Listening and Looking From ALL Views

March 20, 2011 at 6:29 AM (Uncategorized)

It is difficult not to delve into discussion about the current hot topic, Muammar Gaddafi.  He is all over the television, with a voice that demands at least audible recognition.  It is what Gaddafi is saying that needs to be heard, to be understood.

As we sit prepared to pull him from his position of power, are we truly listening to what he is saying?  From a Lamen’s viewpoint, it does sound as if Gaddafi is presenting a valid issue.  Let us step aside from the obvious that he is a war criminal, and a tyrannical oppressor of his own people.  What else is happening in Libya?

Gaddafi is referring to The United States and the western allies as aggressors, criminals, and tyrants.  He is saying that our attacks are ruthlessly killing women and children.  He is saying that our sole purpose for invading his homeland is to gain unopposed access to their oil supply.

Now.  We understand that Gaddafi is a tyrant who has been murdering and oppressing his own population.  It is recognized, more or less, that he needs to be removed from his position of power for the alleged purpose of liberating Libya.  Yet, once all of that has been said and done, what next?  Will The United States and Western allies place a pawn into a Libyan power position?  Will it be an individual who will bend immediately to Western demands?  Is the true nature of Western invasion not to eliminate Gaddafi, but to gain a greater access and control of Libyan oil supply?

Gaddafi is not the only tryannical and warped world leader.  Here in the Western-lead information sources, it is curiously difficult to find related information on possible oppressors that do not cohere with “our” viewpoints.  Yet, there are those on the other side whom will refer to world leaders like our own President Obama as a tyrant, or at least as a leader in command of a powerful force that can dictate it’s views onto the rest of the world.

Who is making efforts to remove President Obama from power, with force, because his views are not agreed upon by the rest of the world?  How much trouble does David Cameron actually face from attacks by the anti-Western pact?  Which nations are going to invade Western countries because of these nations’ seemingly inhumane issues like oppression of the poor, lack of affordable healthcare, increasing social divisions, or harboring eyesores with fucked-up hairdos like Donald Trump?

It’s just a moment of Devil’s advocacy.  We do realize that Gaddafi is a problem for many of his people, and for much of the rest of the planet.  Yet, while we are making such efforts to “deal with” issues like this leader of Libya, what else is happening to protect the rest of Earth’s citizens in need?  Questions……

Gaddafi attends 40th anniversary celebrations

Flag Libya animated gif 120x90


  Map of Libya

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