Aside From Arnold; The Mississippi is Overflowing!

May 17, 2011 at 11:37 PM (Uncategorized)

I was thinking about doing an entry on The Sperminator, yet that surely is being worn out, by now.  I am listening to the television in the room, with Joy Behar discussing the dismay that Maria Shriver is experiencing because of this revelation.  As well, I was reading one e-article that gave information on how Arnold‘s four children with Maria are reacting.  Anyway; there will be plenty on this topic during the coming (pun intended…) weeks.

As with the rest of the world; The Mississippi River is reaching height-historic levels.  Towns within Louisiana and Mississippi are bracing for the worst, as they are constructing blockades to protect their residences from oncoming surges of water.  The town of Vidalia, Louisiana is using sandbag structures to prevent the waters from overflowing into their community.

The State of Louisiana has had to evacuate over 4,000 people.  Governor Bobby Jindal has said that the state has not provided shelters for evacuees, as of yet.  Meanwhile, the Mississippi River waters continue to rise, as assessors are saying that the flood levels are going to reach record levels of height.

The Morganza Spillway, a structure that was built during the 1950’s to assist with regulating waters from The Mississippi River, has been opened to release some of the river’s overflow.  It is situated 310 miles north of New Orleans, and it’s unblocking is expected to allow roughly 150,000 feet per second into areas of central Louisiana, and the nearby Atchafalaya River.  This action is expected to relieve the area of New Orleans from some of the excess water.

Governor Jindal is stressing that residents of areas near The Morganza Spillway need to evacuate as soon as possible.  There are estimated to be nearly 2,500 residents within this area.  These people, and all surrounding structures, will be affected by the oncoming waters, if everything remains in current positions.  The opening of the spillway is expected to flood over 15,000 acres, including residential areas and farmland. 

The opening of The Morganza Spillway will allow The Mississippi River to crest at 46 feet around Baton Rouge, and near to 17 feet at New Orleans.  Estimates taken by The National Weather Service show that The Mississippi River already has reached heights near to 48 feet.  Flooding has affected not only New Orleans and surrounding areas of Louisiana, but into Mississippi and Tennesseee, as well.

PHOTO: Trash floats by flooded homes, May 9, 2011, in Memphis, Tenn.


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