Yes and Yes!!!

March 5, 2011 at 1:23 AM (Uncategorized)

I had been waiting to see both of these films, and I am glad that we got to do so, this evening!  I figured that there would be excitement, along with presentations that were fully enjoyable.  Indeed, we did have a good time with our trip, this week!

We started with the sci-fi suspense film The Adjustment Bureau!  It features the story of an upcoming junior congressman from New York named David Norris (Matt Damon). All seems to be successful for Norris until he loses a prominent political race.  He reaches a point where he is practicing his concession speech in a restroom, yet a woman is hiding in one of the stalls!

She appears, and she reveals herself to be Elise (Emily Blount).  They speak, and a connection is made between them, as they find themselves kissing in this watery restroom.  Two or three days pass, and David does not see or hear from Elise.  Yet, as he is boarding a city bus, David sees her in a seat near the back.  They speak again, and David gets Emily’s phone number, this time!

When David gets to work, he arrives amid a very strange happening.  All of his co-workers seem to be frozen in time, and strange men are there.  These men are doing some things to David’s co-workers, as a man named Richardson (John Slatterly) appears.  He tells David that he (David) just has seen something that he was not supposed to see, and that he can not speak to Elise anymore!

Three years pass, and David is riding on a bus. He sees Elise walking as the bus passes, and he rushes to have the bus stopped, to let him off of it.  David runs to Elise, kisses her, and admits that he has a passionate desire to reconnect with her.  However, their meeting never was supposed to happen.  The officers of The Adjsutment Bureau have pledged to take all measures to reshape time, seeing that their meeting never happens, as any such meeting between them would warp the entire plan of all that is to be within the universe!

The Adjustment Bureau movie poster

Rango was the second film!   He is a pet chameleon that is kept in his owner’s aquarium.  Yet, Rango (voice of Johnny Depp) yearns for a greater life.  The lizard longs to be out of his tank, proceeding to explore the curiousities of the unknown world around him. 

It is on a trip with his owner that his tank gets tossed out of the vehicle (with Rango inside).  He lands on a dirt road, near to the western town called Dirt!  The area is a hideaway location for several of the area’s criminal critters, and all designations of the law have long since disappeared!

The town animals opt to take Rango in, and to make him their sherriff.  All of the residents begin to believe that he is the hero for whom they had been waiting, even with a lonely-lady iguana named Beans (voice of Isla Fisher) taking a liking to him.  All seems to go well for Rango until an outlaw rattlesnake named Jake (voice of Bill Nighy) blows his cover and calls him out!

The now unsettled situation with the snake forces Rango to reexamine self and settings.  After a brief period of hiding, he spoke with townsfolk with whom he had become acquainted.  It was between talks with Tortoise John (voice of Ned Beatty), a mouse named Priscilla (voice of Abagail Breslin), and an elderly, armadillo hero called Roadkill (voice of Alfred Molina) that Rango chose to stand up to the scene and to confront Rattlesnake Jake!

The movie selections are heating up as the summer approaches!   Next week alone has TOO MANY movies premiering to be seen in one weekend.  These features include Battle:  Los Angeles, Black Death, Mars Needs Moms, Jane Eyre, and Red Riding Hood!  The rest of March will feature Diary of a Wimpy Kid:  Rodrick RulesThe Lincoln Lawyer, Paul, and Win Win

Madea’s Big Happy Family premieres April 22!  Kung Fu Panda 2 premieres May 26!  Captain America:  The First Avenger premieres July 22!

A lil’ J. Lo before bed is not a bad thing…..




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