Jack is Back!!!

May 20, 2011 at 9:42 PM (Uncategorized)

I did get back to the theater this Friday evening!  One was all that I could do, but it was good enough.  In fact, this one was so good, that it was all that was needed for the evening!

Like many others, I had been anticipating the viewing of Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides!  We began in Cadiz, Spain, with a man displaying a map that supposedly has the location of Spanish explorer/pirate Ponce de Leon‘s sunken ship.  Aboard the vessel is supposed to be a map that has the directions to finding the fountain of youth!

Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) is up to his usual antics, now pretending to be a judge during a courtroom trial.  One of his accomplices, Gibbs (Kevin McNally) is being accused of piracy, and he is sentenced to life imprisonment… by Jack!  Yet, as Gibbs is taken to London to be incarcerated, he is set free by Jack, and both pirates proceed to retake their ship, The Black Pearl.

The pirates head to London.  There, the group is stopped immediately by royal guards.  Jack is taken before a duke, who wants to get the map to The Fountain of Youth from him.  Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) is in the courtroom, pretending to be an assistant to the royals, while claiming to have lost The Pearl.

Suddenly, Jack cretes a calamitous scene, and he escapes the guards!  He gets into the streets, runs into a carriage, kisses the lady inside, then proceeds to run away!  The guards continue chasing him, to no avail.

Jack now plans to take two ships on his quest to reach The Fountain of Youth.  However, while being captain of one ship, he encounters an impostor of himself!  They begin a sword duel, and in the midst of it, Jack realizes that it is Angelica (Penelope Cruz).  He kisses her, and they stop fighting!

British guards arrive suddenly, and another sword fight begins.   Angelica and Jack battle the guards, and they escape the scene by dropping into the waters beneath the ship.  Upon reaching a safe point, Jack asks Angelica to help him with finding The Fountain of Youth.

Barbossa is pretending to be a British guard.  He gets details from Gibbs (Kevin McNally) to find Jack.  He learns that Jack is being held aboard the ship of the pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane)

Angelica is aboard the ship, pretending to be the male first-mate.  Also, she is pretending to be the long-lost daughter of Blackbeard.  Their ship is in route to accompany The Black Pearl, as each of the pirate vessels prepares for an oncoming attack by a Spanish fleet!  However, they soon realize that the Spanish are in search of The Fountain of Youth, not a them, so a fight is avoided.

Angelica and other soldiers are preparing for a battle with oncoming ships.  It nears nightfall, and a fight begins.  There is dueling on the deck when zombies suddenly appear!  Angelica and Jack sword fight the undead attackers, with Jack even beheading one of them!

Their ship arrives at The Fountain of Youth at the same time as Blackbeard’s ship.  It is nighttime and all is eerily quiet.  One of the men on the deck of The Pearl throws a flower into the water, and a mermaid appears.  Other mermaids emerge, and they surround the ship.  The alluring sea ladies begin to sing, yet their delight becomes terror when other ships arrive.  The mermaids suddenly become angry, exposing their fangs!  The ships propel explosive barrels into the waters to chase the mermaids away. 

Jack is netted by other pirates, and he is pulled to sea.  There, he begins fighting with them, yet the mermaids are there, also.  The mermaids try to capture all of the pirates, singing mesmerizing songs to daze them.  One of the ships launches explosives to drive the mermaids away, and one of the sea sirens is captured!

Barbossa and his crew have been abandoned, as mermaids have taken over their ship.  Meanwhile, the ship with Jack aboard continues in search of The Fountain of Youth.  They believe that a tear from a mermaid will help to bring eternal life, along with waters from the fountain.

As Jack now has been caught by another pirate, Barbossa and Gibbs have gotten to an island jungle with shipmates.  They have a mermaid with them, who reveals that her name is Syrena (Astrid Berges-Frisbey).  She is bound, yet she tries to save the ones who saved her!

Jack as escaped, and is free on the island.  He and Barbossa have found the hidden treasure of Ponce de Leon.  Yet, Barbossa’s crew had been attacked by Spanish vessels.  They escape into an area that allows them not to be seen by the invading fleet.

Jack and Angelica are free on the island.  They get into an argument, yet Barbossa and Gibbs arrive, attempting to arrest the other pirates.  Another swordfight begins, this time with arrows being shot, also.  The battle escalates, and British troops arrive.

The British ships found themselves surrounded by mermaids.  Barbossa’s ship launches torpedoes at the British fleet.  The island is within sight, to where the pirates and the British travel.  As the battle increases due to the possibility of hidden treasure on the island, a Spanish fleet arrives, also!

Barbossa gets heavily into battle, killing one of the attacking Spanish soldiers.  As Angelica tries to crush an approaching soldier, she is stabbed, and other fighters take their battle into the water.  A mermaid appears, returning an item to Jack.  She tells Jack that waters from The Fountain of Youth can heal Angelica.

They reach The Fountain, where Angelica drinks the water, and she passes out, briefly.  She sees her deceased father, who encourages his daughter to fight for her life.  Angelica returns to life, and she returns to accompany Jack on a new journey.  They take a canoe to a deserted island, and Jack has Angelica bound by her ankles!

Barbossa now is commanding The Black Pearl!  He and his crew are headed for the island known as Tortuga.  Gibbs has Blackbeard’s ship, and he has rescued Jack.  Now, both of them prepare to retake The Pearl! 

 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides


The FINAL Harry Potter film will be out, shortly!  It is amazing to see how much they have grown and matured while witnessing this fascinating story taken to cinema!  Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows:  Part Two will premiere July 15, 2011.

The trailers for Green Lantern are looking more exciting!  It is going to be fun watching how the imaginative characters will be taken from cartoons and comic books to cinema.  I did see one trailer this evening, where I got a peek at Sinestro, along with some of the regular Green Lantern characters!


Super 8 is going to be terrific because it was directed and written by J.J Abrams, and it was produced by Steven Spielberg.  Nothing more needs to be said, just see the film!  The only star with whom I am familiar is Elle Fanning, the little sister of Dakota Fanning!

Next week has Kung Fu Panda 2!  June will see the premieres of Bad Teacher, Cars 2, The Incredible Journey, Transformers:  Dark of the Moon, and X-Men:  First Class.  July will include Captain America: The First Avenger, Cowboys and Aliens,  Larry Crowne, The Smurfs, and Winnie the Pooh!

  animated gifs pirates       animated gifs pirates       animated gifs pirates

Check out Angelica Salem with Lil’ Kim!



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