2012 is COMING (Duck, you dumb f@(%)!!!

April 7, 2011 at 11:33 PM (Uncategorized)

Bring it on, bitch, bring it on!!!  Got me sittin’ here, all crunk and junk!  I am sitting in here, hearing one of the latest broadcasts, regarding next year’s oncoming, alleged apocolypse.  Hmph…

There are these people whom already are taking advantage of the gullible and the panicky, selling them all kinds of so-called safety mechanisms for outrageous prices.  Now, I am seeing a special home built with all kinds of secret enclaves, an underground silo, and protective shielding.  This man named Brian Camden is leading the building of this one particular home-fortress, as well as thousands of similar structures across the nation.

Mr. Camden is making boo-coo bucks off of these peoples’ fears of what might occur next year.  However, he is on television, plain-facedly admitting that he has no belief in any level of 2012 apocolypse.  Listening to him on this program does make it sound as if is he is taking full advantage of naive people!

Camden is a member of Teamsters.  He actually is a resident along The San Andreas Fault (obviously not afraid of Mother Earth’s wrath…).  He admits to being a believer that southern California has a serious shaking on the way.  As well, he suspects that a dirty bomb, a radioactive weapon used by terrorist agents to destroy significant areas of land, will be set off somewhere within The United States at some significantly approaching time!

He is promoting his sale of a $200 per square foot fortified structure that is meant to protect people from radiation via explosions of dirty bombs, meteoric impacts, and extreme artillery firings.  Additionally, concrete cocoons can be constructed, at costs of $600 per square foot.  These are meant to withstand explosions of weaponry as strong as ten kiloton level nuclear bombs!

Keep in mind that December 21, 2012 is the date of the allegedly oncoming Apocolypse.  According to the long-count calendar of Mayan lore, a culmination of catastophes will occur that will lead to the ultimate end of humanity.  Also called The Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar, this chart of dating as Earth moves tells of this precise date being the end of a planetary cycle that has lasted for 5,125 years.  The final date of this calendar is supposed to bring forth world-ending catastrophe!

According to actual scientists, there is no reason to fear December 21, 2012.  These people whom have been studying astronomy, physics, and other areas of legitimate science do not seem to suspect that anything overly unusual will happen next year, unless brought about by the infamous guilt of humanity (we DO tend to have a hand at fucking up everythang….).  Studying scientists are saying that nothing is planned to occur next year that will lead to the end of our beloved world unless WE do something wrong ourselves!

However.  It is difficult not to listen to some of these so-called scientists who say that they have been reviewing alleged data.  I am hearing one man now, stating that the events at the end of The Dresden Codex (the literary development of Mayan astronomy) will lead to some level of destruction upon our Earth at the end of 2012.  What I have attempted to read has said that Venus will be in transit, passing directly between Earth and The Sun.  This is supposed to lead to an unusual level of gravitational effects on our planet that will cause excessive levels of natural activity (rising sea levels, increased strength in storms, and such..).

Furthermore, there is the detail regarding the so-called Planet Nibiru.  This is an alleged, planet-sized object that is wandering through space, with our Earth as it’s ultimate target!  Nibiru, also referred to as Planet X, was brought to public attention during 1995, by ZetaTalk founder Nancy Lieder.  She is a self-proclaimed prophet who professes to have the power to parley with members of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Lieder expresses that she has been contacted by extraterrestrials through a cranial implant.  She goes on to state that she has been selected as the omen bearer, who will inform us of the oncoming Planet X.  Her implant allows her to receive messages from an alien species that live in a star system that is thirty-nine light years away. 

Zeta Reticuli is this location, which is a binary star system.  Both of it’s stars have been averaged as being roughly identical in size to our Sun.  They are less luminous than Sun-sized stars, and they are not as hot.  They are ranked beneath The Sun, according to measurements by The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.

Well.  It is already April 2011.  If something large and ominous in outer space actually was heading toward Earth, one would think that it would have been spotted telescopically, by now.  Of course, it could have it’s shields and force fields raised, rendering us as mere humans oblivious to it’s oncoming approach of doom! 


















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