More on the 2012 Madness!

May 31, 2011 at 11:40 PM (Uncategorized)

 I got caught-up, watching yet another program based on 2012.  The History Channel has a program that is delving into the beliefs from many ancient cultures about what they believed will occur next year.  It is The Dresden Codex from the Mayan culture that has been attracting so much recent attention, yet many other cultures around the world had similar beliefs about how something drastic will occur next year.

December 21, 2012 is supposed to be the date of galactic alignment.  Our Sun is supposed to move into direct position for a straight line from it to the center of The Milky Way.  Well, why does that matter?

The prophecies of The Maya are the ones attracting the most attention.  This civilization of Central and South America seemed to believe that a galactic alignment will occur, where the center of Earth is supposed to be aligned precisely with the middle of The Milky Way.  Why this matters does not seem to stand out, yet several messages and prophecies from many cultures around the planet believe that there is an importance.

My inner felinity naturally leads me to be curious about the situation.  Yes, I am aware of the adage.  However, as there is such a constant bombardment of so-called information about this subject, I am urged to find out whether or not there is any level of truth to it.  Is not 2012 just another year?

The way things are occurring now, it truly seems that this will be another event to which con artists will use to take advantage of the gullible.  However, the fact that so much has been put into these allegedly foretelling details does lead one to wonder whether something will go down next year that will have some manner of memorable significance.  What might that be?  Well…

The galactic alignment is being said to be a possible cause of traumatic occurrances around the world.   The first thing that stood out was that there will be a supposedly drastic shifting of the planet’s tectonic plates.  The entire geography of the planet will just change at a sudden rate, causing global devastation as it happens.  It sounds laughable immediately because it is difficult, at least, to imagine the entire outer shell of the planet moving all at once!

Other ancient and medieval cultures have prophecies that coincide with what The Maya predicted.  First, the immediate neighbors of The Maya, who were The Aztecs and The Incas, believed that a significant occurrence will take place next year.  The Aztecs believed that 2012 will introduce The Time of The Sixth Sun.  This is supposed to be a time of extreme change, when a rebirth of humanity will occur.  The Incas had a somewhat similar sentiment, stating that humanity will be reintroduced to itself in some manner of spiritual awakening.

Within North America, The Hopi said that an era of purification will begin.  This is said to mean that all manners of our ways of life will end, and that a new level of humanity will begin.  Over to New Zealand, the native Maori also seemed to believe that 2012 will be a time of purification.  This culture stated that what they called The Fourth World would end, and The Fifth World would begin.   Then, to India; The Hindu spoke of 2012 bringing forth Kali Yuga.  This time period, which The Hindu said began February 18, 3102 BCE, will end it’s cycle at the end of 2012.

The Dogon culture of central Africa spoke of 2012 as a time of arrival.  Writings from these people go onto tell of the alleged planet Nibiru, and about the star Sirius.  There was information about these celestial objects aligning with our Sun, all of which will be within direct alignment with the center of the galaxy.  They have reflected several other ancient sentiments, stating that this positioning will bring forth catastrophe!

I have to assume that they all were using their primitive capacities for understanding to describe the possible effects of gravity.  Yet, several of these cultures had amazingly skilled capacities with mathematics and scientific understanding.  Perhaps, somehow, their levels of knowledge lead them to recognize the precise positionings of our planet with our host star, and with other celestial bodies. 

Their reasonings of knowledge about the movements of Earth and other outer space objects are supposed to lead to some levels of gravitational effects.   I just do not understand how any level of significant effect could occur, as distances between all of these locations are so extreme.  It would be like my trying to use a refrigerator magnet in Houston to attract a paper clip in Chicago.  Yet, something about the precision of the alignments of each celestial body, which will cause an allegedly increased level of gravitational inflection, will lead to some levels of drastic outcomes because of the forces involved.

I am by no means a scientist, but, like I said, I am curious about it all.  I will read some of the latest postings, and I will look at some of the related television shows that discuss the predictions, et cetera.  Certainly, logic and reality dictate that none of this stuff actually is legitimate.  If any of it were true, surely actions would be in effect right now to inform and protect the general world population.  Afterall, according to prophecyNO ONE is safe…..


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