He-he-ha-ha- What tha HELL?!?!

May 19, 2011 at 5:40 PM (Uncategorized)

Like several other people, I was upset by the idea that a mother was giving her young daughter botox injections.  I was distressed for the child because I believed that she was enduring unnecessary torment to satisfy the moronic desires of her mother.  I was angry because I believed that the mother was so caught up in the brainsickness of beauty pageants for young children.

However, all that I could do was to shake my head.  I recognized that spreading online protests would not stop this woman from exploiting her child.  I did feel dismayed, yet I realized that there are other problems that equate to this horror, and many that are worse, which are happening in the world.  Then, I read the news for today.

It was all a hoax?!?!  TMZ posted an article this morning, saying that Kerry Campbell, who’s real name is Sheena Upton, never injected her child with botox.  Apparently, it was all a part of a paid hoax where Upton was supposed to go public with the announcement that she had her eight-year-old daughter to endure botox injections so that the child would have a better chance of winning a beauty pageant.

Upton apparently was asked by The Sun, a British tabloid, to feign the story of having her daughter injected with botox to increase the girl’s chances at winning a beauty pageant.  She was given all of $200.00 to spread the story that she had her daughter suffer through the chemical enhancement.  Apparently, the paper was looking to find attention-grabbing stories that would sell more issues.

The entire issue captured worldwide attention after Campbell/Upton appeared on Good Morning America.  She seemed sincere as she stated how she believed that botox injections would increase her daughter’s chances at winning this children’s beauty pageant.  She made everyone believe that people were sinking to new lows in order to satisfy the whims of an increasingly superficial society, and ultimately, to gain money.

Well.  I am glad that the story is fake.  Yet, that does not discount the possibility that other parents may be doing similar actions to their children, for real.  I suppose that Upton’s actions possibly have brought greater attention to the horror of parents abusing their children, and doing so especially for such inane reasons.

PHOTO: Mom Gives Botox to her 8-Year-Old Daughter:  How Young Is Too Young?









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