No Joke With Japan!

March 30, 2011 at 8:06 PM (Uncategorized)

I decided, finally, to get back to my blog.  I have been and remain busy, yet I love to write so much.  As well, there is so much going on right now that I have to put my two cents worth into the mix!

Japan, Japan, Japan!!!  Just who’s wrath did they incur?  Well, let us look at it from a serious point of view.  First, it is important to recognize that the islands of Japan are the result of millions of years of geologic activity.  The collisions of tectonic plates, and the accompanying actions of subduction lead to the formation of Japan.  This level of movement within The Earth has affected Japan, and every body of land, since our planet’s creation.

Japan itself used to be a part of Eurasia prime.  It was physically attached to the rest of that continental body.  Movement of tectonic plates caused the islands to be separated from Asia, pulling the chain eastward.  The Sea of Japan, or The East Sea, now exists between Japan and mainland Asia.

Japan sits directly along the infamous Ring of Fire.  Every body of land along this area of the planet is familiar with earthquakes and volcanic activity.  This area is measured as a roughly 25,000 mile wide arc around The Pacific Ocean.  It reaches from lower South America, upward into North America, crossing from Alaska to Siberia, downward along eastern Asia, then into Indonesia, around eastern Australia, and directly through New Zealand.

Several tectonic plates and their movements are what make The Ring of Fire so volatile.  The eastern side of The Pacific, along The Americas, hosts action between six plates.  The South American Plate, The Nazca Plate, The Cocos Plate, The Juan de Fuca Plate, and The North American Plate all affect the eastern area of The Pacific Ocean.  The western side is affected by The North American Plate, The Filipino Plate, and The Australian Plate.  The Antarctic Plate is situated at the bottom area of The Pacific Ocean.

As these plates are moving constantly, activity will occur at any given time.  The excessive amount of geologic activity around The Ring of Fire is due to the large number of plates within and around The Pacific Ocean.  The nations that are situated along these plates, these fault lines, always will deal with actions of The Earth as she shifts.

This recent magnitude 8.9 earthquake that affected Japan is the most extreme since 2008.  September of that year is when a powerful tremor dealt a blow to Indonesia.  A magnitude 6.6. quake occurred roughly fifty-five miles beneath The Molucca Sea.  This is a portion of The Pacific that contains all of Indonesia.  It is bordered by other areas of The Pacific that have been given names such as The Celebes Sea, The Sulu Sea, and The Makassar Strait.

Currently, teams of researchers with Greenpeace are in Japan, attempting to acquire adequate assessments of radiation.  The quake damaged The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, leading to excessive amounts of radiation found.  The town of Iitate, which is twenty-five miles northwest of of the epicenter, is registering elevated levels of radiation.  That is significant because the initial evacuation area around the affected region is only a thirteen mile radius.

Greenpeace is saying that this level of radiation found is beneath any level that would lead to resulting illness.  I do not know how comforting that is supposed to be, as it is carcinogenic radiation!!!  The findings are said to be fifty times above the average level, yet allegedly “far below” the level that would lead to illness from radiation infection.  They did say (mumble…) that it is a long-term risk for causing cancer….

Well; best wishes to them.  I do hope that all available actions to provide ecologic and economic assistance are occurring, along with anything else that will assist the Japanese with rebuilding their land and lives.  Meanwhile, the rest of us need keep in mind that Mama always is on the move, and what happened there can happen in other places!



SEE THESE SITES!!!…/latest-in-japans-quake-tsunami.html

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Get A Hold of Yourself!

March 22, 2011 at 11:42 PM (Uncategorized)

There probably were too many reflective surfaces in the room.  Maybe the capacity for echo was so strong that he truly heard himself singing.  I am trying to come up with logical explanations for this latest expression of childish rediculousness.

This time, dimmer star Chris Brown gave the nation and the world the chance to see yet another perplexing presentation from him.  He was a guest on Good Morning America, being interviewed by Robin Roberts.  I actually saw a bit of it, while tending to other things.  Yet, I did not see it through, therefore missing the climax (I hate that)….

I did not see it all, actually, but I have seen the Internet clips.  Chris Brown was being interviewed by Robin Roberts on Good Morning America.  Of course, she got into the issue of his abusive relationship with Rihanna.  It seems that this lead to uproar out of Brown, with allegations of him storming off of the set, and even breaking a window!

None of that was shown.  What we did hear was Brown’s unwillingness to go into discussion regarding his torrid-tepid relationship with R&B star Rihanna, followed by a mediocre musical display.  There was some good aerobic activity from the background dancers, and Brown participated, somewhat.

Details did continue.  Reports said that Rihanna, who had a restraining order issued onto Brown, took that back.  Now, she has something in effect called a “do not annoy” order (I wish I could pass out some of those…).  Brown can not legally “annoy” Rihanna without facing legal repercussions.

Apparently, there must be some level of spark between them.  Both of them have more or less successful musical careers, and are making nice money.  Both of them would have no problems with finding someone, anyone else.  Yet, as Rihanna is showing that she remains somewhat scorned, Brown is straddled between rage and tears at the thought of her!  What is the deal?!?!

Just something to keep up with, for those whom have nothing more to do.  I have plenty to which I neeed to be tending.  Yet, I love to blog, and this topic did catch the attention.  Surely, there will be more to the subject in the coming days…..

Chris Brown appears on GMA on March 22, 2011. - Provided courtesy of ABC / Splash News

SEE THESE SITES!!!!—publicity-stunt-/8027630

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 Get Yo Breakdance ON!!!!

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Listening and Looking From ALL Views

March 20, 2011 at 6:29 AM (Uncategorized)

It is difficult not to delve into discussion about the current hot topic, Muammar Gaddafi.  He is all over the television, with a voice that demands at least audible recognition.  It is what Gaddafi is saying that needs to be heard, to be understood.

As we sit prepared to pull him from his position of power, are we truly listening to what he is saying?  From a Lamen’s viewpoint, it does sound as if Gaddafi is presenting a valid issue.  Let us step aside from the obvious that he is a war criminal, and a tyrannical oppressor of his own people.  What else is happening in Libya?

Gaddafi is referring to The United States and the western allies as aggressors, criminals, and tyrants.  He is saying that our attacks are ruthlessly killing women and children.  He is saying that our sole purpose for invading his homeland is to gain unopposed access to their oil supply.

Now.  We understand that Gaddafi is a tyrant who has been murdering and oppressing his own population.  It is recognized, more or less, that he needs to be removed from his position of power for the alleged purpose of liberating Libya.  Yet, once all of that has been said and done, what next?  Will The United States and Western allies place a pawn into a Libyan power position?  Will it be an individual who will bend immediately to Western demands?  Is the true nature of Western invasion not to eliminate Gaddafi, but to gain a greater access and control of Libyan oil supply?

Gaddafi is not the only tryannical and warped world leader.  Here in the Western-lead information sources, it is curiously difficult to find related information on possible oppressors that do not cohere with “our” viewpoints.  Yet, there are those on the other side whom will refer to world leaders like our own President Obama as a tyrant, or at least as a leader in command of a powerful force that can dictate it’s views onto the rest of the world.

Who is making efforts to remove President Obama from power, with force, because his views are not agreed upon by the rest of the world?  How much trouble does David Cameron actually face from attacks by the anti-Western pact?  Which nations are going to invade Western countries because of these nations’ seemingly inhumane issues like oppression of the poor, lack of affordable healthcare, increasing social divisions, or harboring eyesores with fucked-up hairdos like Donald Trump?

It’s just a moment of Devil’s advocacy.  We do realize that Gaddafi is a problem for many of his people, and for much of the rest of the planet.  Yet, while we are making such efforts to “deal with” issues like this leader of Libya, what else is happening to protect the rest of Earth’s citizens in need?  Questions……

Gaddafi attends 40th anniversary celebrations

Flag Libya animated gif 120x90


  Map of Libya

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Extrasensory and Extraterrestrial Excitement!

March 18, 2011 at 11:39 PM (Uncategorized)

Spring Break is winding down; boo-hoo!  Well, I did end the week like most other weeks, with an evening at the movie theater.  I will say that both of these films were entertaining, as one was a cosmic-comic blast, and the other was a look into the potential of the human mind!

We did begin with Limitless!  The story surrounds Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), who is an aspiring writer who does not have any literary works set for publication (familiar….).  He is not successful with his current plans in life, and he has been recently dumped by his girlfriend, Lindsay (Abbie Cornish).  Yet, despite his current setbacks, Eddie becomes involved with the works of a pharmacy, where he gets hold of a type of pill that enhances his personal capacity.

The pharmaceutical corporation produces a mentally enhancing product called NZT.  Eddie decides to follow through with an experimental surgical process that will allow the NZT to enhance his mental capacity and emotional prowess.  After the procedure, Eddie gains nearly extra-sensory powers, as he can visualize and catalog all information within his grasp, and he has a top-level ego status of confidence that allows him to proceed with all that he desires to perform with extreme ease. 

His success is eyed by a top-level executive named Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro).  Van Loon wants to have Eddie as a part of his business plans, believing that Eddie will bring millions of dollars in addition to his prosperous empire.  He chooses to use Eddie for the purpose of rearranging his own corporation, while making major plans for future successes, and eliminating competition that is in Van Loon’s way. 

It is when Eddie is about to close a major deal for Van Loon that the truth behind Eddie’s success is discovered.  People that have been eyeing Eddie find out about the NZT, and a hitman is sent to get hold of Eddie’s special supply.  As well, the NZT produces side effects that cause Eddie to have sudden blackouts and possible seizures.  In order to maintain focus, and to evade hunting hitmen, Eddie has to keep himself lucid long enough to find a way to stabilize the NZT, as well as to keep up with the success that Van Loon has provided to him!

  Limitless movie poster

The sci-fi fanatics that we are, it was not a problem shifting over toward Paul for our second selection!  It starts with a view of the fascination that Americans have had with the possibility of  life from other worlds, and the likelihood that such life has been to our Earth.  Two young guys with an extreme interest in the possibility of extraterrestrial activity on Earth decide to make an adventurous road trip!

It is after a science fiction convention that Clive (Nick Frost) and Graeme (Simon Pegg) continue with a road trip.  They drive toward Nevada’s Area 51, where they are stunned and excited to discover what they truly hoped to see.  The dufus, yet discovery-bound duo are driving in an RV, and they pick up a hitchhiker who is NOT exactly from around here!

At first mistaken for a miniature man, Clive and Graeme do learn that there passenger is not of this Earth!  The creature identifies itself as Paul, and he informs the guys that he has been hidden in Area 51 for sixty years.  Paul has been on Earth long enough, and now he is ready to go home.

The road-trippers take it upon themselves to assist Paul with his effort to leave Earth.  Clive, Graham, and Paul have to escape government forces like Agent Zoil (Jason Bateman), while they have taken captive an extraterrestrial enthusiast named Ruth (Kristen Wiig).  As well, they have to avoid a government agent called The Big Guy (Sigourney Weaver), who has been a leader in the search to capture and defeat extraterrestrial invaders for many years!


They have Thor looking hot!  I have not had a chance to review all of the trailers, but what I have seen so far seem exciting.  I do not know the storyline, but I think that I saw Loki in this evening’s trailer!

I am excitied that Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides will be released May 20!  Johnny Depp returns as calamitous and carefree Captain Jack Sparrow.  Geoffrey Rush will be back as Barbossa.  Penelope Cruz will be Angelica, this chapter’s hottie/love interest for Jack!

Summer movies are ready to hit the theaters!  We are looking forward to Bad Teacher, Cowboys and Aliens, Fright NightGreen Lantern, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two, Super 8, ThorTransformers:  Dark of the Moon, X-Men:  First Class.  As the summer approaches, so will more trailers!


animated gifs Aliens4.gif (68828 bytes)

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Tide of Approval Shifts Against Japanese Governor’s Statements

March 16, 2011 at 1:12 AM (Uncategorized)

It was interesting to hear the comments made earlier today by a Japanese politician.  Shintaro Ishihara, Governor of Tokyo, actually stood in front of live interviewers, as he gave a quirky comment about his sentiments on their recent tragedy.  Governor Ishihara stated that the disaster that struck Japan last Friday was a result of divine retribution!

The majority of the world is doing what it can to assist Japan in rebuilding after the devastation of the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and resulting tsunami that struck the nation last Friday.  Estimates are revealing that nearly 4,000 people were killed in this disaster.  As well, the structure of Japan was crippled, with an estimate of complete repair set to take decades.

Whether you are religious, or otherwise, it may not have been appropriate of the leader of a nation to place blanket blame for his country’s devastation on it’s entire, general population.  Keep in mind that many people died; old and young, men and women.  I would believe that the overwhelming majority of the people were not guilty of committing immediate and severe crimes, and certainly not anything that demanded their sudden deaths.

Governor Ishihara stated that “Japanese politics is tainted with egoism and populism”; his rationale for the devastation that befell Japan, last week.  He went on, saying that the tsunami was an effort to erase these negative traits which he alleges are primary problems within Japan.  One theological philosopher from The University of San Francisco stated that Governor Ishihara’s comments reflect old-fashioned Japanese/Buddhist philosophy, which the greater portion of Japan has abandoned. 

Governor Ishihara used the word tembatsu, meaning that Japan was being punished by God for what he claims is it’s overly-enhanced state of self-importance.  However, in light of these statements, it should be kept in mind that current counts are at 3,373 deaths due to this recent, geological disaster.  Many of those hurt and/or killed were children and babies, whom have not lived long enough to have done wrong, let alone to have incurred such wrath.

University of San Francisco Chair of Theology and Religious Studies John Nelson hinted that Governor Ishihara’s comments link him to old-fashioned, pre-modern era, philosophical thought.  He mentioned that the statements were of a nature of thought that was given by the Japanese culture of prior eras.  Nelson continued that The Governor’s statements reflect a manner of thinking out of Japan when it had a primary goal of conquering the world!

Governor Ishihara did come back to apologize for his comments.  His comments were viewed as offensive by many people, along with a curious comment from CNBC host Larry Kudlow, and a regularly-given foot-in-mouth statement from Glenn Beck.  However, despite disparaging statements, it should be kept in mind that Japan needs assistance from the entire planet, right now.

Governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara


Flag Japan animated gif 180x135




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Hide From This or Hide From That: This Week’s Films!

March 12, 2011 at 2:23 AM (Uncategorized)

Earth was invaded by life from afar, yet again!  We got to watch this latest big-screen alien attack through the theater with much anticipation.  As well, we got a touch-up to a classic tale of terror that is tantalizingly terrific, always!  I will say that this was a decent movie night!

Battle:  Los Angeles set off the evening!  The film starts with a scene of meteors crashing into the eastern coast of Japan.  We quickly see that the world is being invaded, and the scene shifts to The United States’ west coast.  Los Angeles suddenly is a battlefield, where mankind is defending the planet from extraterrestrial invaders!

It shifts back to twenty-four hours earlier.  U.S. marines are training, as scientists view a small cluster of meteors that are expected to crash into The Pacific Ocean.  Other images are viewed of meteors crashing into ocean waters off of the coast of Ireland, as well as into the Bay of BengalNASA prepares for an emergency, as eight meteors are expected to hit the U.S. west coast.

Plumes of smoke are seen on California’s coastline, and terrifying figures emerge from the oceanic crash sites.  As marines are deployed, alien vessels  are landing amid plumes of smoke.  Military forces set up barriers in Los Angeles, as Lieutenant William Martinez (Ramon Rodriguez) leads a team of troops to try settling the situation.  They have three hours before military forces begin dropping bombs!

Troops enter downtown Los Angeles amid dead bodies and strange sounds!  Suddenly, an attack begins, as our forces are overpowered by superior technology.  One marine is hiding, as marine forces are trying to find him.  When he emerges, a shootout begins between marine forces and alien invaders.  One alien is trapped and killed, as the military forces are confounded by what they have seen!

Tech Sargeant Elena Santos (Michelle Rodriguez) leads a team into inner Los Angeles.  She heads a group of soldiers that include Corporal Kevin Harris (Ne-yo) and 2nd Lieutenant William Martinez (Ramon Rodriguez).  The team heads into Santa Monica, attempting to rescue any trapped civilians.  However, their efforts lead them to get hold of an alien device that controls the invading space ships!  A battle begins, where this troop of marines leads the defense of our Earth against alien attackers!

Poster art for "Battle: Los Angeles."

The second film was Red Riding Hood!  This was an enjoyably eerie update of the classic horror tale, this time directed by Leonardo Di Caprio!  The residents of a medieval, European village are in a state of continous fear of a monstrous beast that has been raiding their residences at night.

Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) is a young female of the village who is in a wrestling of her romances.  She has been set to marry a young man named Henry (Jeremy Irons), who comes from a rich family. Yet, she has feelings of romance for Peter (Shiloh Fernandez), who is not rich, and is something of an outcast. 

As Valerie does not want to be with Henry, she makes plans to escape the village with Peter.  Yet, their plans are tossed into termoil, as their village has been dealing with nights of terror.  A strange and hideous beast looms outside of their village, from which the people hide at night.  It has long been a fact that the people would not have to face the creature if they gave it a monthly sacrifice.  So, each month, a healthy farm animal was slain in order to satisfy the creature’s intense appetite!

Henry, Peter, town blacksmith Adrian (Michael Shanks), and a team of hunters venture into the woods one night.  Their plan is to capture and to kill the wolf.  They are successful with catching, then beheading the creature, yet Adrian is killed.  It is during the efforts to prepare Adrian for burial that it is learned that secret romances occurred between him and some of the village females. 

The night skies recently have been the scene of a red moon.  During this setting, the creature made a terrifying move by killing one of the villagers.  The response was to seek the assistance of Father Solomon (Gary Oldman), who is reknowned for slaying werewolves.     

Father Solomon’s arrival brings unexpected fear to the village.  He notifies the people that the creature could be any of the village people, cloaked in human form during the day, yet transformed into the carnivorous creature when the full moon rises.  The villagers had been preparing for an annual celebration, and did not mean to stop it because of the wolf.

A night portion of the yearly party comes to a halt when the wolf kills a villager.  Details about the curse of the werewolf spread, as Valerie and her friend Roxanne (Shauna Kain) try to seek safety in the town church.  It is there where the girls get trapped by the wolf, and Valerie is startled to learn that she can communicate with it!

Valerie wants to keep her special gift a secret from everyone else.  Meanwhile, strange things begin to happen when she is around her grandmother.  Valerie’s brother, afflicted with autism, is taken to be the werewolf by the villagers, and is sought in an attack lead by Father Solomon.  He gets hold of Valerie in an attempt to lure the werewolf, yet Henry and Peter save her.

Father Solomon and some of the villagers try shooting at Valerie’s brother, believing him to be the wolf.  Yet, the real wolf attacks Father Solomon, biting off his left hand.  The Father is killed by the villagers because he has been infected with the werewolf curse.

Valerie goes to her grandmother’s home one evening, and she encounters Peter.  She believes that Peter is the wolf, so she stabs him, then runs to her grandmother’s home.   When she arrives, Valerie finds that her grandmother has been killed, and she sees her father, Cesaire (Billy Burke), standing over the body. 

Cesaire speaks to Valerie about other incidences as the wolf, and he tries to bite his daughter.  Yet, Peter arrives, saving her from the wolf.  He is bitten, yet Valerie stabs the wolf, killing it.  Peter helps Valerie to get rid of her father’s body, then he escapes into the woods.  Time passes, as days become years, and Valerie again sees Peter.  He now is a full wolf, and only Valerie knows that it is Peter!

Next weekend has too many movies to be seen in a three-day period!  The headliners include Paul, The Lincoln Lawyer, Limitless, and The Music Never StoppedI did want to see Paul!  Desert Flower opens that Friday, March 18, as well!  March 25 includes the releases of Diary of A Wimpy Kid:  Rodrick Rules, Miral, Sucker Punch, and The 5th Quarter.

movie lobby with popcorn drinks and candy animated gif

but for real….


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Welcome! Leave Your Wallet at the Door!

March 11, 2011 at 1:23 AM (Uncategorized)

This is not really funny; it actually is pretty sad.  It was a robbery.  No, it was not from a bank, a top-tier clothier, or from a high-end jewelry store.  It was from a Wal-Mart, and the felon was one of the store’s own workers!

I suppose that it is not so strange that a store was vandalized by one of it’s own employees.  Indeed, that likely happens all of the time.  What is unusual about this particular robbery is that the store at hand, a Wal-Mart, was robbed by one of the store’s regular greeters.

Anyone whom has been in a Wal-Mart knows that the greeters are locals of the area, usually recognizeable within the community.  Wal-Mart does seem to have a sympathy for offering some of these particular positions to individuals who may not have other employment opportunities readily at hand.  It seems like a nice thing because they are given the chance to earn income, while showing the community that all decent people have the right to be employed, and are capable of being significant factors within society.

Yet, with just about every bunch, there can be found a bad apple.  A Walmart in Statesville, North Carolina had 83 year-old George Plane, Junior working as one of it’s store greeters.  Obviously, times are hard when an elderly man is out of his home on a Sunday night, working the doors at a Walmart.  Yet, it was this particular Sunday night, this past March 6, when Mr. Plane figured that he needed more than what he had in his wallet, and he needed it at that particular moment!

While working his evening shift, Mr. Plane left the front door area, and he headed toward his car.  Upon reaching the car, Plane entered it, where he grabbed a mask and a gun.  Then, he returned to the store, aimed the gun at a co-working cashier’s head, and he demanded money!  The cashier surrendered the loot, prompting Plane to exit the store, quickly.  Once he was outside, Plane fired a shot into the air, he got into his vehicle, and he sped away!

Local police were notified, immediately.  Officers arrived at Plane’s home, where they arrested him, and they took him to be detained at the Iredell County, North Carolina detention facility.  His bond is set at $75,000.

I know that times are somwhat hard.  Yet, are they that bad that we are allowing our elderly to reach such points of neglect that they do not feel any other choices are available outside of armed robbery?!?!  Are we leaving our elderly and disabled loved ones alone long enough to where they are able to gain access to artillery, vehicles, and the means to rob public facilities?!?!

I had jokingly mentioned that The United States likely would go down as being a Babylon 2, when future historians look back to review the era.  I was half-joking, as it does seem that more and more things occur that seem to stand beyond logic, which likely could be solved before such rediculous actions have to happen.   The rich are getting richer?  The poor are getting poorer? As the numbers of the people of greed and the people in need continue to exceed the average seed, the gap is growing.  Before all is said and done, times no longer are fun, the wealthy are on the run, and grandpa got a gun!   

animated gif


width:256 and height: 192 and picwidth: 213 and pciheight: 159


  pistol shooting bullets

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Yes and Yes!!!

March 5, 2011 at 1:23 AM (Uncategorized)

I had been waiting to see both of these films, and I am glad that we got to do so, this evening!  I figured that there would be excitement, along with presentations that were fully enjoyable.  Indeed, we did have a good time with our trip, this week!

We started with the sci-fi suspense film The Adjustment Bureau!  It features the story of an upcoming junior congressman from New York named David Norris (Matt Damon). All seems to be successful for Norris until he loses a prominent political race.  He reaches a point where he is practicing his concession speech in a restroom, yet a woman is hiding in one of the stalls!

She appears, and she reveals herself to be Elise (Emily Blount).  They speak, and a connection is made between them, as they find themselves kissing in this watery restroom.  Two or three days pass, and David does not see or hear from Elise.  Yet, as he is boarding a city bus, David sees her in a seat near the back.  They speak again, and David gets Emily’s phone number, this time!

When David gets to work, he arrives amid a very strange happening.  All of his co-workers seem to be frozen in time, and strange men are there.  These men are doing some things to David’s co-workers, as a man named Richardson (John Slatterly) appears.  He tells David that he (David) just has seen something that he was not supposed to see, and that he can not speak to Elise anymore!

Three years pass, and David is riding on a bus. He sees Elise walking as the bus passes, and he rushes to have the bus stopped, to let him off of it.  David runs to Elise, kisses her, and admits that he has a passionate desire to reconnect with her.  However, their meeting never was supposed to happen.  The officers of The Adjsutment Bureau have pledged to take all measures to reshape time, seeing that their meeting never happens, as any such meeting between them would warp the entire plan of all that is to be within the universe!

The Adjustment Bureau movie poster

Rango was the second film!   He is a pet chameleon that is kept in his owner’s aquarium.  Yet, Rango (voice of Johnny Depp) yearns for a greater life.  The lizard longs to be out of his tank, proceeding to explore the curiousities of the unknown world around him. 

It is on a trip with his owner that his tank gets tossed out of the vehicle (with Rango inside).  He lands on a dirt road, near to the western town called Dirt!  The area is a hideaway location for several of the area’s criminal critters, and all designations of the law have long since disappeared!

The town animals opt to take Rango in, and to make him their sherriff.  All of the residents begin to believe that he is the hero for whom they had been waiting, even with a lonely-lady iguana named Beans (voice of Isla Fisher) taking a liking to him.  All seems to go well for Rango until an outlaw rattlesnake named Jake (voice of Bill Nighy) blows his cover and calls him out!

The now unsettled situation with the snake forces Rango to reexamine self and settings.  After a brief period of hiding, he spoke with townsfolk with whom he had become acquainted.  It was between talks with Tortoise John (voice of Ned Beatty), a mouse named Priscilla (voice of Abagail Breslin), and an elderly, armadillo hero called Roadkill (voice of Alfred Molina) that Rango chose to stand up to the scene and to confront Rattlesnake Jake!

The movie selections are heating up as the summer approaches!   Next week alone has TOO MANY movies premiering to be seen in one weekend.  These features include Battle:  Los Angeles, Black Death, Mars Needs Moms, Jane Eyre, and Red Riding Hood!  The rest of March will feature Diary of a Wimpy Kid:  Rodrick RulesThe Lincoln Lawyer, Paul, and Win Win

Madea’s Big Happy Family premieres April 22!  Kung Fu Panda 2 premieres May 26!  Captain America:  The First Avenger premieres July 22!

A lil’ J. Lo before bed is not a bad thing…..



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The Libyan Lunatic!

March 1, 2011 at 7:34 PM (Uncategorized)

Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi has captured the attention of the world for over thirty years.  It was 1972 when he was proclaimed as The Brotherly Leader and Guide of the First September Great Revolution of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.  Gaddafi is recognized as being a national dictator whom has an extreme level of personal finances, and is one of history’s non-royal persons in power for the longest length of time.

Yesterday, ABC News reporter Christiane Amanpour interviewed Gaddafi.  He told her that he has no plans to leave Libya, and that his citizens are happy in their home land.  His words were that his citizens “would die to protect him”, while blaming Al Qaeda, other terrorist factions, and even The United States for misleading Libyan citizens.  Gaddafi even stated that Libyans had been given hallucinogenic drugs to make them believe that he did not love them, and that their nation is out of control!

It has been this past February where Gaddafi was at the center of a social uprising within Libya.  Unrest grew, as the citizens of this northern African nation began mounting protests against him.  As the people of Libya have been, and are currently expressing displeasure with him, Gaddafi continues to deny the disarray within his nation.  He delusively expresses that there is nothing wrong within Libya, and that his people love him!

Right now, Libyan citizens fear that an invasion of their nation is at hand.  They feel that military forces from opposing nations, including The United States, will be launching attacks.  It is likely that many Libyans will welcome this, as the nation currently stands divided among people that are in hiding, and people whom are ready to begin a revolution.  World leaders are expressing the need for Gaddafi to vacate his position as the leader of Libya, with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton agreeing, and stating that he has been using “mercenaries and thugs” to attack those whom speak out against him!

Gaddafi continues to believe that he is in total control of Libya.  He states that outside forces are trying to invade his nation, and are inciting his beloved followers into falsely believing that they need to fight against him.  Even as many of the members of his military and personal regime have abandoned him, and a majority of Libya now ready to engage in revolution, Gaddafi is telling the world that nothing in his nation is against him!  Muammar Gaddafi does NOT plan to leave Libya willingly! 

…and lookin’ a damned mess….


….oh, yeah.  He is buddy-buddy with Hugo Chavez!

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Can You Say Cuckoo?!?!

March 1, 2011 at 12:45 AM (Uncategorized)

No.  Can you say ego-trippin’?  “I’m tired of pretending I’m not special”!  “I’m tired of pretending like I’m not bitching a total freaking rock star from Mars”What?!?!  What the Hell?!?!

Somewhere between the deep end and the depths of his ass, disgraced actor Charlie Sheen has found the time to elaborate on his current situation.  This latest interview was with Internet site  Here, Sheen has said that he no longer is a suffering addict, and that he is a victim of people seeking to get him for his money!

Sheen took part in an Internet interview with NBC earlier today.  The afflicted and aggravated actor stated that he now has passed all of his problems.  He stated that he has mentally cured himself of his addiction issues.  Also, he said that CBS is attempting to rob him of his money, and that they mean to kick around his kinfolk!

Sheen claimed that he was experiencing “psychological distress”, which is why he did not complete the full-season filming of Two and A Half Men.  However…. he has opted to return to the set to finish the season, now demanding three million per episode!  That is a mere one million dollar upgrade from his previous salary per show.

He ranted further, expanding upon his own belief that his shit don’t stank!  Sheen’s talk with the NBC reporter lead him to state that he is tired of pretending that he is not special, and that he is of a different brand, with a different heart.  Sheen said that he is “tired of prentending like I’m not bitching a total freaking rock star from Mars”!   Further along in his rant, he claimed that he has “tiger blood”, and that he has “Adonis DNA”Oh, we cats were offended!

Additionally, he claimed that he was proud of the time that he was addicted to drugs, and partying outrageously. Sheen does not feel compelled to apologize about his disparaging remarks toward the producer of Two and A Half Men, the show in which he has starred.  The statements that he made about one of the series’ producers were interpreted as anti-Semitic.

Sheen stated that he is not doing drugs, and that he does not recall the last time that he engaged in such activities.  He has said that he has cured himself of all of his addictions, and that he would have no time for a program like Alcoholics Anonymous.  Furthermore, Sheen went on to elaborate about the people whom saw him during drug-induced rants, saying that anyone who was not there does not know what they are talking about!

Additional outbursts made by Sheen included statements that he is not crazy, and that the producers of Warner Bros. will rename their network Charlie Bros. !  As far as his being suspected of being under the influence of narcotics during prior television interviews, drug tests given to Sheen showed that he was not drugged while filming.  He claimed that his time with Alcoholics Anonymous did clear him of any future desires for adverse, alcohol-influenced activities, and that he never has been violent with his family.

Charlie Sheen’s further elaborations included CBS owing him an apology, regarding the outbursts that he made about that network.  He claims to be in the midst of an oncoming success status, as he says that he is getting job offers, and that Hollywood friends have had his back!  Also, during the TMZ interview, Charlie introduced his TWO new girlfriends (he called them goddesses…) to the audience!


SEE THESE SITES!!!,,20469064,00.html

Cuckoo Clock

Yeah, Charlie….. that’s it!

…and about your gals.




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