Recent Egyptian Finds Fascinate The World!

May 25, 2011 at 11:56 PM (Uncategorized)

The spectacle of the Egyptian pyramids has fascinated humanity for centuries.  The marvel of their construction, and how several of them have remained in tact for generations has been amazing and curious.  The general population of the world has a continued interest in learning more about all aspects of these world wonders.

Currently, information is being released that tells of the discovery of a group of pyramids, and several other structures, previously undiscovered.  Seventeen ancient structures have been found, hidden within the arid terrain of Egypt.  This is in addition to over 3,000 ancient villages, and more than 1,000 tombs found buried beneath the Egyptian land.

Excavators who work with The University of Alabama at Birmingham had been studying satellite images.  The pictures displayed various buildings and structures beneath the ground.  Ages of dirt and soil have buried them to the point that they were not able to be indentified without the use of satellite imaging. 

These recently found sites are those that are nearest to the surface.  More are located deeper beneath the ground, buried by ages of dirt deposited by the flowing Nile River.  The use of satellites, along with careful excavating, has allowed archaeologists to find many ancient sites that would not have been located without the use of updated technology.  The sites contain several ancient and valuable artifacts.

There is some concern because of reports of looting at the ancient sites.  Egyptian officials have described desecrations and illegal excavations occurring around the pyramids, and within the ancient tombs.  President Hosni Mubarak has been called upon to take action against the site invaders, using military forces to protect the areas, if needed.

Egypt and Great Britain will have many of the found artifacts on display at museums in each nation.  There will be artifacts from the eras of Egyptian pharaohs that include King Tutankhamun, General Horemheb, and King Akhenaten.  Additionally, items were found within the tombs that were constructed for loyal servants of the pharoahs.  The sites were first located during 1843, when German explorer Richard Lepsius traveled to Egypt. 

Stepped Pyramids at Saqqara, Egypt


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