Welcome! Leave Your Wallet at the Door!

March 11, 2011 at 1:23 AM (Uncategorized)

This is not really funny; it actually is pretty sad.  It was a robbery.  No, it was not from a bank, a top-tier clothier, or from a high-end jewelry store.  It was from a Wal-Mart, and the felon was one of the store’s own workers!

I suppose that it is not so strange that a store was vandalized by one of it’s own employees.  Indeed, that likely happens all of the time.  What is unusual about this particular robbery is that the store at hand, a Wal-Mart, was robbed by one of the store’s regular greeters.

Anyone whom has been in a Wal-Mart knows that the greeters are locals of the area, usually recognizeable within the community.  Wal-Mart does seem to have a sympathy for offering some of these particular positions to individuals who may not have other employment opportunities readily at hand.  It seems like a nice thing because they are given the chance to earn income, while showing the community that all decent people have the right to be employed, and are capable of being significant factors within society.

Yet, with just about every bunch, there can be found a bad apple.  A Walmart in Statesville, North Carolina had 83 year-old George Plane, Junior working as one of it’s store greeters.  Obviously, times are hard when an elderly man is out of his home on a Sunday night, working the doors at a Walmart.  Yet, it was this particular Sunday night, this past March 6, when Mr. Plane figured that he needed more than what he had in his wallet, and he needed it at that particular moment!

While working his evening shift, Mr. Plane left the front door area, and he headed toward his car.  Upon reaching the car, Plane entered it, where he grabbed a mask and a gun.  Then, he returned to the store, aimed the gun at a co-working cashier’s head, and he demanded money!  The cashier surrendered the loot, prompting Plane to exit the store, quickly.  Once he was outside, Plane fired a shot into the air, he got into his vehicle, and he sped away!

Local police were notified, immediately.  Officers arrived at Plane’s home, where they arrested him, and they took him to be detained at the Iredell County, North Carolina detention facility.  His bond is set at $75,000.

I know that times are somwhat hard.  Yet, are they that bad that we are allowing our elderly to reach such points of neglect that they do not feel any other choices are available outside of armed robbery?!?!  Are we leaving our elderly and disabled loved ones alone long enough to where they are able to gain access to artillery, vehicles, and the means to rob public facilities?!?!

I had jokingly mentioned that The United States likely would go down as being a Babylon 2, when future historians look back to review the era.  I was half-joking, as it does seem that more and more things occur that seem to stand beyond logic, which likely could be solved before such rediculous actions have to happen.   The rich are getting richer?  The poor are getting poorer? As the numbers of the people of greed and the people in need continue to exceed the average seed, the gap is growing.  Before all is said and done, times no longer are fun, the wealthy are on the run, and grandpa got a gun!   

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  pistol shooting bullets

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