Hide From This or Hide From That: This Week’s Films!

March 12, 2011 at 2:23 AM (Uncategorized)

Earth was invaded by life from afar, yet again!  We got to watch this latest big-screen alien attack through the theater with much anticipation.  As well, we got a touch-up to a classic tale of terror that is tantalizingly terrific, always!  I will say that this was a decent movie night!

Battle:  Los Angeles set off the evening!  The film starts with a scene of meteors crashing into the eastern coast of Japan.  We quickly see that the world is being invaded, and the scene shifts to The United States’ west coast.  Los Angeles suddenly is a battlefield, where mankind is defending the planet from extraterrestrial invaders!

It shifts back to twenty-four hours earlier.  U.S. marines are training, as scientists view a small cluster of meteors that are expected to crash into The Pacific Ocean.  Other images are viewed of meteors crashing into ocean waters off of the coast of Ireland, as well as into the Bay of BengalNASA prepares for an emergency, as eight meteors are expected to hit the U.S. west coast.

Plumes of smoke are seen on California’s coastline, and terrifying figures emerge from the oceanic crash sites.  As marines are deployed, alien vessels  are landing amid plumes of smoke.  Military forces set up barriers in Los Angeles, as Lieutenant William Martinez (Ramon Rodriguez) leads a team of troops to try settling the situation.  They have three hours before military forces begin dropping bombs!

Troops enter downtown Los Angeles amid dead bodies and strange sounds!  Suddenly, an attack begins, as our forces are overpowered by superior technology.  One marine is hiding, as marine forces are trying to find him.  When he emerges, a shootout begins between marine forces and alien invaders.  One alien is trapped and killed, as the military forces are confounded by what they have seen!

Tech Sargeant Elena Santos (Michelle Rodriguez) leads a team into inner Los Angeles.  She heads a group of soldiers that include Corporal Kevin Harris (Ne-yo) and 2nd Lieutenant William Martinez (Ramon Rodriguez).  The team heads into Santa Monica, attempting to rescue any trapped civilians.  However, their efforts lead them to get hold of an alien device that controls the invading space ships!  A battle begins, where this troop of marines leads the defense of our Earth against alien attackers!

Poster art for "Battle: Los Angeles."

The second film was Red Riding Hood!  This was an enjoyably eerie update of the classic horror tale, this time directed by Leonardo Di Caprio!  The residents of a medieval, European village are in a state of continous fear of a monstrous beast that has been raiding their residences at night.

Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) is a young female of the village who is in a wrestling of her romances.  She has been set to marry a young man named Henry (Jeremy Irons), who comes from a rich family. Yet, she has feelings of romance for Peter (Shiloh Fernandez), who is not rich, and is something of an outcast. 

As Valerie does not want to be with Henry, she makes plans to escape the village with Peter.  Yet, their plans are tossed into termoil, as their village has been dealing with nights of terror.  A strange and hideous beast looms outside of their village, from which the people hide at night.  It has long been a fact that the people would not have to face the creature if they gave it a monthly sacrifice.  So, each month, a healthy farm animal was slain in order to satisfy the creature’s intense appetite!

Henry, Peter, town blacksmith Adrian (Michael Shanks), and a team of hunters venture into the woods one night.  Their plan is to capture and to kill the wolf.  They are successful with catching, then beheading the creature, yet Adrian is killed.  It is during the efforts to prepare Adrian for burial that it is learned that secret romances occurred between him and some of the village females. 

The night skies recently have been the scene of a red moon.  During this setting, the creature made a terrifying move by killing one of the villagers.  The response was to seek the assistance of Father Solomon (Gary Oldman), who is reknowned for slaying werewolves.     

Father Solomon’s arrival brings unexpected fear to the village.  He notifies the people that the creature could be any of the village people, cloaked in human form during the day, yet transformed into the carnivorous creature when the full moon rises.  The villagers had been preparing for an annual celebration, and did not mean to stop it because of the wolf.

A night portion of the yearly party comes to a halt when the wolf kills a villager.  Details about the curse of the werewolf spread, as Valerie and her friend Roxanne (Shauna Kain) try to seek safety in the town church.  It is there where the girls get trapped by the wolf, and Valerie is startled to learn that she can communicate with it!

Valerie wants to keep her special gift a secret from everyone else.  Meanwhile, strange things begin to happen when she is around her grandmother.  Valerie’s brother, afflicted with autism, is taken to be the werewolf by the villagers, and is sought in an attack lead by Father Solomon.  He gets hold of Valerie in an attempt to lure the werewolf, yet Henry and Peter save her.

Father Solomon and some of the villagers try shooting at Valerie’s brother, believing him to be the wolf.  Yet, the real wolf attacks Father Solomon, biting off his left hand.  The Father is killed by the villagers because he has been infected with the werewolf curse.

Valerie goes to her grandmother’s home one evening, and she encounters Peter.  She believes that Peter is the wolf, so she stabs him, then runs to her grandmother’s home.   When she arrives, Valerie finds that her grandmother has been killed, and she sees her father, Cesaire (Billy Burke), standing over the body. 

Cesaire speaks to Valerie about other incidences as the wolf, and he tries to bite his daughter.  Yet, Peter arrives, saving her from the wolf.  He is bitten, yet Valerie stabs the wolf, killing it.  Peter helps Valerie to get rid of her father’s body, then he escapes into the woods.  Time passes, as days become years, and Valerie again sees Peter.  He now is a full wolf, and only Valerie knows that it is Peter!

Next weekend has too many movies to be seen in a three-day period!  The headliners include Paul, The Lincoln Lawyer, Limitless, and The Music Never StoppedI did want to see Paul!  Desert Flower opens that Friday, March 18, as well!  March 25 includes the releases of Diary of A Wimpy Kid:  Rodrick Rules, Miral, Sucker Punch, and The 5th Quarter.

movie lobby with popcorn drinks and candy animated gif

but for real….



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