As Boldness Becomes Bathos…

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I was telling myself not to blog about this particular topic, as any further discussion simply perpetuates the general idiocy of it.  Yet, as it is on all of the channels, along with several of the websites, I will just go ahead and un-muffle my meows about it.  It is quite….. rediculous!

How long has it been?  Has not this been going on since before the 2008 election?  Yet now, approaching the end of his first term in office, President Barack Obama finally has had to break it down.  While in the midst of dealing with issues like the national economy, ever-increasing gasoline prices, commanding multiple overseas military operations, and even preparation for the 2012 Presidential race, President Obama has found the time to excavate his birth records.  You’re welcome, Donald.

It was yesterday, Wednesday, April 27, when President Barack H. Obama made public his official birth certificate.  Barack Hussein Obama II was born August 4, 1961 to Barack Hussein Obama (age 25) and Stanley Ann Dunham Obama (age 18).  The birth occurred at Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital, Honolulu, Hawai’i.  The birth certificate was signed by the medical attendant, the hospital registrar, and his mother.  The birth occurred at 7:24 p.m..

Now, Donald.  Will you shut the fuck up?  No; I guess not.  If it is not this, then it likely will be that.  An excessively bold and proud Donald Trump is cocking his tail feathers in some deluded form of victory.  Since he has been the fire behind the lighting of the movement to get President Obama to reveal his birth records, Trump now feels some level of pride behind the President’s action.

It is likely that one of “The Donald”‘s ultimate goals is to gain the attention and backing for a possible Presidential run.  It is not a big secret that he has been eying The Presidency.  A poll by Newsweek counted over a million supporters for a 2012 campaign by Trump.  The poll goes onto suggest that he will lead the Republican ticket, edging out other Republican candidates, and going into a head-to-head run against President Obama during the 2012 race.

Reading further into the poll does suggest that it was administered to several Southern anti-savants.  The poll-takers stand firm in believing that Trump was right in demanding President Obama’s public production of a birth certificate.  Some of his supporters seem to feel that this action with the birth certificate was justified, and that it will give favor to Trump in any 2012 Presidential run.  One poll has him at the lead among other Republican candidates, including Michele Bachmann,  Newt Gingrich, Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, and Mitt Romney.

I am listening to Letterman, as he is discussing Obama’s presentation of his birth certificate, while cracking on The Birthers.  Letterman is saying that there will be an NBC special presentation, where President Obama will re-enact his birth live, before a studio audience!  Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to cock his tail feathers (and his hair), over his alleged victory by claiming that he forced President Obama to produce an actual birth certificate.

Furthermore, the attempts by Trump to have President Obama present his birth certificate did expand into an attempt at acquiring his Columbia University and Harvard University academic records.  Yet, this has been dismissed as nonsensical hullabaloo, bordering on more obvious presentations of racism.  The suggestion by Donald Trump that President Obama entered, then was successful within these prestigious schools does give an air of racist overtone.  According to, yet not vocalized by “The Donald”, President Obama could not have entered these institutions, then have been successful, due to his being of African-American descent.

Well; whatever!  President Obama has shown the world his actual birth certificate.  Now, he can continue with the tasks of directing our nation through military conflicts, while dealing with increasing economic issues, and leading a nation.  If this is the best that The Republicans plan to do for 2012, then they may as well stay at home.  Then again, they did produce Dumbya, and we see where that went……

Barack Obama's Birth Certificate Released by the White House

SEE THESE SITES!!!—I-Have-Done-A-Great-Service,8599,2065113,00.html×661900

  animated gif





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This Idol Show With Six to Go!

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I got back to American Idol this evening, anxious to hear some of the singing, while wondering how the singers were advancing.  There are only six of them left, so they have to be making efforts to give their best concerts.  I have a couple of favorites!

Tonight, the show featured guest judge Carol King!  They gave time to highlight her, reminding the audience that her first hit song was in 1961.  This was a duet performed by The Shirelles, “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”!  Since then, she has had multiple musical successes, and she has worked with singers across the gamut of American music. 

Idol started tonight with Jacob Lusk.  We were confused about his wardrobe, but he sounded terrific, as usual!  Jacob sang “Not My Baby, as he charmed the audience with his voice, yet blinded some with that bright-yellow shirt!

Lauren Alaina was second, singing “When You Leave”!  She came to stage ready to win, as the audience and the judges felt it!  Jennifer Lopez told Lauren that she pushed barriers, and Randy Jackson said that she had some extra swagger!  Lauren’s efforts to win were apparent with Steven Tyler, as he told her that he saw her shine!

A duet followed, as Casey Abrams and Haley Jacobs sang I Feel the Earth Move!  Several thought that they did NOT sound good TOGETHER.  However, Steven Tyler stated that he did like their song!

Carol King’s “You’ve Got A Friend” was performed by Scotty McCreery.  He began with a mellow, seductive introduction, and he stayed smooth throughout the song.  Randy found that beginning to be flawless, and he liked Scotty’s range.  Steven liked one particular high note that Scotty hit, while J. Lo heard strength in his storytelling manner of singing.

A guitar-playing James Durbin was next, doing Carol King’s “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”.  His acapella introduction was quite alluring, somewhat reminiscent of Adam Lambert!  The judges loved James’ voice, as J. Lo was jammin’, with Randy and Steven grooving, as well!  Randy told James that he gave the performance of the night!

A next duet came from Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. They sang Carol King’s “On the Roof”.  J. Lo told Lauren that she “sang her brains off”!  The song did sound very nice.

Hi-De-Ho was the song presented by Casey Abrams.  He did a jazz rendition, which was very appealing.  Casey even used the other contestants as backup singers, and he had a small band!

Randy appreciated that Casey keeps the show different.  Steven told Casey that he made his scalp itch (huh…), and Jennifer wanted to see him loosen up more.  Everyone did seem to agree with Steven, who said that Casey worked the stage well.

Beautiful (As You Feel) was sung by Haley Reinhart.  It did sound great, as the judges seemed to agree.  Yet, as both Jennifer and Steven  appreciated her performance, Randy was not impressed by Haley tonight!  Steven told her that she nailed it, yet Randy did not like Haley’s introduction.

A duet came from Jacob Lusk and James Durbin.  The guys sang King’s I’m Into Something Good.  Both of them have very strong voices, yet possibly repelled one another with different types of sound.  We will see.

The judges did seem to like what they heard from Jacob and James together.  Jennifer was entranced while being serenaded by both guys.  Steven, however, was confused about where Jacob and James were going with the song.

The results will be presented tomorrow night!  I have to think that Jacob and Scotty are leading, but it is all about the votes.  We will see who survives, tomorrow night!

James Durbin, Casey Abrams, Jacob Lusk, Scotty McCreery



animated gifs

American Idol Tonight - James Durbin Ignites Judges' Winning Predictions

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Return of the Condor?

April 27, 2011 at 9:33 PM (Uncategorized)

It is very exciting to read about the success surrounding a species that nearly was declared extinct!  Actually, this one particular animal was labeled as extinct, with a mere twenty-seven members of it’s species kept within human hands.  However, with the assistance of concerned humans, the California condor is making a comeback!

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is working to help increase the numbers of California condors.  It has released numbers, revealing that there are a total of 394 of these birds.  Only 187 of them exist within wilderness areas.  This has been noted as a substantial increase, since merely twenty-seven of the condors were kept at San Diego Zoo in the late 1980’s, and they had been declared extinct within wildlife regions.

San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park plans to have four-hundred condors at the end of this year’s breeding season.  As well, this zoological facility has coordinators whom are working to see that two-hundred of the condors are released into wildlife areas by the end of 2011.  There have not been nearly four-hundred condors at San Diego Zoo since times between the 1920’s and 1930’s. 

The condor became an exploratory spectacle during the American discovery expeditions of the 18th and 19th centuries.  The expeditions of Lewis and Clark detailed sightings of the birds.  This encouraged other explorers and adventurers to learn all that they could learn about condors.  Ventures into the Pacific Northwest region allowed for reports to be made by botanist David Douglas, and scientific reporter John Kirk Townsend, both of whom were able to provide insight about the nesting habits of condors.

The California condor is the largest flying bird of North America.  It is a vulture, with the largest wingspan of any North American avian animal.  They can live for roughly sixty years.  Also, condors are carnivorous scavengers, feeding mostly off of carrion.    

At this time, it can be found only within areas of The Grand Canyon, mountainous regions of the California coastal region, and within Zion National Park.  Along with San Diego Zoo, Los Angeles Zoo is undertaking breeding methods to increase these birds’ population.  Estimates at the end of 2011 showed that only 384 condors are alive, with 181 of those living within wilderness regions of North America.




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Movies with Mad Madea and a Misgiving Macaw!

April 23, 2011 at 1:48 AM (Uncategorized)

I had been waiting to see this week’s films!  Tyler Perry has had films which always have been delightful, while they present captivating storylines.  As well, the second film, an animation, was a great deal of imaginative entertainment and enthusiastic presentation!

We were looking forward to seeing Madea’s Big Happy Family!  The film began in a hospital, with Aunt Shirley (Loretta Devine) waiting to be examined.  She has an aggressive form of cancer that is returning.  Aunt Bam (Cassie Davis) and Cora (Tamela Mann) get to the hospital, where Uncle Joe (Tyler Perry) already is waiting.  Brown (David Mann) has to have a colonoscopy, as well!

Afterward, Madea heads to a drive-thru to get food.  She is not satisfied with the service, so she begins to act rowdy, to tear up the parking area, and to scare the other customers!  Madea returns home where Cora and Aunt Shirley are making plans for Shirley’s funeral.  Her son Byron (Bow Wow) arrives, with his baby-mama Renee (Lauren London) accompanying him.

Other family members arrive, and some of them are rowdy!  As Byron is arguing with Renee, he is facing trouble because officers may be after him for selling drugs.  Yet, others get to the home, preparing for a family meal.  Shirley does not tell them about her cancer.

Madea and Uncle Joe have been arguing with Brown about his having a colonoscopy.  The rest of the family is rowdy, also.   Kim and Calvin continue arguing, as Byron and Renee sneak into the house to be together.  Yet, the police arrive to arrest Byron!

Aunt Shirley goes to try getting money to free Byron.  Kim does not want to help, yet they proceed to the hospital, along with Cora, and a crying Byron.  Afterward, they return to Madea’s house,  where they all try to figure out how to get more money to assist Aunt Shirley.  Shirley arrives, and she watches as Madea prepares dinner while the family discusses Shirley’s health situation.

Byron is bailed out of jail by Calvin.  However, he learns that he has lost his job.  He goes to Madea’s home, helping with the dinner preparation, as Cora goes to the hospital to give blood.  At Madea’s home, Renee arrives with Byron’s baby, and she gets ghetto!

As the dinner is about to start, Calvin begins to argue with Kimberly.  She continues yelling, and other family members argue, yet Shirley is trying to settle the scene.  However, Madea wants the arguing to continue as she feels the ventilation is needed.  It gets to be too much, prompting Calvin and Shirley to leave.

More drama unfolds, as the secret is revealed that Kimberly is Byron’s true mother.  The dinner reduces, with most of the family leaving.  Calvin is outside, yet he leaves after arguing with his baby-mama, taking the baby with him.  As well, Bryon is about to do another drug run.  Yet, he sees that Renee has gotten onto The Maury Povich Show, and she is spreading all of his business! 

Cora and Brown get to Madea’s home.  She wants to know who is her true father, as it is not Brown!  In the midst of this, a call comes, telling them that Shirley is in the hospital, suffering from cancer.  Ther learn that Shirley is dying, and the family arrives at the hospital too late.

A wake is held for Shirley, which refreshes the family.  Madea stands, taking a moment to give a stern lecture to the family about responsibility and caring for one another.  She makes it a point to become the head of Shirley’s side of the family. 

Later, Cora is seen on The Maury Povich Show!  She is trying to find out whether Brown is her father, or if it is someone else.  Tests are sent during the show, and the results return.  Cora indeed is the daughter of Brown AND Madea!


Madea's Family Reunion

We got into Rio next!  This tells about a macaw named Blu (voice of Jesse Eisenberg) who lives in a Minnesota bookstore.  Blu has the idea that he is the last blue macaw on Earth.  However, he learns that another macaw is living in South America, and he wants to go there!

Blu makes a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with his keeper, Linda (voice of Leslie Mann).  He has a terrible fear of flying, and he hides comfortably in the delivery box that is going to South America.  When he and Linda arrive in Brazil, Blu learns that another macaw named Jewel (voice of Anne Hathaway) lives there. 

It is the middle of Carnival, and Blu begins to seek Jewel.  He is exited to find her, yet both birds find themselves being kidnapped!  Smugglers who want to take the rare birds back to The United States get hold of them.  Blu and Jewel are worth a lot of money in The U.S.,  but they get free once arriving in Minnesota.

It is on their trip that Blu learns about what it it like to be a free macaw from Jewel.  While in the city of Moose Lake, Minnesota, the birds find safety in a bookstore. As well,  they meet a group of street birds and other curious animals.  These include a pair of geese (voices of Jane Lynch and Wanda Sykes), a cardinal named Pedro (voice of Will.I.Am), a canary named Nico (voice of Jamie Foxx), and a group of toucans, lead by an alpha male named Rafael (voice of George Lopez).

Blu and Jewel are trying to get back to Brazil during Carnival.  They wind up trying to help a group of birds that are being smuggled from Brazil, while encountering a bulldog named Luiz (voice of Tracy Morgan).  Their adventures lead them to try escaping the poachers, and successfully making it into freedom during the Brazilian festival. 

The birds get back to Linda, escaping the poachers.  They remain in Brazil, where a sanctuary is located that protects exotic animals.  Linda allows her beloved Blu to be free with his newly-acquired love.  Blu and Jewel go onto become a happy couple, having two boy chicks, and one girl chick!


Thor is right around the corner, opening May 6.  Also, the trailers for X-Men:  First Class are getting more exciting!  It premieres June 3!  An exciting science-fiction adventure film, Cowboys and Aliens, starts July 29.  Transformers:  Dark of the Moon begins July 1.  The Amazing Spiderman will begin July 3.  Rise of the Planet of the Apes will open August 5.

….but that’s what I wanna know, too!

vogel067.gif (10435 bytes)   vogel067.gif (10435 bytes)   vogel067.gif (10435 bytes)


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The Itsy-Bitsy Spider?

April 21, 2011 at 11:28 PM (Uncategorized)

The itsy-bitsy spider, my ass!  We all know that there are some pretty large spiders out there.  One of the main reasons that people fear spiders is due to some of their unusually (unnecessarily…) large sizes.  Some of the recent studies give updates on information about the latest findings of spiders from prehistoric times.

Geological and paleontological studiers have revealed details about the remains of an ancient spider.  This was found in a mountainous, volcanic region of China.  The scientists were in the area of Inner Mongolia, likely within the land around the Greater Hinggan Mountains.

The excavations of the scientists delved into areas of volcanic ash.  Within the area, several fossilized remains were found.  Yet, the remains of the ancient exoskeleton of this spider, labeled as Nephila jurassica, stood out because of it’s unusual size.  Unlike other spiders of that time period, this arachnid was as large as spiders living today.  It’s body was a full-inch wide, with legs as long as six inches!

This size is not usual for ancient spider findings.  However, some excavations have revealed arachnids that are designated as an extinct genetic branch of spiders called Mesothelae.  These are said to have been as large as an average person’s head!  Reseach revealed that these spiders were able to grow so large because of elevated levels of oxygen in the air of an ancient Earth. 

This particular, fossilized finding was female, which does indicate that the size trend among spiders has extended throughout the species’ history.  The female spiders generally are larger than male spiders.  Nephila jurassica is not the oldest finding of a spider, as it is 165 million years old.  Other arachnid remains that have been found in England date back 310 million years!  

Fossil female golden orb-weaver spider (Nephila jurassica) from the Middle Jurassic of China.
CREDIT: Paul Selden.



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Houston Still is HOT!!!

April 12, 2011 at 7:48 PM (Uncategorized)

Houston is pissed, and rightfully so!  If ever there was a publicly presented dick-slapping, this certainly is a prime example.  My question would be, why not?

Politics is the ultimate answer that I can conclude as to why The City of Houston, Texas was overlooked as a choice for a final location for one of the N.A.S.A. space shuttles.  The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, located in Houston, Texas, has been the hub of our nation’s space exploration and astronaut training since it’s 1963 introduction.  All activities with space exploration that have been conducted by The United States have originated at JSC. 

These activities were not merely mission control broadcasts to orbiting shuttles.  JSC started as the home site for astronauts whom had been orbiting Earth to return for reports, testing, and the delivery of samples collected from space.   The center was completed fully by 1965, from which point all communications between launched crafts and N.A.S.A. occurred.  Since then, JSC has been the home to The Lunar Receiving Laboratory.  This site is where astronauts on return trips from space were taken to be tested, as they presented any items that were acquired while they were orbiting the planet.  

Houston was in the running for the final home of the space shuttles with cities such as Cape CanaveralLos AngelesNew York, and Washington, Distrcit of Columbia.  It is understandable why Cape Canaveral and D.C. were competition locations.  Cape Canaveral is the home of N.A.S.A..  D.C. is our nation’s captial city.  Yet, L.A. and N.Y.C. have no direct links to N.A.S.A. other than being international locations of intrigue that may draw more visitors from around the world.  Were L.A. and N.Y.C. having a problem with gaining money from crowds without the space shuttle?  Politics…    

A statement was issued by Michael Coats, the Director of Johnson Space Center.  Coats stated that the administrator of N.A.S.A. had “a difficult decision” to make in regard to the selection of the final location for the shuttles.  Yet, even he expressed his disappointment with Houston not being selected as a final stop for any of the shuttles.  Coats recognizes that JSC is the location for astronaut training and preparation, along with being the site of mission control.  All communications between Earth and all space shuttles occurred at Johnson Space Center.

So.  D.C., L.A., N.Y.C., and Cape Canaveral will be the final stops for our space shuttles.  Indeed, they will make intriguing tourist attractions.  If ever there was any question about the ultimate answer to it all being about money, here is your case.  One would think that these cities were lacking as locations with luxuries to lure visitors with big bucks, and that they so desperately needed their own space shuttles to maintain monetary measures.  Well, Houston has a sore lip, but the world turns….


SEE THESE SITES!!!,1749156.html


It’s alright, H-Town!!!


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Oh, We Liked These Two!

April 9, 2011 at 12:32 AM (Uncategorized)

I did get back to a Friday evening that allowed for movie viewing without distraction by other topics.  We did get to our usual two film special, yet there were only two of us, this time.  No matter; both films were fun!

Hanna was the first feature!  It begins with an introduction of a little girl being raised alone, by her father, Erik (Eric Bana), as they live in the Nordic woodlands of Finland.  He teaches the young Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) to fend for herself, to learn to hunt, to fight, and to kill.  It is after she enters her teen years, and she reaches his level of total approval, that Erik allows Hanna to enter into society.

As a former C.I.A. agent himself, Erik sends Hanna to complete an undercover task.  Hanna is sent to recover an item for Erik, yet she faces obstacles.  Secret agents that are lead by the stealthy operator Marissa Wiegler (Cate Blanchett) are out to stop this plan at all costs.

It is Erik that Wiegler believes is out to capture her secret item.  Her agents are suprised to find Hanna at the scene, and they believe that she can be eliminated with ease.  Yet, her seemingly simple looks are taken for granted, as Hanna suddenly becomes lethal, elimating the agents with deadly force, and with such levels of simplicity. 

Her journey leads her to encounter two children.   The kids talk to Hanna, then they leave.  Meanwhile, secret agents have locaed Hanna’s father, Eric.  She has proceeded into Morocco, where she is surprised to find that she is skilled with modern technology.  At that point, Marissa Weigler appears.

While Hanna is exploring her technical skills, she also learns that she has abnormal genetic readings.  She is able to escape Europe, and she ends up in The United States’ southwestern region.  There, Hanna finds that an agent called Ms. Sophie (Jessica Barden) is out to get her, too!

While Hanna is exploring her potential in The U.S., Agent Wiegler is there, seeking her.  Hanna gets to meet a young woman named Marissa (Michelle Dockery), who seems to be trying to help her.  They spend time together, winding up at a carnival, where more agents appear to be after Hanna. 

It is only after Hanna learns that agents are out to kill her father that she learns about Marissa not being who she claims to be.  Hanna goes onto discover that she has greater capacities than the average human, being skilled in fighting, mental capacity, and technical ability.  Hanna uses her newly discovered capacity to battle the agents who try stopping her and are able to kill her father.

  Yet, upon defeating these agents with seeming ease, Hanna is able to escape the agents, at least for the moment.  She now knows that she is not the average girl next door, and that her skills have provided her with unusually high levels of strength and intelligence.  Now, as she is free to roam the world, more of the story is sure to come! 

Our second film was the comedic Your Highness!  It is a comedy (?) surrounding a royal family during The Middle Ages.  The story actually begins with the showing of a warlock who is trying to kill a young maiden.  It flashes ahead one hundred years, and a kingdom is in danger of being overtaken.  It is up to the princes to save the land. 

King Tallious (Charles Dance) has left his sons in charge of handling all possible threats.  The catch is that both of the princes are morons!  One of them is named Thadeous (Danny McBride), who is lazy and pompous.  The other is Fabious (James Franco), who is to be a champion, and who is set to marry the lovely Belladona (Zooey Deschanel).

The evil sorcerer of the kingdom named Leezar (Justin Theroux) has made a plan to kidnap Belladona.  It is when Fabious returns from a hunt with the head of a cyclops that he learns about her abduction.  King Tallious sends both of his sons after Leezar, and to return Belladona to safety.  However, during their journey, the brothers have to battle a giant troll (Michael Clarke Duncan), to elude a dwarf queen, and to escape the wicked incantations of Leezar.   


As always, more features are on the way!  I am looking forward to X-Men:  First Class, having been a fan of this storyline since childhood.  I am interested in seeing how the tale is taken backward into the time before Professor X and Magneto became enemies, and they were youthful friends discovering that they were a little different.  Also, I want to see which other mutants will be introduced into this chapter of the storyline!  It opens June 3!

I am anticipating other films, too!  They have Thor looking hot, as it starts May 6.  It will feature Natalie Portman (she is busy…), Idris Elba, Stellan Skarsgard, Rene Russo, with Sir Anthony Hopkins as Lord Odin, and Chris Hemsworth as Thor!

Green Lantern will premiere June 17!  For those who recall that comic book tale, this film will feature the Green Lanterns from across the universe!  I do not know the full plot, yet.  I know that I saw Angela Bassett in it, along with Tim Robbins, and with Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan / Green Lantern!

Several more movies are anticipated!  Super 8 looks exciting, as it opens June 10.  The next Transformers film, Transformers:  Dark of the Moon, premieres July 1.  Shia LeBeouf will be back as Sam!  The next Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, opens July 20, Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides opens May 20, Captain America:  The First Avenger opens July 22 (Chris Evans is The Cap’n), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:  Part 2 (the final story) opens July 15,  Rise of the Planet of the Apes opens June 24, and Kung Fu Panda 2 opens May 26!



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2012 is COMING (Duck, you dumb f@(%)!!!

April 7, 2011 at 11:33 PM (Uncategorized)

Bring it on, bitch, bring it on!!!  Got me sittin’ here, all crunk and junk!  I am sitting in here, hearing one of the latest broadcasts, regarding next year’s oncoming, alleged apocolypse.  Hmph…

There are these people whom already are taking advantage of the gullible and the panicky, selling them all kinds of so-called safety mechanisms for outrageous prices.  Now, I am seeing a special home built with all kinds of secret enclaves, an underground silo, and protective shielding.  This man named Brian Camden is leading the building of this one particular home-fortress, as well as thousands of similar structures across the nation.

Mr. Camden is making boo-coo bucks off of these peoples’ fears of what might occur next year.  However, he is on television, plain-facedly admitting that he has no belief in any level of 2012 apocolypse.  Listening to him on this program does make it sound as if is he is taking full advantage of naive people!

Camden is a member of Teamsters.  He actually is a resident along The San Andreas Fault (obviously not afraid of Mother Earth’s wrath…).  He admits to being a believer that southern California has a serious shaking on the way.  As well, he suspects that a dirty bomb, a radioactive weapon used by terrorist agents to destroy significant areas of land, will be set off somewhere within The United States at some significantly approaching time!

He is promoting his sale of a $200 per square foot fortified structure that is meant to protect people from radiation via explosions of dirty bombs, meteoric impacts, and extreme artillery firings.  Additionally, concrete cocoons can be constructed, at costs of $600 per square foot.  These are meant to withstand explosions of weaponry as strong as ten kiloton level nuclear bombs!

Keep in mind that December 21, 2012 is the date of the allegedly oncoming Apocolypse.  According to the long-count calendar of Mayan lore, a culmination of catastophes will occur that will lead to the ultimate end of humanity.  Also called The Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar, this chart of dating as Earth moves tells of this precise date being the end of a planetary cycle that has lasted for 5,125 years.  The final date of this calendar is supposed to bring forth world-ending catastrophe!

According to actual scientists, there is no reason to fear December 21, 2012.  These people whom have been studying astronomy, physics, and other areas of legitimate science do not seem to suspect that anything overly unusual will happen next year, unless brought about by the infamous guilt of humanity (we DO tend to have a hand at fucking up everythang….).  Studying scientists are saying that nothing is planned to occur next year that will lead to the end of our beloved world unless WE do something wrong ourselves!

However.  It is difficult not to listen to some of these so-called scientists who say that they have been reviewing alleged data.  I am hearing one man now, stating that the events at the end of The Dresden Codex (the literary development of Mayan astronomy) will lead to some level of destruction upon our Earth at the end of 2012.  What I have attempted to read has said that Venus will be in transit, passing directly between Earth and The Sun.  This is supposed to lead to an unusual level of gravitational effects on our planet that will cause excessive levels of natural activity (rising sea levels, increased strength in storms, and such..).

Furthermore, there is the detail regarding the so-called Planet Nibiru.  This is an alleged, planet-sized object that is wandering through space, with our Earth as it’s ultimate target!  Nibiru, also referred to as Planet X, was brought to public attention during 1995, by ZetaTalk founder Nancy Lieder.  She is a self-proclaimed prophet who professes to have the power to parley with members of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Lieder expresses that she has been contacted by extraterrestrials through a cranial implant.  She goes on to state that she has been selected as the omen bearer, who will inform us of the oncoming Planet X.  Her implant allows her to receive messages from an alien species that live in a star system that is thirty-nine light years away. 

Zeta Reticuli is this location, which is a binary star system.  Both of it’s stars have been averaged as being roughly identical in size to our Sun.  They are less luminous than Sun-sized stars, and they are not as hot.  They are ranked beneath The Sun, according to measurements by The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.

Well.  It is already April 2011.  If something large and ominous in outer space actually was heading toward Earth, one would think that it would have been spotted telescopically, by now.  Of course, it could have it’s shields and force fields raised, rendering us as mere humans oblivious to it’s oncoming approach of doom! 






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Misinformation About Malcolm X?

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It has been a minute since I have read about or looked into information regarding civil rights activist Malcolm X.  He definitely was one of the more fascinating characters of that era of our nation’s history.  All of the details surrounding him, and all of the goings on of that time are captivating.  Hearing about and reading about the details on Malcolm X, along with the other standout people from that time can be very intriguing.

Recent information has put Malcolm X back into the immediate public spotlight.  A novel has been written which allegedly expands into information about the private life of this civil rights activist.  It is entitled Malcolm X:  A Life of Reinvention, and it is authored by Manning Marable

The novel supposedly delves into details regarding some of the alleged details of The Autobiography of Malcolm X.  The autobiography is supposed to give a view of his life before he was the controversial activist.  It states that Malcolm X, born as Malcolm Little, was not exactly the shady, criminal character that is claimed before he became the civil rights leader.  The book claims that some of the alleged knowledge about Malcolm X is exaggeration, and that some of the activities in which he participated were stretched from the actual truth.

Of course, there are rebuttles to these presentations.  Malcolm X’s daughters, Ilyasah and Malaak Shabazz, did speak with The Associated Press regarding the novel.  Ilyasah stated that the book possibly was unclear, as she made a point to say that her father was “a man of impeccable integrity”.  The daughters were not able to talk with author Manning Marable because he died last week. 

The novel has the subtitle “A Life of Reinvention”.  This is meant to reflect upon Malcolm X’s admission of personal errors within earlier times of his life.  It is supposed to discuss how he turned from a life of criminal activity to a Black isolationist, then to the well-known social dynamo who helped to influence U.S. cultural change.  Also, the novel supposedly has a letter within it which is from Malcolm X to Elijah Muhammad, leader of The Nation of Islam, which tells of how he told Muhammad about disruption within his marriage to wife, Betty Shabazz.  It supposedly elaborates on how side love affairs occurred between Malcolm X and other women.  As well, it goes onto talk about possible affairs between Betty Shabazz and other men!

Malcolm X was assassinated in 1965 while he gave a speech in New York City.  This was one year after he departed from The Nation of Islam, the controversial separatist organization that was lead mainly by Elijah Muhammad.  Malcolm X left this group after tension between himself and Muhammad, then he went to begin other Muslim and African-American support organizations. 

As far as this latest information about Malcolm X, I will need to read more to find out what truth there is to his supposed separation from his well-known position as a public activist.  It always is curious to find that several years later, information can be exposed to taint what is remembered of people whom have helped to shape The United States’ history.  Whether or not what has been printed about Malcolm X, recently, is true, or if it is further exaggeration, is not known, just yet.  The story likely will make for interesting reading for people interested in that time period.   

Ilyasah Shabazz, right, and Malaak Shabazz, daughters of slain civil rights leader Malcolm X, are shown on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 in New York. The S





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