As Boldness Becomes Bathos…

April 29, 2011 at 12:06 AM (Uncategorized)

I was telling myself not to blog about this particular topic, as any further discussion simply perpetuates the general idiocy of it.  Yet, as it is on all of the channels, along with several of the websites, I will just go ahead and un-muffle my meows about it.  It is quite….. rediculous!

How long has it been?  Has not this been going on since before the 2008 election?  Yet now, approaching the end of his first term in office, President Barack Obama finally has had to break it down.  While in the midst of dealing with issues like the national economy, ever-increasing gasoline prices, commanding multiple overseas military operations, and even preparation for the 2012 Presidential race, President Obama has found the time to excavate his birth records.  You’re welcome, Donald.

It was yesterday, Wednesday, April 27, when President Barack H. Obama made public his official birth certificate.  Barack Hussein Obama II was born August 4, 1961 to Barack Hussein Obama (age 25) and Stanley Ann Dunham Obama (age 18).  The birth occurred at Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital, Honolulu, Hawai’i.  The birth certificate was signed by the medical attendant, the hospital registrar, and his mother.  The birth occurred at 7:24 p.m..

Now, Donald.  Will you shut the fuck up?  No; I guess not.  If it is not this, then it likely will be that.  An excessively bold and proud Donald Trump is cocking his tail feathers in some deluded form of victory.  Since he has been the fire behind the lighting of the movement to get President Obama to reveal his birth records, Trump now feels some level of pride behind the President’s action.

It is likely that one of “The Donald”‘s ultimate goals is to gain the attention and backing for a possible Presidential run.  It is not a big secret that he has been eying The Presidency.  A poll by Newsweek counted over a million supporters for a 2012 campaign by Trump.  The poll goes onto suggest that he will lead the Republican ticket, edging out other Republican candidates, and going into a head-to-head run against President Obama during the 2012 race.

Reading further into the poll does suggest that it was administered to several Southern anti-savants.  The poll-takers stand firm in believing that Trump was right in demanding President Obama’s public production of a birth certificate.  Some of his supporters seem to feel that this action with the birth certificate was justified, and that it will give favor to Trump in any 2012 Presidential run.  One poll has him at the lead among other Republican candidates, including Michele Bachmann,  Newt Gingrich, Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, and Mitt Romney.

I am listening to Letterman, as he is discussing Obama’s presentation of his birth certificate, while cracking on The Birthers.  Letterman is saying that there will be an NBC special presentation, where President Obama will re-enact his birth live, before a studio audience!  Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to cock his tail feathers (and his hair), over his alleged victory by claiming that he forced President Obama to produce an actual birth certificate.

Furthermore, the attempts by Trump to have President Obama present his birth certificate did expand into an attempt at acquiring his Columbia University and Harvard University academic records.  Yet, this has been dismissed as nonsensical hullabaloo, bordering on more obvious presentations of racism.  The suggestion by Donald Trump that President Obama entered, then was successful within these prestigious schools does give an air of racist overtone.  According to, yet not vocalized by “The Donald”, President Obama could not have entered these institutions, then have been successful, due to his being of African-American descent.

Well; whatever!  President Obama has shown the world his actual birth certificate.  Now, he can continue with the tasks of directing our nation through military conflicts, while dealing with increasing economic issues, and leading a nation.  If this is the best that The Republicans plan to do for 2012, then they may as well stay at home.  Then again, they did produce Dumbya, and we see where that went……

Barack Obama's Birth Certificate Released by the White House

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