Idol’s Hollywood Hopefuls and Hilarities!

February 17, 2011 at 10:34 PM (Uncategorized)

I just finished watching tonight’s American Idol, as they are still in the audition stage.  I am a real fan of music, so I enjoy hearing it from various sources.  Idol has been a source of some truly spectacular sounds, as well as some back-cracking comedy!

This is Hollywood Week, with the contestant-hopefuls performing before the judges at a Southern California studio.  It is always interesting, seeing the contestants entering the room, and wondering what they are going to bring.  You would think that all of them would be ready to give their best vocal presentations, knowing that they are going to be on national television, while standing in front of Hollywood superstars.  Yet, and yet again, that is not always the case…

Some of them were forgetting the lyrics.  Some of them were performing comedy songs.  Some of them just wanted to have that quick five minutes, not really caring as to whether or not they got to any next levels.  However, there were some whom truly could sing!

One of the girls sang And I Am Telling You, and she did sound good!  She was no Jennifer Holliday, or Jennifer Hudson, yet she has potential to be a challenging contestant.  Two guys sang My Prerogative, by Bobby Brown, and only one of them sounded like anything.  Then, there was one guy with a huge, standing bass violin who did seem decent.  One girl even had the nuts to sing I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing in front of Steven Tyler, and she sounded good!

It was interesting, how they changed this initial format, this year.  I was intrigued by the groupings of the contestants, as they were divided into trios and quartets (some quintets, too).  They had to show how well they could sing individually, as well as how apt they were to performing with others.  I thought that was a good addition to the audition stage.

Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler really seem like they are going to be a good judging team!  Each of them has considerable background with music and stage performance.  They should-will know what to seek when judging the contestants.  It would not be a bad thing to get a song or two out of J. Lo and Steven Tyler, either!

This was Round Three of this year’s tryouts.  I know that sixty-eight contestants were cut, last night.  Tonight, final cuts were made, so that the show can progress onto Hollywood Week-Part Two, where the singing and judging are supposed to intensify!  I will stay tuned…. 

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