I Saw That Hammer!

May 7, 2011 at 12:33 AM (Uncategorized)

The Friday thing still is the Friday thing!  This week only came with a viewing of one new film.  Yet, it was worth the time spent!

We had been waiting to see the film version of Marvel Comics hero Thor!  Australian thespian Chris Hemsworth is thunderous in his presentiation of the Norse god / Earth-bound superhero!  He begins in the role as the celebrated hero of his homeworld, Asgard.  However, his pride and arrogance become extreme, much to the spite of his brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

Loki uses a moment to take advantage of Thor when their father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) sends the both of them on a mission. The brothers went to an ancient land of Jotunheim to face an ancient enemy, and to prevent the start of a war.  Yet, a feud is sparked from the enemy, a mistake is made that is prompted by Loki. 

Thor ultimately saves the day, yet the error conveniently is placed upon him.  Odin chooses to punish Thor by casting him out of Asgard, and sending him to live on Earth.  There, he winds up in New Mexico, and he meets Jane Foster (Natalie Portman).  She befriends him despite his unusual manner, and his terribly rude attitude! 

In the midst of his being expelled to Earth, Thor lost his magical hammer, called Mjolnir.  Earth-bound investigators with Project S.H.I.E.L.D. get hold of the hammer, yet no mortal is able to wield it.  At this point, Thor is able to find Mjolnir, with the help of Jane, and he develops a romance with her while finding his misplaced tool!

Back in Asgard, Loki learns that he truly is the adopted brother of Thor. At the same time, Odin falls into a state of coma called Odinsleep, and Loki assumes the throne.  He attempts to kill Odin while he is unconscious, but a group called The Warriors Three, loyal to Odin, make efforts to have Thor returned.

As The Warriors Three do find Thor, a monstrously powerful automaton called The Destroyer is sent by Loki to attack all of them.  The warriors lose to The Destroyer, and it nearly kills Thor.  As The Destroyer is set to kill The Warriors Three, Thor offers himself in their place.  The act of selflessness gives Thor the power to control Mjolnir, thus allowing him to destroy The Destoyer!

Thor leaves Earth, and Jane, returning to Asgard.  There, Thor calls out Loki, who already has killed others, and uses his efforts as a false attempt to save Odin.  Loki tries to destroy an important land by eliminating The Bifrost Bridge that connects it with Asgard.  Yet, Thor battles Loki to stop this from occurring.  However, he finds himself trapped in Asgard!

Odin regains consciousness, then he saves Thor and Loki from falling into the remnant, abyssal area of the bridge.  Yet, Loki sees that he has failed his father yet again, and he throws himself into the void beneath The Bifrost Bridge.  At this point, Thor rebuilds his bond with Odin.  Jane remains on Earth, trying to recreate the wormhole that connects Earth with Asgard!

After the credits, we got to see the scene with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).  The brief clip shows where he is working with The Cosmic Cube, an item of immense power (and seen in several Marvel Comics tales).  As well, we learn that Fury is working with government agents to combine a new team, The Avengers!

While on the subject of Marvel Comics, at least three classic adventure tales from that comic stip line are headed to the big screen!  X-Men:  First Class is set to premiere June 3.  Captain America:  The First Avenger should be ready by the start of this summer. The Avengers will start during 2012! 

Of course several other good films are on the way!  Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides starts May 20.  Kung Fu Panda 2 starts May 26.  Super 8 starts June 10.  Green Lantern starts June 17.  Bad Teacher starts June 24.  Transformers:  Dark of the Moon starts July 1!

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