That’s Quazie!!!

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Back into the universe; more and more amazing sights are being recognized!  As I am sitting here watching Through the Wormhole, I am listening to Morgan Freeman discussing energy, mass, light, and a theoretical fourth dimension. I found myself once again excited by the awe of all that exists beyond our world.  I perused through The Web, stumbling across one article about a recent space observation.

Astronomers from The United Kingdom have been observing the universe, gazing at past sights within space-time.  A presence was spotted, seeming to be light from the oldest quasar ever discovered.  Studies of the light and it’s source of origin gave the scientists information which revealed that the light had been travelling for thirteen billion years!

The quasar seems to have been around at times when our understanding of the universe was a mere 770 million years old.  At the current recognition of our universe having existed for 13.7 billion years, that would make this quasar a pretty old fart!  Joking aside, the magnificence of the light that it emits currently designates the quasar as the brightest object that we have ever seen!

As expected, a supermassive black hole exists at the core of the quasar.  The studying scientists have revealed that they believe this black hole to be the source behind a quasar that is two billion times more massive than The Sun!  It was not expected to be so large because it has been viewed at a young age.  It would take time for the black hole to become extremely massive because it would need to have consumed many stars and other celestial materials.  An excessively large black hole is supposed to be fully matured, not just a kid!

This quasar has been named/labeled as ULAS J1220+0641 (don’t blame me…)The United Kingdom Infrared Telescope at Mauna Kea volcano, on The Hawai’i Big Island, is where astronomers have been observing deep space sights, including this quasar.  One astronomer working with The Canadian Astronomy Data Center stated that this celestial discovery might totally alter the current theories surrounding the existence of black holes.

Quasars are widely believed to be the oldest and most distant objects of the known universe.  They emit tremendous forces of light, making many of them trillions of times brighter than The Sun.  The quasars are powered by accompanying supermassive black holes, and these objects have been seen to exist at galactic cores.  Additionally, quasars can become so brilliant that they outshine all of the stars within their host galaxies!

SEE THESE SITES!!!–quasar-oldest-most-distant-ever-discovered  

 This research used the facilities of the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre operated by the National Research Council of Canada with the support of the Canadian Space Agency.

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Hurricanes 2011: Slow, but still coming!

June 27, 2011 at 11:03 PM (Uncategorized)

A slow start so far?  Nah; no slower than usual.  It is only the end of June.  Many times, things do not get crunk until August!

Hurricane Season 2011 officially started June 1.  Yet, that does not really mean anything, as the truly necessary status of heated ocean water is not really ready at that early date.  However, with the current effects of global warming and unusually heated ocean waters, it is possible that the actual storm season could get going more quickly than anticipated.

Meteorologists with NOAA are forecasting an active hurricane season for 2011.  Based on Saffir-Simpson Scale ratings, between twelve and eighteen tropical storms are anticipated to emerge.  Anywhere from six to ten of those are expected to make the montrous expansions into fully-fledged hurricanes.  At least two of the storms are forecast to be major storms, which are Category 4, or Category 5.

We have been sort of skipping along, as far as dealing with the threat of hurricane landings.  The introductory years of the twenty-first century have delivered a startling spread of storms.  The year 2004 brought Hurricane Ivan, yet it was 2005 that dealt The Gulf Coast the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and RitaHurricane Ike delivered despair to the Texas Gulf coastline during 2008, making landfall near to Galveston, Texas, yet spreading destruction from the Texas coastline to The Florida Panhandle.

No, major storms have not affected The United States every year.  However, meteorologists are advising that one or more intense storms will strike The Gulf of Mexico coastline, specifically targeting the previously ravaged State of Louisiana.  Forecasters with Colorado State University Department of Atmospheric Science and with The Geophysics Laboratory at Bridgewater State University are among those predicting an intense storm season, with the effects of La Niña being rendered useless to the powers of any produced tropical cyclones!

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/2011-atlantic-hurricane-season.asp




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Big Old Betelgeuse!

June 25, 2011 at 11:14 PM (Uncategorized)

Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse!  Getting back to my fascination with astronomy topics, I was reading some of the details about the star Betelgeuse.  I find it to be one of the more fascinating of the stars that is being examined continuously. 

The official name for Betelgeuse is Alpha Orionis.  It is a red supergiant, located in the constellation Orion, roughly 640 light years from our Sun.  The observed size of Betelgeuse makes it one of the largest stars ever discovered.  This star is estimated to be between twelve and seventeen times the mass of The Sun. 

Putting it into perspective, Betelguese is so big that if it was in our solar system, it would swallow Earth!  It’s size is equivalent to a distance that nearly extends from The Sun, beyond the orbit of Jupiter, and nearly to Saturn.  The star is an irregular pulsating variable, which allows it’s diameter to change.  Estimates say that Betelgeuse alternates in diameter to between 550 times and 920 times the size of The Sun.  

Betelgeuse is encircled by a cloud of gas.  Two theories currently exist to explain this cloud.  One states that it is believed to be ejecting mass from it’s polar regions.  The other theory is that convection within Betelgeuse is creating jets of gas that have created a surrounding cloud. 

 Betelgeuse is a neighbor star to us, also located within The Orion Spur of The Milky Way.  It’s distance shifts between 495 light years and 640 light years from Earth.  Being a red giant, it is a star of a cooler temperature, measured at around 5,800 degrees, Fahrenheit.  Other stars near to Betelgeuse include Alnilam, Bellatrix, Mintaka, and Rigel.

It is believed that Betelgeuse may be nearing it’s point of supernova.  The star is ejecting mass from it’s outer layers.  The Very Large Telescope at Paranal Observatory, Cerro Paranal, Chile, has taken images of a nebulous formation around the star.  Studying scientists speculate that Betelgeuse could explode at any time between today and the next 100,000 years.  Some 2012 psuedoprophets speculate that the star will explode next year, creating a second sun in our skies!

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The United States Should Follow Iceland?

June 20, 2011 at 8:46 PM (Uncategorized)

A revision of The Constitution; unspeakable?!?!?  The framing document that defines The United States of America was set into action at The Constitutional Convention, Sepetember 17, 1787.  It  has stood as the platform for the world’s leading nation for 223 years, 10 months, and 3 days. 

Based upon the writings of The Articles of Confederation, our Constitution was meant to serve as a revision of this document.  The Articles were not seen as a successful basis for forming a new nation.  Each state remained independent of the other, with it’s own individual laws, military units, and monetary systems.  The leaders of the newly formed United States saw that The Articles would not succeed in creating a stable platform for a nation engaged in prosperity, so the idea of writing a national constitution was proposed. 

Originally, our national Constitution was intended to serve as a platform for an emerging nation that meant to construct itself from the basis of democracy.  Fifty-five men worked together during a series of meetings in Philadelphia, lasting from May 1787 to September 1787.  The final presentation of the extraordinary document was approved September 17, 1787, then officially ratified during June of 1788.

Now, having been a perservering platform for what is being called the world’s greatest nation, The U.S. Constitution is seen moreover as the written example of how to enact democracy within the modern world.  However, the slightest of whispers are amassing to suggest that The Constitution is becoming an archaic item of outdated regulations in an increasingly modernizing and intellectual world.  Is it time for a new set of rules?  Say it ain’t so….

The European Union nation of Iceland is in the process of drafting a new national constitution.  This country has had a national parliament that has stood since the year 930 (yes, nine-hundred and thirty), called The Althing.  During modern times, Iceland created it’s constitution during 1944.  Now, Icelanders currently find themselves displeased with it’s success level.  It’s citizens are not happy with the way that their government is running, finding flaws in corporate capacities, national health care, and ways of financial acquisition.

That may sound slightly familiar.  Keep in mind that our national constitution has had twenty-seven revisions.  Called amendments, these serve as updates to our ruling document which define how our nation presents it’s basis of law.  The first ten amendments are The Bill of Rights, initially placed into action during 1791.  Amendments to The Constitution have occurred consistently, with The Twenty-Seventh Amendment being enacted during 1992. 

Some whispers are being heard about a need to remodel The U.S. Constitution in the manner that Iceland has done.  Despite the amendments that have been made, various loopholes are being highlighted.  For instance, the fact that the electoral college has the last say in the placement of The President has a growing oppositional sentiment.  As well, there are statements being made, claiming that our method of having only two senators represent each state, despite extreme differences in population, is no longer effective.

Iceland’s example of creating a new constitution is being seen as an innovative idea.  The suggestion for the same to be done within The United States is being whispered due to a need for a solid platform of law that will reflect a more modern and diverse society.  Subjects are being pointed out, such as the fact that the states remain with two senators only, per state, despite the varied populations of each state.  Concerned citizens have been expressing that this is not an adequate example of representation to deal with the issues of residents in a fully adequate manner.

This issue has been within news presentations recently, and surely it will gain greater levels of attention.  As a Presidential election is approaching, the topic of a possible tossing of the national constitution certainly will gain a greater audience.  Perhaps a total rejection of our current Constitution is not necessary, yet the idea of immediately additional amendments is on the 2012 table!

Parliament Building of Iceland


Flag Iceland animated gif 180x135                 Flag USA animated gif 180x135
Iceland                                          The United States

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Heroic Battles and Humorous Birds: To The Movies!

June 18, 2011 at 2:32 AM (Uncategorized)

This evening, we got to see a couple of the summer headliners for which many people had been waiting!  I can say that I enjoyed both films, as I was looking forward to both of them, as well.  I did think that they were fun!

The highly anticipated film Green Lantern began our evening outing!  It started with an explanation of the origins of the immortal guardians of the universe, The Green Lantern Corps.  Their main adversary, an entity called Parallax, had been captured and imprisoned.  The Lantern guard Sinestro was sent to the prison-world location to review it, yet an accident happened that allowed the release of Parallax. 

Six months later, Sinestro informs The Corps about Parallax’s escape.  It already had destroyed several of their bases.  Lanterns gather to form a new homeworld, presumably safe from Parallax.

Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is a young man, working for Ferris Aircraft as a pilot.  He is a hotshot, often known to push the limits with aircraft.  Hal has a flying accident, and he gets into trouble because he proceeded with this activity without approval. 

Meanwhile, one Lantern crash lands on a vacant world, and he is injured.  This Lantern sends out a sentry to choose a new Lantern to take his place.  It reaches Earth in the form of a glowing, green orb, and it abducts Hal Jordan!  It takes Hal to a rocky shoreline, where he sees a crashed vessel, and a surviving Lantern.  Hal rescues him, and the Lantern gives Hal the magical ring.  He leaves the crash site as government choppers arrive.

A still benevolent Sinestro (Mark Strong) is with The Lantern Corps.  He informs them of oncoming trouble, and asks to be the hero to battle Parallax.  The Lantern Council is weary of allowing this, yet they let Sinestro lead a squadron into war!

Returning to Earth, a secret government base is where an introductory Dr. Amanda Waller (Angela Bassett) is taken by government xenobiologist Dr. Hector Hammond (Peter Saarsgard) to view a secretly held alien being.  They are testing the being, as Hal Jordan has the Lantern ring with him.  He is at a party with his girlfriend.  He leaves, and he is attacked by an agent from his job!  While trying to defend himself, the ring lifts Hal off of the planet!

After travelling through a wormhole, Hal arrives at a planet where he is physically examined.  He is issued a Green Lantern uniform, and he meets Tomar-Re (voice of Geoffrey Rush).  Hal is told more about The Corps, he takes his first unbound flight, and he learns of green being the color of will.  Hal is introduced to other Lanterns, including Kilowog (voice of Michael Clarke Duncan).

Now, Sinestro gathers a team of Lanterns to fight Parallax.  Hal is  practicing with his ring, and learning more about using it from Kilowog.  Sinestro works to teach Hal to have no fear, yet he is disappointed with Hal. 

Dr. Hammond now is feeling the effects of his dealings with the alien being.  He tests his own blood, finding that he is metamorphosing.  While learning that his own father had known of alien technology, Hammond also sees that he is gaining strengthened powers of his own!

The Lantern Corps battles a monstrous creature, and it is able to destroy some of them with the yellow power of fear.  One guardian falls victim to this power, and he is transformed into Parallax!  As this occurs, Hal is on Earth, at a party with his girlfriend Carol (Blake Lively ), and Hector Hammond. 

Hector finds that he is falling victim to the power of rage!  The yellow power ring has taken hold of Hector.  As it deforms him, it transmits information of Hal’s whereabouts to malevolent forces!

Meanwhile, Hal shows Carol his new uniform, and some of his new powers.  They grow closer, as Hector is increasing with rage, and his head is deforming largely!  He is able to read Dr. Waller’s mind, learning that she was behind the death of her own husband.  Hector is approached by other scientists who realize that he has been exposed to an alien presence.  However, he breaks free, trapping them and Dr. Waller.

Green Lantern arrives, saving Dr. Waller, then battling Hector.  Hector is able to keep Green Lantern suppressed with unusually strong yellow force.  He is bound by Hector with ropes, then Hector recognizes that Hal Jordan is Green Lantern!  At that point, Hal recognizes that his purpose is to save Earth before Hector can destroy the planet.

The yellow force renders Hal afraid to battle Hector.  Yet, Carol reinforces Hal with courage!  At the same time, The Guardians meet, with Sinestro getting a new ring to fight Parallax.  Hal attempts to get help from Sinestro, as The Guardians are unwilling to battle Parallax with uncertainty of Hal’s capability.  Yet, Hal convinces all of them that he has the courage, so they allow him to return to Earth, and to protect the planet from Parallax.

Arriving at Earth, Hal has to save Carol.  Hector has her trapped, and he means to kill her!  Hal offers Hector his ring in exchange for Carol, and doing this seems to make Hector all-powerful!  Yet, Hal did maintain his own power, and Parallax defeats Hector by imposing the yellow power of fear upon him.  Hal attempted to get his ring, yet Parallax stopped him.  Carol helps Hal to escape, as Parallax goes onto hover above the entire city!

As it tries to attack the city, other Lanterns arrive to battle Parallax.  Hal has some of his power, and he reads The Green Lantern oath to reenergize himself.  Now reinforced, Hal is able to fight Parallax, eventually defeating it by drawing it into outer space, and having it thrown into The Sun!  He has to use all of his Lantern force to keep from succumbing to the gravitational power of The Sun, finding himself saved by a still benevolent Sinestro, and by The Lantern Corps!

  Poster for Green Lantern

I saw Mr. Popper’s Penguins, as well.  It was cute……  No, really.  It was fun!  I found that I did appreciate this humorous and emotionally enthusing theatrical take on the concept of the novel written by Richard and Florence Atwater.  Jim Carrey provided his usual comedic antics as Thomas Popper, a New York City real estate investor.

Popper is a successful businessman who lives in Manhattan.  His job has him set for advancement as he is about to take the lead in a major business deal.  Yet, all of his immediate personal life is put on hold upon learning about the death of his father.

Popper has time at home, and he begins correspondence with a group that explores Antarctica.  The response to his letter is the arrival of a live penguin at his New York City loft.  Slightly confused, Popper watches cautiously, and slowly allows the bird to take up residence with him. 

What starts as one penguin soon becomes six penguins when more boxes arrive, and Popper is unable to return any of them.  As he interacts with his ex-wife Amanda (Carla Gugin0), Popper is consistently trying to advance his status at his job.  This focus comes with what he views as an inconvenient burden when Amanda leaves their kids Billy (Maxwell Cotton) and Janie (Madeline Carroll) for a stay with him!  

It is near to the time of Billy’s birthday, and Popper’s son believes that the penguins are a gift for him.  Billy is upset already because his parents are separated, so the penguins come as a pleasant surprise.  Popper does not want to distress Billy any further, so he curiously allows the penguins to stay!

What at first was a questionable, and possibly disturbing presence of wild, Antarctic avians in his apartment becomes an affair of adoring affection.  The birds grow close to Popper, as well as to Billy and Janie.  The children have a sleepover with Popper, and the penguins escape into the apartment building!  This goes further, as they get out of the building, and into the streets of New York City!

Popper has gone to attend a gala that evening, as his kids are at his loft.  The penguins make it to the evening affair, slipping into the party through a barrel of water that was taken to the building.  Once inside, the birds chase Popper back to his apartment!

At home, Popper finds that his daughter Janie is angry with him.  Janie reveals that she has a young man with whom she has interest.  She wants her father to listen to her more, but he does not because of his heavy work schedule.  The arrival of the penguins serves as a curious bridge between Janie and Popper, allowing them to bond while caring for the birds!

They wind up going to New York’s Central Park Zoo to find out how to care for the penguins.  Popper has his ex-wife to meet him there, yet calamity arises, as they were told that the penguins got shipped to Dubai, Tokyo, and Washington, D.C.!  To their relief, The Poppers learned that someone had lied, and the penguins still were in New York. 

As some officials were angry with Popper possessing penguins, he wound up with a citation for illegally harboring wild animals and trafficking penguins.  Officials attempted to get hold of the birds, trying to lure them away with sardines.  Yet, as the penguins saw that they had to choose between taking food from the strangers, or staying with Popper, Janie, and Billy, the birds chose their familiar human family!

Popper wound up with assistance from a friend who owns a Manhattan restaurant.  He was able to provide funds to return the penguins to their proper Antarctic home.  However, one penguin did lay an egg before it left.  When it hatched, The Poppers kept the baby penguin, and they named it Bald Eagle!    

Mr. Popper's Penguins (2011) Poster

These trailers for Transformers are crunking up!  Transformers:  Dark of the Moon opens June 29, a week and a half away!  Yet, the week before that (next week) will have Bad Teacher, Cars 2, and Turtle:  The Incredible Journey.  July will bring the excitement of Captain America:  The First Avenger, Friends With Benefits, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Horrible Bosses, Larry Crowne, and Winnie the Pooh!


Time For Bed, Baby…..

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A Young Jupiter Was A Bully!

June 15, 2011 at 7:35 PM (Uncategorized)

I am not surprised at all.  I mean, just look at it.  A big-ol’ bully!  Not surprised, at all!!!

I enjoy a good, daily dose of news regarding astronomy issues.  I was browsing through some of the information distributed by when I came across an entry regarding the early formations of the planets of our solar system.  The article focused on the sizes of our planets, honing specifically on the reduced size of Mars, and the seeming omnipotence of Jupiter.  It seems that, during Jupiter’s past, it was greedy!

Astronomers have been observing the planets of our solar system, figuring out the details of how they came to be as the are, currently.  Questions had arisen about the compositions of the inner planets, and why all of them are not more alike.  Particularly, the topic of Mars arose, with many continuing to wonder why it is not more akin to our Earth.

The inner planets of our solar system are alike, more or less.  All called the terrestrial, or rocky planets, they are made of heavier elements, and they have solid compositions.  Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are small in relative size comparison.  Their proximity to The Sun allows them to be dense, with all of their elements stuffed within their planetary shells.

The outer planets are tremendous in size, composed primarily of lighter gases.  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all dwarf the inner planets.  Neptune is the smallest of our gas giants, with a diameter that is 22,853 miles greater than that of Earth.  Jupiter is the largest, with a diameter of 88, 846 miles.  That makes the king 22, 853 miles wider than Earth.  It’s size is equal to eleven Planet Earths!

A team of scientists with Southwest Research Institute studied the formation of our solar system in it’s early years.  Their research lead them to the speculation that a young Jupiter was more mobile during it’s younger years.  Some think that it may have moved closer to The Sun, then it returned to it’s current, more distant location.  While it was on it’s tour of the inner planets, it got a little greedy.  Current speculations are that it stole matter from the inner planets, causing a reduced size of Mars, and breaking up something that may have been beyond Mars, leading to a formation of the inner asteroid beltA big ol’ bully…..

It is thought that Mars could have been more like Earth during it’s early years.  Yet, it’s distance from The Sun did not allow it to maintain such a vibrant status, not receiving the necessary heat to hold a life-producing environment.  Plus, any criminal action committed by Jupiter most certainly eliminated Mars’ chances of being anything greater than it’s current existence. The gigantic world is thought to have removed any excess matter from Mars, spreading it into the asteroid belt, and possibly using some of it during the accretion of it’s clutch of moons!



478-poff1.gif (48899 bytes)

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/2010/05/planetary-bullies…habitable-zon



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Morgan to Make Amends After Mouthing Mix-Up!

June 15, 2011 at 1:02 AM (Uncategorized)

I am glad to read that Tracy Morgan did man up, taking responsibility for his offensive actions, earlier this month.  I enjoy watching his comedic performances, and it would have been disappointing to follow him, after he had been revered as the latest television asshole.  The comments did seem out of character.

Well, I do not know the man.  However, I did not think that he was one who usually made outlandish statements in the presence of the media. It was a couple of weeks ago, June 3rd, when Tracy Morgan was doing stand-up at The Ryman Auditorium, located in Nashville, Tennessee.  It was likely that he did a usual hyperactive, borderline racy show that was meant to excite an evening crowd.  Yet, apparently, one area of his act crossed that border!

Morgan apparently reached a part of his show that was meant to include humorous snipes at homosexuality.  Yet, the lines were regarded as line-crossing, and not at all funny!  The act featured a segment where Morgan discussed gay bullying, and he included the lines:  “gays need to quit being pussies and not be whining about something as insignificant as bullying”.  He went on with:  “gay is something that kids learn from the media and programming”.

This area of the act did not stop there!  “I don’t care if I piss of some gays”, Morgan ranted, “because they can take a dick up their asses; they can take a fucking joke”.  Now, the last line does seem to indicate slightly that Morgan meant all of it to be funny, albeit harsh humor.  Yet, it was the area where he discussed the possibility of his son being gay where Morgan was ill-received.

He got into an area of imagining his son approaching him about possibly being homosexual.  Morgan presented a pretend conversation between himself and his son.  He envisioned himself saying, “(my son) better talk to me like a man and not in a gay voice, or I’ll pull out a knife and stab that little nigger to death”!

We will come back to The N Word.  Morgan finds himself having to return to Nashville in order to clarify himself.  It is to be at some point next week when the comic performer will return to the Tennessee city to meet with Jarrett Barrios, President of The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.  Actually, reports are that Morgan will record a public service announcement for this organization, and he will meet with gay teenagers at The Ali Forney Center of New York City in efforts to smoothe a possibly perturbed pack.  As well, Morgan will meet with Elke Kennedy, the founder of Sean’s Last Wish, the organization created in memory of the murdering of Kennedy’s homosexual son by anti-gay bigots.

Morgan is going to do a public service announcement for GLAAD.  This organization is doing a program called Amplify Your Voice, which is meant to present regular public statements to clarify the needed actions against gay bashing and overall intolerance.  Additionally, Morgan will make a public apology to the audience members who were offended by his use of the lewd locution.

As far as his use of the term nigger, Morgan has not made any form of apologetic statement.  I am not seeing where anything has been put into place that will allow any type of platform for apology regarding his use of  the rude and racist phrase.  Unfortunately, it seems to have become such an underlying term of endearment within The African-American community, that the use of the word is overlooked regularly, and no form of apology is necessary!

Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan says he's sorry for telling an audience that he would "pull out a knife and stab" his son for being gay. (Charles Sykes / AP Photo, file)

                                                                          smiley face on fireHead banger smiley faces                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               SEE SEE THESE SITES!!!–2011106

Gay pride / Rainbow Flag 096x096 Pixel

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Friends Filming Find Something Fantastic!

June 10, 2011 at 9:50 PM (Uncategorized)

As the summer is heating up, so are the films being released to the cinema screens!  This week held the premiere of an anticipated science fiction film that had been attracting major attention for several months.  I can say that it was entertaining and suspenseful, having an emotionally affecting storyline attached to it!

Super 8 begins with a group of pre-teens playing outside at night.  They get to a car, going for a ride, although they do not have drivers’ licenses.  Their intention is to document sights within their area for the purpose of making a home movie.

As they have stopped by railroad tracks to shoot some scenes, a train approaches.  They watch as a truck drives to the railroad crossing, and it proceeds to drive head-on toward the train.  Suddenly, a loud explosion is heard, and a catastrophic wreck occurs that takes out the entire area around the kids.  Their filming set is lost, as well!

As the train is burning, they suddenly see one of the train cars moving.  The camera still is filming, and one of the boys sees blood on the train.  As they question whether or not it is fake blood from their filming endeavor, Joe Lamb (Joel Courtney) sees cube-like objects at the train.  A truck is spotted at the wreck scene, and one boy recognizes it as the truck of his school biology teacher.

The boys approach the truck, seeing that Dr. Woodward (Glynn Turman) has been hurt.  Yet, Dr. Woodward moves slowly, telling the boys not to discuss what they have seen.  The boys run away as other people arrive.  They reach the truck in which they had driven as the Air Force gets to the scene.

After making a pact not to divulge what they have seen, Joe has kept a cube from the wreck site.  Overnight, he watches as the cube moves by itself!  The next morning, he does not tell his family what really happened as they all watch information about the wreck on the news.

Joe and his friends decide to return to the accident scene.  They mean to add the disaster scenario to their home movie.  Joe and buddy Charles (Riley Griffiths) are the leads for the film, as Charles means to have it finished within three days. 

Later, Joe tries to invite Alice (Elle Fanning) to a party.  Yet, as Joe speaks to Alice at her home, her father is mean to him.  She decides to sneak off to the party with Joe, anyway!

Once Joe and Allie are together with the others, they try to start filming, again.  They want to find out what happened at the train site.  When they arrive, the kids see that the Air Force has gotten there!

After going to a restaurant for lunch, the group talk about what they saw.  They realized that it was an Air Force train.  Also, they knew that military forces had arrived after the wreck, cleaning up, while making efforts to keep details hidden from the nearby town of Lily, Ohio.  Yet, it is Joe’s brother, Jackson Lamb (Kyle Chandler), who gets a hint that something more is happening!

Jackson tries to alert the town sherriff, yet he is dismissed.  Later, into that evening, the sherriff stops at a gas station, and he sees dogs running out of a nearby wooded area.  The sherriff hears noises, so he walks toward the trees.  He sees dogs running from the woods, then his car suddenly is lifted into the air!

Workers at a nearby gas station go outside to see the sherriff’s car mangled!  The sherriff sees something, causing him to scream.  He tries to run inside of the gas station, but he is grabbed by something, and he is snatched into the woods!

The next day, the boys are at one of their homes, filming.  They have Alice acting like a zombie.  Meanwhile, police go to the wreck scene, and one deputy calls for backup.  They realize that one deputy is missing from the scene, and they put out an A.P.B. for his return. 

As other townspeople are reporting missing items, The U.S. Army has arrived at the town.  At the same time, one of the boys now has a missing dog, Lucy.  One of the boys’ father is a town deputy, and they attempt speaking with him after a town meeting.  They are encouraged to put together information about what they saw so that a better picture of what to find is ready.

Later, at night, city workers are trying to repair power lines.  One of them sees a girl being tossed about, back and forth!  Suddenly, large items are being thrown around like toys.  As one worker tells the others to move, he is grabbed by something, and he is taken away!

The citizens of Belmont County now are riled up.  Several people are missing.  One townswoman even goes so far as to blame The Soviets for the current disarray!  Mr. McCandless (Tom Quinn) knows a little more about what is going on, as he and Deputy Crawford (Michael Giacchino) discuss the possible involvement of The Air Force.

Later, Joe and Alice discuss their film production.  Deputy Crawford gets information about missing dogs, with his own dog found one county away!  Strange military messages begin filling radio airwaves, as the boys and Callie continue filming.

Joe’s step-father, a town deputy, arrives and takes Joe away.  He confronts military personnel who are at this site.  Joe’s dad tells him that he can not be friends with Alice anymore, as his father does not like her father.  Joe and his dad argue, then Joe goes to visit his mother’s grave for comfort.

At the gravesite, Joe hears strange noises.  It is now night, as Joe’s father goes with police to the area air force base.  The military forces have people trapped at the base, treating them for injuries that they received at a recent and unexplained accident. One man knows something, and Air Force soldiers kill him!

Alice sneaks to Joe’s home, as all of the area power is out.  They talk, and the power is restored.  Alice and Joe watch a recording of him as a baby, being held by his now-deceased mother, and talking with her now-deceased father.  It is revealed that their parents died together.

While talking, Alice and Joe hear strange sounds outside.  They see a cube-like object being lifted off of a chest of drawers, then slammed through a wall, and tossed outside.  Alice returns home, where her father is drunk and angry.  Now night time, she rides away on her bicycle, and her dad drives after her.  He is speeding and he crashes into something, when Alice is picked up from her bicycle by some unknown force!

Two of the boys are fussing over their filming, and they review the tape from the night before.  They see strange images on the tape, and they want to investigate.  Yet, when the next day arrives, they, along with their entire town, are evacuated!

It is alleged that a major fire is approaching, so the townspeople are relocated to Greenville Air Force Base.  Jackson goes to Alice’s father, as he knows that something has taken Alice.  The other boys collaborate, and they decide to try finding Alice.

A town policeman who is a friend of The Lambs tries to buy time for the Lamb boys to sneak onto Air Force property.  He helps them to reach the Air Force base, where the boys get to their nearby school.  There, they break in, and they view a recording!

The Lamb boys document details about hidden government information that tells of an alien found underground in 1963.  It was captured by the military, and it has been trying to get home ever since then.  One man had been trying to help it escape.

Later, the Lamb boys and their friends are raided by military forces, and they are taken from their school.  Staff Sargeant Walters (Tony Guma) knows something is happening, as he confronts one of the boys, Preston (Zach Mills).  They all manage to get onto an Air Force bus, yet it is attacked!

They do not know what struck the bus, as the adults on board go outside to investigate.  Suddenly, something grabs one officer, then it grabs the entire bus!  A large creature emerges, it has the bus, and the boys are trapped!

The adults are being killed, and the boys break the bus’ windows to escape.  The creature is shown as large and menacing as it eats one of the officers!  The boys get away, going to the wreck site, when Donny (David Gallagher) arrives.  He is high from smoking, so the boys take his car. They drive into town, which is now under attack by the military!

As the military is fighting the creature, the boys run into a house.  The house is bombed, yet the boys escape. Two of them run to find something in a nearby home, having to break into it.  They see that something escaped from beneath it’s garage.  As well, they realize that their friend Alice is in the hole in the ground where the house was standing.

Next, the boys locate a mine, and some kind of shed.  Bodies are hanging around it, and they watch as the creature is hanging one more body!  The boys use firecrackers to create a distraction, as two of them go to save Alice.  They get trapped by the creature, but Alice knows how to negotiate with it.  She is aware that it has been trapped by the miliary, and it simply wants to go home!

A sherriff arrives, attempting to save the kids.  He is taken by the creature, and it approaches the kids.  It is Joe who tries talking with the creature to calm it.  Yet, as it grabs Joe, a sound is heard.  The creature sets Joe down, and it runs!

Suddenly, it seems as if metal from within the town is being pulled toward this central object near the creature.  The metals combine to create a gigantic object.  A ship is formed, which the creature means to use in order to return home. 

Afterward, a junior detective does an investigation on “the accident”, calling it an attack by zombies!  The kids have finished with the production of their film, complete with stories of missing people and attacking zombies!  They plot goes onto tell about an investigation of zombie attacks that lead to the realization of military experiments turning humans into zombies!

Next week, Ryan Reynolds adds a verdant illumination to the screen with the premiere of Green Lantern!  The story of how Hal Jordan comes to acquire the magical ring will be explained, with a look into the world of the intergalactic keepers of peace.  Yet another D.C. Comics action figure to brighten the big screen! 

That same day will start the hilarity of Jim Carrey in Mr. Popper’s Penguins!  The rest of June will include features like Bad Teacher, Cars 2, and Transformers:  Dark of the Moon!  Around the corner to July will have Captain America:  The First Avenger, Cowboys and Aliens, Friends With Benefits,  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:  Part 2, Horrible Bosses, Larry Crowne, The Smurfs, and Winnie the Pooh!

Yes, this movie was Supa!

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As Gabon Heats Up….

June 8, 2011 at 11:27 PM (Uncategorized)

Gabon is a nation on the Atlantic Ocean coast of Africa.  French explorers captured the nation in 1841, acquainting it’s population with the manners of Western civilization.  It was formally included as a part of French Equatorial Africa during 1910.  Gabon became an independent nation in 1960, and it is currently the home to over forty ethnic groups.

The nation is receiving worldwide attention currently, due to eyes on it’s leadership.  A man named Ali Bongo Ondimba, regularly referred to as Ali Bongo, is the President of Gabon.  He has succeeded his father, who was President for forty-two years.  Bongo was elected to the position in 2009, with a forty-two percent vote in his favor, after his father died, and amid wide speculation of a rigged election.

The world is watching Gabon now, due to broad allegations of corruption and social disarray throughout the nation.  A recent invitation extended to President Bongo from The White House is being eyed with questions about any possibly underlying intentions.  Bongo is to meet with President Obama this Thursday, in The Oval Office.

Gabon currently holds a rotating seat on The United Nations Security Council.  This provides the underlying validation to have President Bongo visiting The White House.  Additionally, Gabon has been an ally in the efforts to maintain security in nations that include Libya, Iran, and Cote d’Ivoire.  The interaction of Gabon with these nations is bad because of each of them being involved with widespread terrorist activities, drug trade, human trafficking, and civil unrest.

Gabon’s votes with The United States always have been favorable to The United States.  Yet, the re-election of Ali Bongo came with controversy during 2009.  One political contestant at that time, Andre Mba Obame, claimed to have won election, and he had himself sworn into the office.  However, amid social unrest, and brief intervention from France, Ali Bongo retained the Gabonese Presidency.

Bongo declared himself the winner of Gabon’s national election during 2009.  Opponents fervently proclaimed that he did not win.  Yet, this year, Bongo stated that he was the winner of the national election, having himself sworn in this past January.  Now, he currently is held up in the Gabonese United Nations compound, in fear of his safety!

Ali Bongo, however, remains the President of Gabon.  Continued disapproval from opposition leader Obame has lead to national unrest, along with social raids by protestors.  His supporters are standing by his talks with The United Nations, where he urged his Gabonese allies to overthrow the current government of Obame!  Currently, social unrest is rampant throughout Gabon, as The United Nations watches carefully, with muscles meticulously molded for movement in case of a need to stop any oncoming civil war!

Ali Bongo


Map of Gabon (Africa)

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Mass Extinction #6: Coming Soon?

June 8, 2011 at 12:25 AM (Uncategorized)

Alright.  Our Earth has endured five extinction events, thus far, throughout the planet’s history.  The most advertised major extinction was the disappearance of most species at the end of the cretaceous period, which included the elimination of the dinosaurs.  This was roughly sixty-five million years ago, and certain studies are stating that time is winding down for the next one!

Our Earth endured her first major extinction period circa 440 million years ago.  This was the Ordovician-Silurian extinction, said to be due to an extreme cooling of the planet.  Scientists have labeled this time as the second-most lethal extinction period, focusing especially on sea life.  One third of aquatic dinosaurs, including brachiopods and bryozoans, went extinct during this time.  The major continental body of Gondwana was covered by glaciers, which lead to lower sea levels, worldwide.  The icing of the land lead to a loss of plant life, and other sustenance materials, necessary for the survival of animals.

The second extinction period was roughly 370 million years ago.  Called the Late Devonian extinction, it was characterized by an extreme glaciation of the planet.  It lasted roughly twenty million years, with seventy percent of all species being eliminated.  Around one-hundred twenty million years after that, the Permian-Triassic extinction occurred, with seventy percent of all land species, and ninety-six percent of all oceanic species disappearing.

The largest extinction period thus far was the Permian-Triassic extinction event, occurring roughly 250 million years ago.  Here, many animals that were classified as non-dinosaurs, or archosaurs, were lost from Earth.  Also, many large, amphibious animals went extinct, making way for the dinosaurs to rule the planet!  A noteable fact about this period is that a significant amount of insects went extinct during this time.  Earth took a long time to regroup after this time of dying.

The Triassic-Jurassic extinction occurred between 199 and 251 million years ago.  This was the planet’s greatest extinction period, with seventy percent of land species and ninety-six percent of oceanic species being lost.   Additionally noted, one study states that eighty percent of all land quadropeds went extinct during this period. 

Probably the most announced extinction period is the end-Cretaceous extinction, also called the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction.  This occurred roughly sixty-five million years ago.  It is noteable because this time period saw the end of the dinosaurs’ reign of Earth.  There was the slightest level of survival for any massive land-dwelling animals, or any warm-climate sea life.  The planet was 43° Fahrenheit to 57° Fahrenheit warmer, at this time.

Studying scientists are speculating about an oncoming extinction period.  It is being revealed that a mass extinction may be upon Earth within the coming centuries.  Rising temperatures around the planet, the spread of greenhouse gases, accompanied by an extreme elimination of animal and plant species, and an overpopulation of humanity, all will result in a coming mass extinction.  Researchers are reviewing the evidence at hand, seeing that an alarming number of species are indeed declining, with human-enhanced global climate change leading to alterations of the planet’s atmosphere that will not allow for the continuation of terrestrial life as it stands, currently!

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