Hanging On By the Skin of His False Teeth?

February 10, 2011 at 7:13 PM (Uncategorized)

Egypt is erupting!  As an increasingly angry Egyptian population is demanding that he vacate office immediately, President Hosni Mubarak is firmly clinging to his position of office.  The citizens of the African nation are in a state of uproar, as protests have spread throughout the streets.

It was yesterday when Hosni Mubarak, age 81, spoke to his nation’s people, stating that he was not going to vacate the presidency.  He announced that he would be allowing Egyptian Vice-President Omar Suleiman to have an increased level of power, though Mubarak would remain as the main political figure.  Suleiman’s new duties will be mananging the economy of Egypt, acting as managing reviewer of the national police, leading Egypt’s Interior Ministry, and acting as negotiator with any of the nation’s rival factions.

Hosni Mubarak has been President of Egypt for thirty years.  He has been the sole leader of the nation’s government, only having appointed Omar Suleiman as Vice-President two weeks ago.  Mubarak is 82 years old, and Suleiman is 74 years old.

Masses of Egyptian citizens packed the nation’s central Tahrir Square to listen as Mubarak stated he plans to remain as President.  He means to keep the position until September, saying that he is giving additional powers to Vice-President Omar Suleiman as he allegedly prepares for exit.  However, this did not set well with the people, as they want Mubarak to leave immediately! 

It was the initial January 29 announcement that Mubarak meant to leave office that had Egyptian citizens pleased, and ready to proceed into a more progressive nation.  Now that he is not planning to exit, the nation possibly sits at a starting point of revolution.  It is disturbing to nations around the world, with neighboring Israel watching closely. 

The Muslim Brotherhood, currently banned from Egypt, sits as a possible force in revolutionary activities.  Vice-President Suleiman allegedly is trying to make actions that will keep them from starting any levels of public distruption.  Suleiman stated that he plans to use Egyptian military to keep the opposition forces from moving into any increased positions that may allow for hostility and violence.

     Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak makes a televised statement to his nation in this image taken from TV that aired  February 10, 2011    








Ancient Egypt Animated GIFs | GraphicsGrotto.com



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