Last Week’s Blasting Belch!

May 1, 2011 at 11:15 PM (Uncategorized)

Stand back,  just stand back.  Mama is doing her thing.  It is that this happens to be another fascinating moment in the way that our world works.  It is a reminder of how all things of our Earth indeed are connected.

South America experienced a day of natural excitement this past Tuesday, April 26.  A volcanic eruption occurred within The Andes Mountains of Chile.  The volcano called Tungurahua is located 87 miles south of the Ecuadoran capital city, Quito.  It has an eight mile-wide base, and it rises roughly 1.86 miles high.

Tungurahua is located along The Ring of Fire.  This volcano has been given the pseudonym “Throat of Fire”.  It has had four major eruptions within the past five years, including one on December 4, 2010.  That eruption released ash and lava that was recorded as reaching one mile above the volcano!

Prior recorded eruptions from Tungurahua were recorded during 2009, 2008, and 1999.  Other major eruptions occurred during the early twentieth century.  A significant volcanic event happened during 1917, with smaller eruptions occurring from that year until 1925.  Last Tuesday’s eruption was said to be notably significant because some of it’s ejected materials were as large as trucks!

Tungurahua is geographically located within La Cordillera Oriental of Ecuador.  This is a segment of The Andes mountian range.  Here is  a highly active region for volcanoes and fault lines, which spreads into the coastal ranges of all Pacific Ocean-bordering nations.  It is situated at the border region of the Nazca and South American plates, which are responsible for tremors and eruptions as they shift.


Volcano eruption



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