More on the 2012 Madness!

May 31, 2011 at 11:40 PM (Uncategorized)

 I got caught-up, watching yet another program based on 2012.  The History Channel has a program that is delving into the beliefs from many ancient cultures about what they believed will occur next year.  It is The Dresden Codex from the Mayan culture that has been attracting so much recent attention, yet many other cultures around the world had similar beliefs about how something drastic will occur next year.

December 21, 2012 is supposed to be the date of galactic alignment.  Our Sun is supposed to move into direct position for a straight line from it to the center of The Milky Way.  Well, why does that matter?

The prophecies of The Maya are the ones attracting the most attention.  This civilization of Central and South America seemed to believe that a galactic alignment will occur, where the center of Earth is supposed to be aligned precisely with the middle of The Milky Way.  Why this matters does not seem to stand out, yet several messages and prophecies from many cultures around the planet believe that there is an importance.

My inner felinity naturally leads me to be curious about the situation.  Yes, I am aware of the adage.  However, as there is such a constant bombardment of so-called information about this subject, I am urged to find out whether or not there is any level of truth to it.  Is not 2012 just another year?

The way things are occurring now, it truly seems that this will be another event to which con artists will use to take advantage of the gullible.  However, the fact that so much has been put into these allegedly foretelling details does lead one to wonder whether something will go down next year that will have some manner of memorable significance.  What might that be?  Well…

The galactic alignment is being said to be a possible cause of traumatic occurrances around the world.   The first thing that stood out was that there will be a supposedly drastic shifting of the planet’s tectonic plates.  The entire geography of the planet will just change at a sudden rate, causing global devastation as it happens.  It sounds laughable immediately because it is difficult, at least, to imagine the entire outer shell of the planet moving all at once!

Other ancient and medieval cultures have prophecies that coincide with what The Maya predicted.  First, the immediate neighbors of The Maya, who were The Aztecs and The Incas, believed that a significant occurrence will take place next year.  The Aztecs believed that 2012 will introduce The Time of The Sixth Sun.  This is supposed to be a time of extreme change, when a rebirth of humanity will occur.  The Incas had a somewhat similar sentiment, stating that humanity will be reintroduced to itself in some manner of spiritual awakening.

Within North America, The Hopi said that an era of purification will begin.  This is said to mean that all manners of our ways of life will end, and that a new level of humanity will begin.  Over to New Zealand, the native Maori also seemed to believe that 2012 will be a time of purification.  This culture stated that what they called The Fourth World would end, and The Fifth World would begin.   Then, to India; The Hindu spoke of 2012 bringing forth Kali Yuga.  This time period, which The Hindu said began February 18, 3102 BCE, will end it’s cycle at the end of 2012.

The Dogon culture of central Africa spoke of 2012 as a time of arrival.  Writings from these people go onto tell of the alleged planet Nibiru, and about the star Sirius.  There was information about these celestial objects aligning with our Sun, all of which will be within direct alignment with the center of the galaxy.  They have reflected several other ancient sentiments, stating that this positioning will bring forth catastrophe!

I have to assume that they all were using their primitive capacities for understanding to describe the possible effects of gravity.  Yet, several of these cultures had amazingly skilled capacities with mathematics and scientific understanding.  Perhaps, somehow, their levels of knowledge lead them to recognize the precise positionings of our planet with our host star, and with other celestial bodies. 

Their reasonings of knowledge about the movements of Earth and other outer space objects are supposed to lead to some levels of gravitational effects.   I just do not understand how any level of significant effect could occur, as distances between all of these locations are so extreme.  It would be like my trying to use a refrigerator magnet in Houston to attract a paper clip in Chicago.  Yet, something about the precision of the alignments of each celestial body, which will cause an allegedly increased level of gravitational inflection, will lead to some levels of drastic outcomes because of the forces involved.

I am by no means a scientist, but, like I said, I am curious about it all.  I will read some of the latest postings, and I will look at some of the related television shows that discuss the predictions, et cetera.  Certainly, logic and reality dictate that none of this stuff actually is legitimate.  If any of it were true, surely actions would be in effect right now to inform and protect the general world population.  Afterall, according to prophecyNO ONE is safe…..


SEE THESE SITES!!!…/the_world_won_t_end_in_2012





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Summer Starting With A Sting!

May 30, 2011 at 8:09 PM (Uncategorized)

Ouch!  No, really!  Ouch!!!  It seems that the entry to the summer season had a little more sting than necessary.  Travelling to Florida over the weekend surely was a blast, yet for those whom visited the Atlantic coastline, a most unwelcome surprise was acquired!

Visitors to the eastern Florida beaches found themselves encountering a little treat from Mother Nature.  A reminder that our Earth is shared by many species, these particular Atlantic waters were occupied by human vacationers, and by jellyfish!  Anyone whom took the time to travel into this coastal region during the Memorial Day Weekend needed to be weary of the waters.

Apparently, the weekend was filled with calls and reports to Florida beach officials.  Brevard County, specifically, found itself receiving reports from holiday visitors whom were being stung by jellyfish.  Almost 600 calls were made over the weekend, with 200 happening Saturday, and more than 250 calls made Sunday. 

It seems even more strange because these particular jellyfish were not the usual type that are seen within this particular coastal region.  The beaches along Brevard County mainly received reports from visitors spotting Cannonball Jellyfish and Portuguese Man o’ War.  Specifically, the jellyfish spotted have been identified as mauve stingers.  These are the type that are beautifully alluring because of their bioluminescence, yet dangerous because of their stings.

Fortunately, the sting is not lethal!  Yes, it hurts, but it can be treated, easily.  Experts say that the first thing to do is to get out of the water.  The irritated skin area should be rinsed with seawater.  Isopropyl alcohol, or vinegar, should be used to relax the danger of the venom introduced to the skin. 

Next, any tentacles left within the skin need to be removed with tweezers.  The skin should be scraped with a razor to be certain that the assaulted area is clear of any venom.  Then, the experts are saying to use baking soda, vinegar, or even mud, to be sure that the wound is free of jellyfish venom.  Once the spot is cleaned, and is protected from other areas of the body, it is to be wrapped. 

Using fresh water on the wound is not recommended.  Fresh water has a different level of tonicity (pressure level).  It should be clear that professional assistance is needed with such an occurrence.  Yet, to clarify, PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ATTENTION is necessary.  Anyone who has been stung by a jellyfish likely needs to see a doctor to be certain that the wound has been treated properly, and that the venom has not spread into other areas of the body!

Jellyfish On Florida Beach

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/400-plus-stung-by-jellyfish-on.html


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Marital and Martial-Arts Merriment at the Movies!

May 28, 2011 at 7:57 PM (Uncategorized)

A day late, but I figured that I would go ahead and put this entry together.  After a full Friday, I was not feeling up to blogging late at night.  Yet, yesterday was the traditional Friday, and that meant a trip to the movies!  We viewed two enjoyable comedies. 

Kung Fu Panda 2 was the initial adventure.  Po the Panda (voice of Jack Black) now lives as the foretold Dragon Warrior, accompanied by his fellow fighters, The Furious Five.  During further training with Master Shifu (voice of Dustin Hoffman), a group of wolves arrive to attack.  Po and The Furious Five find themselves stopping in the middle of the brawl, as Po is suddenly paralyzed!

Po saw a symbol that invoked images of his youth.  He asked his goose father, Mr. Ping (voice of James Hong) about the symbol, which lead to his being told about his adoption after being found as an infant.  Next, Po reconnects with The Furious Five to stop a pesky and pissed off peacock called Lord Shen (voice of Gary Oldman), who is attempting to end Kung Fu with a new weapon!

The fighters get to Gongmen City to battle Lord Shen.  Yet, Po has been having traumatizing visions on the way to the city.  As they get there, they see that Lord Shen has his minions controlling the area.  Along with Po’s fumbling, The Five try to get the help of Master Croc (voice of Jean-Claude Van Damme) and Master Storming Ox (voice of Dennis Haysbert).  Yet, these warriors state that they can not stand against Lord Shen, forcing Po and The Five to battle on their own.

The fighters are captured by wolves of Lord Shen, and they are taken before the malevolent master.   Lord Shen does not believe Po to be The Dragon Warrior, but Po and The Five are able to defeat him.  They destroy Shen’s cannon, but Shen escapes as Po is stopped by a vision from his youth. 

The fighters travel to Gongmen City, where Po is having nightmares.  He hides this from the others, as the group tries to figure out how to stop the oncoming threat.  Tigress leaves Po with these Masters, as the others return to try defeating Lord Shen and his cannon.  Yet, Po opts to confront Shen himself, fumbling their efforts to stop the foul fowl.  Po and The Five are chased and caught by wolves!

The group is taken before Lord Shen, who does not believe that Po is The Dragon Warrior.  Yet, as Po arrives, he frees his friends, and a behemoth brawl begins.  The warriors try to stop a fleet of ships heading to begin a war for Lord Shen.  

The efforts of Po and The Furious Five are not successful,  yet Po winds up isolated against Lord Shen.  The peacock tries shooting a cannon at Po, yet the cannonball bounces off of Po’s belly, being redirected toward Shen’s fleet.  The boats are destroyed, and Lord Shen succuumbs to the wreckage, being drowned in the process!

Po returns to his home village.  There, he chooses to accept Mr. Ping, the goose, as his actual father.  Yet, in a distant and hidden village full of giant pandas, one male panda comes to the conclusion that his son still is alive!

Our comedic adventure continued with Bridesmaids!  Kristen Wiig stars as Annie, the owner of a bakery.  She claims Lillian (Maya Rudolph) as her B.F.F., yet she thinks that she will lose that link because Lillian is getting married.  Annie does become the lead bridesmaid for Lillian’s wedding.

Comedy ensues with the bridesmaids planning activities for the upcoming wedding.  Each of the ladies has an unusual characteristic, all being best friends from their high school days.  It is the night before Lillian’s wedding when all of the ladies gather to discuss the event and their lives. 

Each of the ladies has the chance to reveal personal issues, as Lillian begins to develop a close friendship with a new friend named Helen (Rose Byrne).  Helen imposes herself onto the setting, making herself the director of all of Lillian’s nuptial activities.  This creates a rift between Annie and Lillian.

Meanwhile, Annie gets sidetracked by some other action, as she finds herself in the middle of a love triangle.  She has a growing affection for a police officer named Rhodes (Chris O’Dowd), who pulled Annie over one evening for having a busted tail light and possible drunk driving.  The traffic incident was dismissed, yet Annie and Rhodes developed a relationship.  The situation becomes murky for Annie because she continues to respond to booty calls from a very hunky Ted (Jon Hamm).

It is between her romantic attraction to Rhodes, her heat for Ted, and her loyalty to Lillian where Annie finds herself trapped.  She finds herself having to decide what truly is important to her, and to where her truest feelings of love and loyalty are directed.  After some heart-to-heart talking with pal Megan (Melissa McCarthy), a reality check from Rhodes, and a clarifying moment with Ted, Annie decides to realizes where her true devotions lay!

The summer gets hot next week, with the premiere of X-Men:  First Class!  We are going back to before the rift developed between Charles and Erik, before they became Professor X and Magneto, respectively.  The storyline plans to delve into how the mutants came to realize their unusual capabilities, and how the split of good versus bad started among them.

Green Lantern premieres June 17, the same day as Jim Carrey’s zany movie, Mr. Popper’s Penguins!  Cameron Diaz heats up the screen as a not-so-competent class instructor in Bad Teacher, opening June 24.  Transformers:  Dark of the Moon premieres June 29!


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Scotty Wins!!!

May 26, 2011 at 7:47 PM (Uncategorized)

I had been keeping up with American Idol this season, yet not to the level that I did during previous seasons.  That was somewhat disappointing because I was really interested in watching the show with J. Lo and Steven Tyler as judges!  I did get to watch random episodes, which I did enjoy.

Well, I did see last night’s finale, and WOW!!!  It was star-packed!!!  Beyonce, Kirk Franklin, Lady Gaga, Gladys Knight, and a bit of comedic performance from Jack Black!  J. Lo even took to the stage for a duet with her husband, Marc Anthony.  Certainly, he was gloating as the rest of the world watched that hot thang in action which is all his!  Damn you, Marc Anthony!!!!    

Sad Crying Yellow Un- Smiley Face Gifs Images

Also, there was Judas Priest, Tom Jones, and even a resurrection of TLC!  It was great to see the presentation from Spider Man:  Turn of the Dark, too!  All of that made the finale very exciting before it did reach the final presentation of this season’s singing champion!

I truly can say I am glad that Scotty McCreery was crowned this season’s winner!  I truly think that he represents the talent and the vibrance of a young America with a bright future ahead.  He has the voice and the appeal that should draw a steady audience, and help him to sell a lot of records.

I believe that Lauren Alaina and Jacob Lusk will have successful careers ahead of them.  Each of them has an appealing sound, and surely they have been contacted by musicians, producers, et cetera, to begin arranging some levels of musical platforms.  I can see Jacob possibly heading into the R&B-Gospel field with his music career.  Having Kirk Franklin and Gladys Knight there last night surely must have been a big foot in that doorway to success.

Scotty probably is hooking up with Carrie Underwood right now!  He surely is working with her producers and writers, getting together whatever platforms he needs to boost him into the start of a country music career.  I hope that he has something ready for his audience by Fall 2011! 

Well!  It is almost hard to believe that it has been eleven years!  I did begin watching American Idol during it’s first season.  It is exciting to see how much the show has matured, has evolved, and has exploded into the seemingly unstoppable success that captivates the nation!




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Recent Egyptian Finds Fascinate The World!

May 25, 2011 at 11:56 PM (Uncategorized)

The spectacle of the Egyptian pyramids has fascinated humanity for centuries.  The marvel of their construction, and how several of them have remained in tact for generations has been amazing and curious.  The general population of the world has a continued interest in learning more about all aspects of these world wonders.

Currently, information is being released that tells of the discovery of a group of pyramids, and several other structures, previously undiscovered.  Seventeen ancient structures have been found, hidden within the arid terrain of Egypt.  This is in addition to over 3,000 ancient villages, and more than 1,000 tombs found buried beneath the Egyptian land.

Excavators who work with The University of Alabama at Birmingham had been studying satellite images.  The pictures displayed various buildings and structures beneath the ground.  Ages of dirt and soil have buried them to the point that they were not able to be indentified without the use of satellite imaging. 

These recently found sites are those that are nearest to the surface.  More are located deeper beneath the ground, buried by ages of dirt deposited by the flowing Nile River.  The use of satellites, along with careful excavating, has allowed archaeologists to find many ancient sites that would not have been located without the use of updated technology.  The sites contain several ancient and valuable artifacts.

There is some concern because of reports of looting at the ancient sites.  Egyptian officials have described desecrations and illegal excavations occurring around the pyramids, and within the ancient tombs.  President Hosni Mubarak has been called upon to take action against the site invaders, using military forces to protect the areas, if needed.

Egypt and Great Britain will have many of the found artifacts on display at museums in each nation.  There will be artifacts from the eras of Egyptian pharaohs that include King Tutankhamun, General Horemheb, and King Akhenaten.  Additionally, items were found within the tombs that were constructed for loyal servants of the pharoahs.  The sites were first located during 1843, when German explorer Richard Lepsius traveled to Egypt. 

Stepped Pyramids at Saqqara, Egypt


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It Smells the Same After the Swirl!

May 24, 2011 at 7:32 PM (Uncategorized)

I was in the mood to wind down and to prepare for dinner.  I was reviewing my blog, as well as some websites that I browse.  I went over to CNN, checking the daily news.  Then, I saw a link to some prior bullshit.

I thought that toilet had been flushed!  Apparently not, or it has been backed up.  Well, not finished swirling, the Reverend Harold Camping has poked out his turtlehead to give an update on his calculations for the approaching Apocolypse!

After several people were looking toward the good reverend to find out what happened, and as to why they were not free-floating in the afterlife, Camping took a moment for clarification, making a statement on his Family Radio broadcast.  He stated that the prior date of May 21 actually was a day for judgment.  The true end of all things will occur October 21, 2011!

Beware, Beware, Beware!  Camping has stated that from this point forward, he, nor his organization will do nothing more to warn the world.  He claims that God has made Judgment this past Saturday.  All whom will be saved, and all who will be condemned, have been selected.  The date of October 21 is the date when the final actions will be carried out.

I suppose that there is no room for appeal.  I mean, October is still six months away!  Can a person not have time for repentance?  Can a person not revise the to-do list before time is up?

Camping says that from this point forward, his sect will no longer post public warnings, nor will they make any manners of public advertisements.  He is not paying attention to the jeers that out him as a con man and a liar.  He, without any level of apology, simply sticks to his newly-presented revisions.  A mere two or three percent of the global human population will be admitted to the glory of the Christian afterlife upon the updated Apocolypse, October 21, 2011!  Aw shit….

'That Was Awkward' Billboard in Greensboro


SEE THESE SITES!!!,0,300126.story?track=rss

  Pants on fire idiot

Liar, liar; pants on fire!!!!

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Planets on the Loose?

May 23, 2011 at 8:09 PM (Uncategorized)

Imagine being on a world that is just floating freely through space.  It has no central star.  It has no moons.  It is just floating alone, not bound by gravity to anything.  Pretty cool?  Pretty scary?  Pretty weird?

Scientific studies during the first decade of this century have revealed that such objects do exist.   There are actual planets that exist in the universe which are not parts of any planetary systems, as we understand them, and are not gravitationally bound to any other bodies.  These planets are just out there, wandering through outer space.

After 2007, astronomers from Japan and New Zealand made the discovery that there apparently are loose planets wandering within our Milky Way.  Their studies have lead them to recognize at least ten of these planets, which are not linked to any stars or solar systems.  Roughly ten of them have been identified, averaging at distances between ten thousand and twenty thousand light years away from Earth. 

Studying scientists are revealing information about the nature of these planets.  As of now, they are being labeled as free-floating Jupiters.  They are gas giants that seem to have been repelled from their solar systems of origin.  These bodies float through interstellar space, not gravitationally bound to anything else.

It seems that scientists are saying that these objects are failed stars.  They are not brown dwarf stars because they do not have the mass or size to be classified as such.  Gaseous bodies within space that are between the masses of seventy-five to eighty Jupiter-sized bodies that do not ignite are called brown dwarf stars.  Free-floating planets are less massive than this, so far being seen as between the masses of ten to twenty Jupiter-sized objects.

It probably is unlikely that anything like this would collide with another planet.  The forces of gravity exerted by both bodies likely would cause them to repel one another.  Therefore, an immense object, a gas-giant that did not ignite, will continue to float freely through space.  Kind of wierd…..

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/2011/05/lonely-planet-worlds-found-wandering-interstellar-space.html

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Still Here?!? Damn It!!!

May 21, 2011 at 6:59 PM (Uncategorized)

Well, we are still here!  Can you believe it?  Yet another predicted Judgment Day has come, and it is nearly over.  I did not notice anything overly unusual or ominous about this day.  Then, I was busy throughout most of the day, so I could have missed out.  Hmph….

I do not know how much longer people will continue listening to these con men, or what it is that they are doing to gain the trusts and beliefs of so many individuals.  It was Harold Camping, age 89, who had been spreading information to his followers that Judgment Day would occur today, May 21, 2011. 

Born on July 19, 1921, Harold Camping is a graduate of The University of California at Berkeley, 1942.  He has been a radio broadcaster of religious affiliation since 1958.  Now, Camping is a religious fanatic who currently hosts a Christian radio program in southern California. 

Camping has been responsible for the arrangement of predictions that fortell of the end of the world.  He has been spreading “information” about details from a religious calendar that gives so-called facts about the history of the world, and about the exact date that our world will end.  He has informed followers, and others with nothing better to do, about so-called facts based on Biblical information.

Broadcasting out of his Family Radio Network, Camping has spread his message about calculations that he has made regarding the date of Rapture.  He stated that since the crucifiction of Jesus happened on Friday, April 1, 33 A.D., mathematic calculations reveal that the amount of time since that date will lead to a deduced figure of 722,500.07.  This number is relevant because it is supposed to be the square of five times seventeen times ten.  Camping says that five signifies atonement, ten signifies completion, and seventeen signifies Heaven.

A multiplication of these numbers one time, then another time, and some other stuff, will produce the figure 722, 500.  This figure falls within Camping’s calculations, allegedly coinciding with orbits of Earth, and the date of Jesus’ crucifixion.  Somehow, all of these numbers and calculations produce the outcome of Apocalypse occurring exactly 722,449.07 days after Jesus’ death, leading to a May 21, 2011 Judgment Day.

When looking back at it, that still makes the event a day off.  Yet, I did not bother to work through the full mathematics of the so-called prophecy.  I was more curious about what Camping was attempting to suggest, while chuckling, and listening to similar sentiments on news broadcasts.  For those whom actually want to know the full logistics of the Camping prophecy, there are various websites that breakdown the information.  Possibly, there will be others that will attempt to “clarify” the mistake made, and will recalculate Camping’s information to give a more exact revelation.  It is not 2012 yet…….


SEE THESE SITES,2072748,00.html

     Animated Gif Fire (110)    



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Jack is Back!!!

May 20, 2011 at 9:42 PM (Uncategorized)

I did get back to the theater this Friday evening!  One was all that I could do, but it was good enough.  In fact, this one was so good, that it was all that was needed for the evening!

Like many others, I had been anticipating the viewing of Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides!  We began in Cadiz, Spain, with a man displaying a map that supposedly has the location of Spanish explorer/pirate Ponce de Leon‘s sunken ship.  Aboard the vessel is supposed to be a map that has the directions to finding the fountain of youth!

Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) is up to his usual antics, now pretending to be a judge during a courtroom trial.  One of his accomplices, Gibbs (Kevin McNally) is being accused of piracy, and he is sentenced to life imprisonment… by Jack!  Yet, as Gibbs is taken to London to be incarcerated, he is set free by Jack, and both pirates proceed to retake their ship, The Black Pearl.

The pirates head to London.  There, the group is stopped immediately by royal guards.  Jack is taken before a duke, who wants to get the map to The Fountain of Youth from him.  Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) is in the courtroom, pretending to be an assistant to the royals, while claiming to have lost The Pearl.

Suddenly, Jack cretes a calamitous scene, and he escapes the guards!  He gets into the streets, runs into a carriage, kisses the lady inside, then proceeds to run away!  The guards continue chasing him, to no avail.

Jack now plans to take two ships on his quest to reach The Fountain of Youth.  However, while being captain of one ship, he encounters an impostor of himself!  They begin a sword duel, and in the midst of it, Jack realizes that it is Angelica (Penelope Cruz).  He kisses her, and they stop fighting!

British guards arrive suddenly, and another sword fight begins.   Angelica and Jack battle the guards, and they escape the scene by dropping into the waters beneath the ship.  Upon reaching a safe point, Jack asks Angelica to help him with finding The Fountain of Youth.

Barbossa is pretending to be a British guard.  He gets details from Gibbs (Kevin McNally) to find Jack.  He learns that Jack is being held aboard the ship of the pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane)

Angelica is aboard the ship, pretending to be the male first-mate.  Also, she is pretending to be the long-lost daughter of Blackbeard.  Their ship is in route to accompany The Black Pearl, as each of the pirate vessels prepares for an oncoming attack by a Spanish fleet!  However, they soon realize that the Spanish are in search of The Fountain of Youth, not a them, so a fight is avoided.

Angelica and other soldiers are preparing for a battle with oncoming ships.  It nears nightfall, and a fight begins.  There is dueling on the deck when zombies suddenly appear!  Angelica and Jack sword fight the undead attackers, with Jack even beheading one of them!

Their ship arrives at The Fountain of Youth at the same time as Blackbeard’s ship.  It is nighttime and all is eerily quiet.  One of the men on the deck of The Pearl throws a flower into the water, and a mermaid appears.  Other mermaids emerge, and they surround the ship.  The alluring sea ladies begin to sing, yet their delight becomes terror when other ships arrive.  The mermaids suddenly become angry, exposing their fangs!  The ships propel explosive barrels into the waters to chase the mermaids away. 

Jack is netted by other pirates, and he is pulled to sea.  There, he begins fighting with them, yet the mermaids are there, also.  The mermaids try to capture all of the pirates, singing mesmerizing songs to daze them.  One of the ships launches explosives to drive the mermaids away, and one of the sea sirens is captured!

Barbossa and his crew have been abandoned, as mermaids have taken over their ship.  Meanwhile, the ship with Jack aboard continues in search of The Fountain of Youth.  They believe that a tear from a mermaid will help to bring eternal life, along with waters from the fountain.

As Jack now has been caught by another pirate, Barbossa and Gibbs have gotten to an island jungle with shipmates.  They have a mermaid with them, who reveals that her name is Syrena (Astrid Berges-Frisbey).  She is bound, yet she tries to save the ones who saved her!

Jack as escaped, and is free on the island.  He and Barbossa have found the hidden treasure of Ponce de Leon.  Yet, Barbossa’s crew had been attacked by Spanish vessels.  They escape into an area that allows them not to be seen by the invading fleet.

Jack and Angelica are free on the island.  They get into an argument, yet Barbossa and Gibbs arrive, attempting to arrest the other pirates.  Another swordfight begins, this time with arrows being shot, also.  The battle escalates, and British troops arrive.

The British ships found themselves surrounded by mermaids.  Barbossa’s ship launches torpedoes at the British fleet.  The island is within sight, to where the pirates and the British travel.  As the battle increases due to the possibility of hidden treasure on the island, a Spanish fleet arrives, also!

Barbossa gets heavily into battle, killing one of the attacking Spanish soldiers.  As Angelica tries to crush an approaching soldier, she is stabbed, and other fighters take their battle into the water.  A mermaid appears, returning an item to Jack.  She tells Jack that waters from The Fountain of Youth can heal Angelica.

They reach The Fountain, where Angelica drinks the water, and she passes out, briefly.  She sees her deceased father, who encourages his daughter to fight for her life.  Angelica returns to life, and she returns to accompany Jack on a new journey.  They take a canoe to a deserted island, and Jack has Angelica bound by her ankles!

Barbossa now is commanding The Black Pearl!  He and his crew are headed for the island known as Tortuga.  Gibbs has Blackbeard’s ship, and he has rescued Jack.  Now, both of them prepare to retake The Pearl! 

 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides


The FINAL Harry Potter film will be out, shortly!  It is amazing to see how much they have grown and matured while witnessing this fascinating story taken to cinema!  Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows:  Part Two will premiere July 15, 2011.

The trailers for Green Lantern are looking more exciting!  It is going to be fun watching how the imaginative characters will be taken from cartoons and comic books to cinema.  I did see one trailer this evening, where I got a peek at Sinestro, along with some of the regular Green Lantern characters!

Super 8 is going to be terrific because it was directed and written by J.J Abrams, and it was produced by Steven Spielberg.  Nothing more needs to be said, just see the film!  The only star with whom I am familiar is Elle Fanning, the little sister of Dakota Fanning!

Next week has Kung Fu Panda 2!  June will see the premieres of Bad Teacher, Cars 2, The Incredible Journey, Transformers:  Dark of the Moon, and X-Men:  First Class.  July will include Captain America: The First Avenger, Cowboys and Aliens,  Larry Crowne, The Smurfs, and Winnie the Pooh!

  animated gifs pirates       animated gifs pirates       animated gifs pirates

Check out Angelica Salem with Lil’ Kim!


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He-he-ha-ha- What tha HELL?!?!

May 19, 2011 at 5:40 PM (Uncategorized)

Like several other people, I was upset by the idea that a mother was giving her young daughter botox injections.  I was distressed for the child because I believed that she was enduring unnecessary torment to satisfy the moronic desires of her mother.  I was angry because I believed that the mother was so caught up in the brainsickness of beauty pageants for young children.

However, all that I could do was to shake my head.  I recognized that spreading online protests would not stop this woman from exploiting her child.  I did feel dismayed, yet I realized that there are other problems that equate to this horror, and many that are worse, which are happening in the world.  Then, I read the news for today.

It was all a hoax?!?!  TMZ posted an article this morning, saying that Kerry Campbell, who’s real name is Sheena Upton, never injected her child with botox.  Apparently, it was all a part of a paid hoax where Upton was supposed to go public with the announcement that she had her eight-year-old daughter to endure botox injections so that the child would have a better chance of winning a beauty pageant.

Upton apparently was asked by The Sun, a British tabloid, to feign the story of having her daughter injected with botox to increase the girl’s chances at winning a beauty pageant.  She was given all of $200.00 to spread the story that she had her daughter suffer through the chemical enhancement.  Apparently, the paper was looking to find attention-grabbing stories that would sell more issues.

The entire issue captured worldwide attention after Campbell/Upton appeared on Good Morning America.  She seemed sincere as she stated how she believed that botox injections would increase her daughter’s chances at winning this children’s beauty pageant.  She made everyone believe that people were sinking to new lows in order to satisfy the whims of an increasingly superficial society, and ultimately, to gain money.

Well.  I am glad that the story is fake.  Yet, that does not discount the possibility that other parents may be doing similar actions to their children, for real.  I suppose that Upton’s actions possibly have brought greater attention to the horror of parents abusing their children, and doing so especially for such inane reasons.

PHOTO: Mom Gives Botox to her 8-Year-Old Daughter:  How Young Is Too Young?

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