Running is His Thang!

May 12, 2011 at 6:48 PM (Uncategorized)

Athletes transitioning to politics definitely is not a new concept.  While browsing through online news clips, I see that yet another famous sports figure is making the transition from running the sports field to running for office.  It seems that reknowned runner Carl Lewis is ready to race to a place of public leadership!

Carl Lewis, age 49, had initial plans to run for a seat within the New Jersey state senate.  However, he was denied this opportunity because there were questions regarding his residency within The Garden State.  Persons running for public office within The State of New Jersey must be residents of the state for at least four years. 

Burlington County, New Jersey Attorney Mark Sheridan initiated the challenge against Lewis’ efforts at running for public office.  Sheridan claims that due to Lewis having lived and voted within The State of California, he is a resident of that state.  Sheridan states that this makes Lewis ineligible to run for a New Jersey public office.

Lewis placed the issue into the hands of legal officials.  His lawyer, Bill Tambussi, worked with an appeals court to gain legal validation for Lewis’ position through the final decision from Judge Noel Hillman.  Conclusions from U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Hillman and The New Jersey Supreme Court were made that cleared Lewis to run for office.  The issue was sent the issue back to Burlington County officials.

Lewis currently is clear to run for office within The State of New Jersey.  However, Attorney Sheridan is working with an appeal to The New Jersey State Supreme Court.   Sheridan is claiming that the manner in which New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno handled Lewis’ case was improper, and should lead to his ineligibilty to run for New Jersey office.  Meanwhile, Attorney Tambusi is working to narrow the focus of the issues being raised against Lewis, which should work to have the acclaimed athlete back into position for a run at a public office seat!


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