It Smells the Same After the Swirl!

May 24, 2011 at 7:32 PM (Uncategorized)

I was in the mood to wind down and to prepare for dinner.  I was reviewing my blog, as well as some websites that I browse.  I went over to CNN, checking the daily news.  Then, I saw a link to some prior bullshit.

I thought that toilet had been flushed!  Apparently not, or it has been backed up.  Well, not finished swirling, the Reverend Harold Camping has poked out his turtlehead to give an update on his calculations for the approaching Apocolypse!

After several people were looking toward the good reverend to find out what happened, and as to why they were not free-floating in the afterlife, Camping took a moment for clarification, making a statement on his Family Radio broadcast.  He stated that the prior date of May 21 actually was a day for judgment.  The true end of all things will occur October 21, 2011!

Beware, Beware, Beware!  Camping has stated that from this point forward, he, nor his organization will do nothing more to warn the world.  He claims that God has made Judgment this past Saturday.  All whom will be saved, and all who will be condemned, have been selected.  The date of October 21 is the date when the final actions will be carried out.

I suppose that there is no room for appeal.  I mean, October is still six months away!  Can a person not have time for repentance?  Can a person not revise the to-do list before time is up?

Camping says that from this point forward, his sect will no longer post public warnings, nor will they make any manners of public advertisements.  He is not paying attention to the jeers that out him as a con man and a liar.  He, without any level of apology, simply sticks to his newly-presented revisions.  A mere two or three percent of the global human population will be admitted to the glory of the Christian afterlife upon the updated Apocolypse, October 21, 2011!  Aw shit….

'That Was Awkward' Billboard in Greensboro


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  Pants on fire idiot

Liar, liar; pants on fire!!!!

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