No Joke With Japan!

March 30, 2011 at 8:06 PM (Uncategorized)

I decided, finally, to get back to my blog.  I have been and remain busy, yet I love to write so much.  As well, there is so much going on right now that I have to put my two cents worth into the mix!

Japan, Japan, Japan!!!  Just who’s wrath did they incur?  Well, let us look at it from a serious point of view.  First, it is important to recognize that the islands of Japan are the result of millions of years of geologic activity.  The collisions of tectonic plates, and the accompanying actions of subduction lead to the formation of Japan.  This level of movement within The Earth has affected Japan, and every body of land, since our planet’s creation.

Japan itself used to be a part of Eurasia prime.  It was physically attached to the rest of that continental body.  Movement of tectonic plates caused the islands to be separated from Asia, pulling the chain eastward.  The Sea of Japan, or The East Sea, now exists between Japan and mainland Asia.

Japan sits directly along the infamous Ring of Fire.  Every body of land along this area of the planet is familiar with earthquakes and volcanic activity.  This area is measured as a roughly 25,000 mile wide arc around The Pacific Ocean.  It reaches from lower South America, upward into North America, crossing from Alaska to Siberia, downward along eastern Asia, then into Indonesia, around eastern Australia, and directly through New Zealand.

Several tectonic plates and their movements are what make The Ring of Fire so volatile.  The eastern side of The Pacific, along The Americas, hosts action between six plates.  The South American Plate, The Nazca Plate, The Cocos Plate, The Juan de Fuca Plate, and The North American Plate all affect the eastern area of The Pacific Ocean.  The western side is affected by The North American Plate, The Filipino Plate, and The Australian Plate.  The Antarctic Plate is situated at the bottom area of The Pacific Ocean.

As these plates are moving constantly, activity will occur at any given time.  The excessive amount of geologic activity around The Ring of Fire is due to the large number of plates within and around The Pacific Ocean.  The nations that are situated along these plates, these fault lines, always will deal with actions of The Earth as she shifts.

This recent magnitude 8.9 earthquake that affected Japan is the most extreme since 2008.  September of that year is when a powerful tremor dealt a blow to Indonesia.  A magnitude 6.6. quake occurred roughly fifty-five miles beneath The Molucca Sea.  This is a portion of The Pacific that contains all of Indonesia.  It is bordered by other areas of The Pacific that have been given names such as The Celebes Sea, The Sulu Sea, and The Makassar Strait.

Currently, teams of researchers with Greenpeace are in Japan, attempting to acquire adequate assessments of radiation.  The quake damaged The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, leading to excessive amounts of radiation found.  The town of Iitate, which is twenty-five miles northwest of of the epicenter, is registering elevated levels of radiation.  That is significant because the initial evacuation area around the affected region is only a thirteen mile radius.

Greenpeace is saying that this level of radiation found is beneath any level that would lead to resulting illness.  I do not know how comforting that is supposed to be, as it is carcinogenic radiation!!!  The findings are said to be fifty times above the average level, yet allegedly “far below” the level that would lead to illness from radiation infection.  They did say (mumble…) that it is a long-term risk for causing cancer….

Well; best wishes to them.  I do hope that all available actions to provide ecologic and economic assistance are occurring, along with anything else that will assist the Japanese with rebuilding their land and lives.  Meanwhile, the rest of us need keep in mind that Mama always is on the move, and what happened there can happen in other places!



SEE THESE SITES!!!…/latest-in-japans-quake-tsunami.html

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