Get A Hold of Yourself!

March 22, 2011 at 11:42 PM (Uncategorized)

There probably were too many reflective surfaces in the room.  Maybe the capacity for echo was so strong that he truly heard himself singing.  I am trying to come up with logical explanations for this latest expression of childish rediculousness.

This time, dimmer star Chris Brown gave the nation and the world the chance to see yet another perplexing presentation from him.  He was a guest on Good Morning America, being interviewed by Robin Roberts.  I actually saw a bit of it, while tending to other things.  Yet, I did not see it through, therefore missing the climax (I hate that)….

I did not see it all, actually, but I have seen the Internet clips.  Chris Brown was being interviewed by Robin Roberts on Good Morning America.  Of course, she got into the issue of his abusive relationship with Rihanna.  It seems that this lead to uproar out of Brown, with allegations of him storming off of the set, and even breaking a window!

None of that was shown.  What we did hear was Brown’s unwillingness to go into discussion regarding his torrid-tepid relationship with R&B star Rihanna, followed by a mediocre musical display.  There was some good aerobic activity from the background dancers, and Brown participated, somewhat.

Details did continue.  Reports said that Rihanna, who had a restraining order issued onto Brown, took that back.  Now, she has something in effect called a “do not annoy” order (I wish I could pass out some of those…).  Brown can not legally “annoy” Rihanna without facing legal repercussions.

Apparently, there must be some level of spark between them.  Both of them have more or less successful musical careers, and are making nice money.  Both of them would have no problems with finding someone, anyone else.  Yet, as Rihanna is showing that she remains somewhat scorned, Brown is straddled between rage and tears at the thought of her!  What is the deal?!?!

Just something to keep up with, for those whom have nothing more to do.  I have plenty to which I neeed to be tending.  Yet, I love to blog, and this topic did catch the attention.  Surely, there will be more to the subject in the coming days…..

Chris Brown appears on GMA on March 22, 2011. - Provided courtesy of ABC / Splash News

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