Watching A Weiner?!?!?

June 6, 2011 at 7:47 PM (Uncategorized)

I have been trying to get an entry together on this topic, but I just have been laughing too hard!  Oh, wait.  Yes, pun intended!  Weeeiiinnnerrr!!!

Finally, despite days of denying the topic, Congressional Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) came up with the truth.  He did concede to reports that he had been (ahem) “inappropriate” with some of his immediately prior tweets.  Representative Weiner had been involved in a continuously illicit tweeting affair with several younger women which lasted for an extended length of time.

The story is that Weiner sent Twitter photos of himself in his underpants, and while shirtless, to groups of young women.  Six young ladies are said to have received these tweets from Weiner during times before and during his marriage.  As well, one tweet sent to an as yet unidentified young lady was a picture of the front-side of his drawers bulging!  Weeeiiinnnerrr! 

Looking at those  mug shots, it should not have been too much of a bulge.  Then again, he is tall and slender.  Hmph.  It was last week when a website posted a picture of Weiner’s underwear that allegedly came from his Twitter account.  This was a photo of the New York Congressman without his shirt.  It is said to accompany other photos of inappropriate nature, along with some explicit tweets.  Weeeiiinnnerr!!!

Congressman Weiner got married during 2010.  Yet, the persistent passage of pictures occurred before and during his marriage to Huma Abedin, an assistant to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  It apparently was meant to keep the flame of his personality ablaze, as Weiner was considered to be one of the most eligible bachelors from The State of New York during 2010!

It was the website RadarOnline which revealed that a woman had over 200 hot-mails from Weiner.  The site said that the mailings were sent from an account which no longer is active by the congressman.  A site controlled by Andrew Breitbart called was where the most recent online photos were found, along with alleged online chats and e-mails from one young lady.

Congressman Weiner has admitted to sending the photos, after being publicly outed for his lewd actions.  However, he has no intention to divorce his wife, nor does he plan to resign from Congressional office.  Although possibly trying to be mistaken for an Adonis, Weiner simply means to pull-up his pants, and to continue on his path.  Weeeiiinnnerr!!!


 jweiner3.gif (2268 bytes)       


 jweiner3.gif (2268 bytes)




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