We Got Two Goodie-Goodies This Week!

February 19, 2011 at 2:26 AM (Uncategorized)

Several good movies premiered this week!  We could not see them all at once, but we did get into what I thought were two very good films.  I had been anticipating both of these films, and I was glad to have seen them!

We began with I Am Number Four!  This was an exciting, science-fiction adventure film!   A fifteen year-old boy named John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) lives with a man named Henri (Timothy Olyphant), who is serving as his guardian.  Both of them are beings called Loriens, from another world, and they are hiding from a race of hunters called The Mogadorians.

We start the film by seeing Number Three being killed, and Number Four being seen as he is leaving his home.   Four has three scars around his right ankle, indicating that three of his kind have been killed.  Henri (Timothy Olyphant) appears, taking him to Ohio, where both of them assume new identities, and Four officially becomes John Smith.

John enrolls into the area high school, and he meets Sarah (Dianna Argon).  They become friends immediately, which turns into a dating relationship.  Yet, he gets into a fight with Sarah’s ex-boyfriend, showing that he is stronger than he looks!

It is one afternoon, while in class, that John’s hands start glowing.  He gets home, finding out that his first Legacy has come.  This is a special power that all of those from his homeworld possess.  His power is the capacity to emit light from his hands, and the ability to endure extreme heat.  John is a telekenetic as well, yet all Loriens have this ability.

The manifestation of John’s power leads Henri to begin teaching him.  During this time, he makes a friend in classmate Sam (Callan MacAulliffe), who believes in the existence of extraterrestrials.  They go with Sarah and one of her friends to a house party, yet it is disrupted when John gets into a fight.  It is a continuation of an altercation into which John was placed earlier, where Sarah’s ex-boyfriend shows up again, and he wants to fight.  He pulls a gun on John, having seen his hands glowing, earlier. 

Sam wants to know the truth behind John.  He asks John what he is, and John has to prove to Sam that he is not an alien.  They choose to remain friends, going to Athens, Ohio, where they meet Henri.  He is another Lorien being who warns John about falling in love with Sarah. 

The friends go to another house party, and a fire breaks out.  Sarah gets trapped inside, but John uses his powers to save her.  She then wants to know what John is, and he tells Sarah about himself.  Yet, a paper-fax arrives at their school, with the question:  “Are You Number Four”.  John panics, gets into an argument with Henri, and he goes to find Sarah so that he can run away with her, hiding from a species of hunters called The Mogadorians!

John winds up killing one Mogadorian that found him.  He groups with three others, including one girl who reveals herself as Six.  She states that a war has started, so all of them proceed to escape the school.  As they run, John battles and kills a sentry that was sent to capture him!

Now hurt from this battle, John is saved by two others with special powers.  He then realizes that he can communicate with animals.  John uses this power to speak with a dog that is actually an alien being.  It mutates into a much larger beast, attacking, then killing an alien sentry that was hunting them!

Another battle occurs, where Henri was killed.  Yet, John and Sarah hide away at a hotel.  He then tells Sarah that he has to go on a trip.  John joins with Sam, and another called Six.  All of them proceed on a journey to find the other Loriens!

Poster art for "I Am Number Four."


The second movie was the suspenseful Unknown!  A car wreck occurs, having Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Nesson) hospitalized.  He is there at this Berlin, Germany medical facility for days. 

Dr. Harris returns to The United States, allegedly going home to his wife, Liz (January Jones).  He is surprised and terrified to find out that Liz claims not to know him.  She is leading another life, and she is happily married to another man (Aidan Quinn), also called Martin!

The original Martin attempts to find help.  He goes to police, trying to get validity to his claims that he is who he says.  While trying to find assistance, a woman named Gina (Diane Kruger) gets in with Martin’s quest, and both of them work to find the truth behind what has happened. 

It is at his home where Liz stumbles upon Martin’s briefcase.  She finds photographs that were taken with the both of them together, which startle her, but verify his story.  It is at this point when Liz works with Martin to uncover the truth behind what is happening, going through a perilous plight to put their lives in place, at last! 

Unknown Poster

They have put out another trailer for X-Men:  First Class!  I believe that it is taking the storyline all the way back to when Professor Xavier first began his school for mutants, along with highlighting how the rift between himself and former friend Erik “Magneto” Lensherr began!  I think that I recognized Cyclops, Emma Frost, Mystique, and Dr. Henry McCoy as some of the other mutants in the story.  I am sure that there are more…..

February 25 will bring the releases of Drive Angry and Of Gods and MenThe Adjustment Bureau, Beastly, I Saw The Devil, and Rango all premiere on March 4.  The following week will bring Battle:  Los Angeles, Mars Needs Moms, and Red Riding Hood

The rest of March will include Black Death, The Lincoln Lawyer, MonogamyPaul, and Sucker Punch!  Yet, summer hits are being advertised, already.  Transformers:  Dark of the Moon, the third edition to the blockbuster franchise, premieres July 1!



I was thinking the same thing, when I saw you…..

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