Tonight We Took It Deeper!

February 6, 2011 at 1:37 AM (Uncategorized)

It has been a bit since I have blogged.  I did get to take some time today, as I participated in a family celebration, as well.  All of us got out for lunch, and a movie!

We had a meal at a Chinese food buffet restaurant.  We have eaten there before, and the food is good.  I had a seemingly ordinary meal, just some fish and fried rice.  I did have some of those cheese puffs with the sweet sauce, which is more junk food, than anything else.

Our film was Sanctum!  It is an adventure, human-interest film that is in 3D.  James Cameron produced the movie, yet the only character whom I recognized instantly was Ioan Gruffudd, the guy that plays Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic from The Fantastic Four.  Anyhow, the film was decent.

Gruffudd plays Carl Hurley, a bank fincancer who is with a team of explorers that goes cave diving.  The get to the Esa-ala cave system, located in Papua New Guinea.  When they are exploring the caves, an approaching hurricane makes landfall at the island!

The deadly storm forces them deeper into the caves for shelter.  However, their depth backs them into a trapped situation, as the cavern begins to flood.  Hurley is in the caves, as his expedition team is lead by Frank McGuire (Richard Roxburgh), who is a master diver and cave explorer.  McGuire’s teenaged son, Josh (Rhys Wakefield), is with them, also.

As the caverns fill with water, they suddenly become barricaded by rocks that fall at the entrance.  This makes the team have to back deeper into the system, trying to find another way out.  However, while in the cave, oxygen seems to deplete, and they have to work together in order to make significant use of the necessary air supply.

While travelling upward, the team faces deadly dangers.  The darkness, and the jaggedness of the rocks makes it difficult to ascend.  The difficulty of the escape does not allow for all of them to escape, as the youngest member, Josh, is the only one that survives!

Possibly interesting movies opening next week are Cedar Rapids and The Eagle!  The rest of February includes Big Momma’s:  Like Father, Like Son, I Am Number Four, The Last LionsShelter, and  Unknown!  March includes The Adjustment Bureau, Mars Needs MomsPaul, Rango, and Red Riding Hood

I’m sitting here, looking at my Bruno, so I thought I’d jam to some…..



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