow it to host life.  It seems that Gliese 581d is in the goldilocks zone, which is encouraging for further studies of this particular world.

Studies of this world are fascinating on several levels.  It would be the affirmation of all time to learn, at last, that we are not alone in the vastness of what we recognize as the universe.  A world that has signs of habitability outside of our Earth would seem to indicate that such a world could exist anywhere.  Taking an even greater stretch, the revelation of a possibly life-bearing planet other than Earth should mean that life should exist in any other places of the universe!

This artist's conception shows the inner four planets of the Gliese 581 system and their host star, a red dwarf star only 20 light years away from Earth


 Green UFO



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