Movies with Mad Madea and a Misgiving Macaw!

April 23, 2011 at 1:48 AM (Uncategorized)

I had been waiting to see this week’s films!  Tyler Perry has had films which always have been delightful, while they present captivating storylines.  As well, the second film, an animation, was a great deal of imaginative entertainment and enthusiastic presentation!

We were looking forward to seeing Madea’s Big Happy Family!  The film began in a hospital, with Aunt Shirley (Loretta Devine) waiting to be examined.  She has an aggressive form of cancer that is returning.  Aunt Bam (Cassie Davis) and Cora (Tamela Mann) get to the hospital, where Uncle Joe (Tyler Perry) already is waiting.  Brown (David Mann) has to have a colonoscopy, as well!

Afterward, Madea heads to a drive-thru to get food.  She is not satisfied with the service, so she begins to act rowdy, to tear up the parking area, and to scare the other customers!  Madea returns home where Cora and Aunt Shirley are making plans for Shirley’s funeral.  Her son Byron (Bow Wow) arrives, with his baby-mama Renee (Lauren London) accompanying him.

Other family members arrive, and some of them are rowdy!  As Byron is arguing with Renee, he is facing trouble because officers may be after him for selling drugs.  Yet, others get to the home, preparing for a family meal.  Shirley does not tell them about her cancer.

Madea and Uncle Joe have been arguing with Brown about his having a colonoscopy.  The rest of the family is rowdy, also.   Kim and Calvin continue arguing, as Byron and Renee sneak into the house to be together.  Yet, the police arrive to arrest Byron!

Aunt Shirley goes to try getting money to free Byron.  Kim does not want to help, yet they proceed to the hospital, along with Cora, and a crying Byron.  Afterward, they return to Madea’s house,  where they all try to figure out how to get more money to assist Aunt Shirley.  Shirley arrives, and she watches as Madea prepares dinner while the family discusses Shirley’s health situation.

Byron is bailed out of jail by Calvin.  However, he learns that he has lost his job.  He goes to Madea’s home, helping with the dinner preparation, as Cora goes to the hospital to give blood.  At Madea’s home, Renee arrives with Byron’s baby, and she gets ghetto!

As the dinner is about to start, Calvin begins to argue with Kimberly.  She continues yelling, and other family members argue, yet Shirley is trying to settle the scene.  However, Madea wants the arguing to continue as she feels the ventilation is needed.  It gets to be too much, prompting Calvin and Shirley to leave.

More drama unfolds, as the secret is revealed that Kimberly is Byron’s true mother.  The dinner reduces, with most of the family leaving.  Calvin is outside, yet he leaves after arguing with his baby-mama, taking the baby with him.  As well, Bryon is about to do another drug run.  Yet, he sees that Renee has gotten onto The Maury Povich Show, and she is spreading all of his business! 

Cora and Brown get to Madea’s home.  She wants to know who is her true father, as it is not Brown!  In the midst of this, a call comes, telling them that Shirley is in the hospital, suffering from cancer.  Ther learn that Shirley is dying, and the family arrives at the hospital too late.

A wake is held for Shirley, which refreshes the family.  Madea stands, taking a moment to give a stern lecture to the family about responsibility and caring for one another.  She makes it a point to become the head of Shirley’s side of the family. 

Later, Cora is seen on The Maury Povich Show!  She is trying to find out whether Brown is her father, or if it is someone else.  Tests are sent during the show, and the results return.  Cora indeed is the daughter of Brown AND Madea!


Madea's Family Reunion

We got into Rio next!  This tells about a macaw named Blu (voice of Jesse Eisenberg) who lives in a Minnesota bookstore.  Blu has the idea that he is the last blue macaw on Earth.  However, he learns that another macaw is living in South America, and he wants to go there!

Blu makes a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with his keeper, Linda (voice of Leslie Mann).  He has a terrible fear of flying, and he hides comfortably in the delivery box that is going to South America.  When he and Linda arrive in Brazil, Blu learns that another macaw named Jewel (voice of Anne Hathaway) lives there. 

It is the middle of Carnival, and Blu begins to seek Jewel.  He is exited to find her, yet both birds find themselves being kidnapped!  Smugglers who want to take the rare birds back to The United States get hold of them.  Blu and Jewel are worth a lot of money in The U.S.,  but they get free once arriving in Minnesota.

It is on their trip that Blu learns about what it it like to be a free macaw from Jewel.  While in the city of Moose Lake, Minnesota, the birds find safety in a bookstore. As well,  they meet a group of street birds and other curious animals.  These include a pair of geese (voices of Jane Lynch and Wanda Sykes), a cardinal named Pedro (voice of Will.I.Am), a canary named Nico (voice of Jamie Foxx), and a group of toucans, lead by an alpha male named Rafael (voice of George Lopez).

Blu and Jewel are trying to get back to Brazil during Carnival.  They wind up trying to help a group of birds that are being smuggled from Brazil, while encountering a bulldog named Luiz (voice of Tracy Morgan).  Their adventures lead them to try escaping the poachers, and successfully making it into freedom during the Brazilian festival. 

The birds get back to Linda, escaping the poachers.  They remain in Brazil, where a sanctuary is located that protects exotic animals.  Linda allows her beloved Blu to be free with his newly-acquired love.  Blu and Jewel go onto become a happy couple, having two boy chicks, and one girl chick!


Thor is right around the corner, opening May 6.  Also, the trailers for X-Men:  First Class are getting more exciting!  It premieres June 3!  An exciting science-fiction adventure film, Cowboys and Aliens, starts July 29.  Transformers:  Dark of the Moon begins July 1.  The Amazing Spiderman will begin July 3.  Rise of the Planet of the Apes will open August 5.

….but that’s what I wanna know, too!

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