This Idol Show With Six to Go!

April 27, 2011 at 11:47 PM (Uncategorized)

I got back to American Idol this evening, anxious to hear some of the singing, while wondering how the singers were advancing.  There are only six of them left, so they have to be making efforts to give their best concerts.  I have a couple of favorites!

Tonight, the show featured guest judge Carol King!  They gave time to highlight her, reminding the audience that her first hit song was in 1961.  This was a duet performed by The Shirelles, “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”!  Since then, she has had multiple musical successes, and she has worked with singers across the gamut of American music. 

Idol started tonight with Jacob Lusk.  We were confused about his wardrobe, but he sounded terrific, as usual!  Jacob sang “Not My Baby, as he charmed the audience with his voice, yet blinded some with that bright-yellow shirt!

Lauren Alaina was second, singing “When You Leave”!  She came to stage ready to win, as the audience and the judges felt it!  Jennifer Lopez told Lauren that she pushed barriers, and Randy Jackson said that she had some extra swagger!  Lauren’s efforts to win were apparent with Steven Tyler, as he told her that he saw her shine!

A duet followed, as Casey Abrams and Haley Jacobs sang I Feel the Earth Move!  Several thought that they did NOT sound good TOGETHER.  However, Steven Tyler stated that he did like their song!

Carol King’s “You’ve Got A Friend” was performed by Scotty McCreery.  He began with a mellow, seductive introduction, and he stayed smooth throughout the song.  Randy found that beginning to be flawless, and he liked Scotty’s range.  Steven liked one particular high note that Scotty hit, while J. Lo heard strength in his storytelling manner of singing.

A guitar-playing James Durbin was next, doing Carol King’s “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”.  His acapella introduction was quite alluring, somewhat reminiscent of Adam Lambert!  The judges loved James’ voice, as J. Lo was jammin’, with Randy and Steven grooving, as well!  Randy told James that he gave the performance of the night!

A next duet came from Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. They sang Carol King’s “On the Roof”.  J. Lo told Lauren that she “sang her brains off”!  The song did sound very nice.

Hi-De-Ho was the song presented by Casey Abrams.  He did a jazz rendition, which was very appealing.  Casey even used the other contestants as backup singers, and he had a small band!

Randy appreciated that Casey keeps the show different.  Steven told Casey that he made his scalp itch (huh…), and Jennifer wanted to see him loosen up more.  Everyone did seem to agree with Steven, who said that Casey worked the stage well.

Beautiful (As You Feel) was sung by Haley Reinhart.  It did sound great, as the judges seemed to agree.  Yet, as both Jennifer and Steven  appreciated her performance, Randy was not impressed by Haley tonight!  Steven told her that she nailed it, yet Randy did not like Haley’s introduction.

A duet came from Jacob Lusk and James Durbin.  The guys sang King’s I’m Into Something Good.  Both of them have very strong voices, yet possibly repelled one another with different types of sound.  We will see.

The judges did seem to like what they heard from Jacob and James together.  Jennifer was entranced while being serenaded by both guys.  Steven, however, was confused about where Jacob and James were going with the song.

The results will be presented tomorrow night!  I have to think that Jacob and Scotty are leading, but it is all about the votes.  We will see who survives, tomorrow night!

James Durbin, Casey Abrams, Jacob Lusk, Scotty McCreery



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American Idol Tonight - James Durbin Ignites Judges' Winning Predictions


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