As Gabon Heats Up….

June 8, 2011 at 11:27 PM (Uncategorized)

Gabon is a nation on the Atlantic Ocean coast of Africa.  French explorers captured the nation in 1841, acquainting it’s population with the manners of Western civilization.  It was formally included as a part of French Equatorial Africa during 1910.  Gabon became an independent nation in 1960, and it is currently the home to over forty ethnic groups.

The nation is receiving worldwide attention currently, due to eyes on it’s leadership.  A man named Ali Bongo Ondimba, regularly referred to as Ali Bongo, is the President of Gabon.  He has succeeded his father, who was President for forty-two years.  Bongo was elected to the position in 2009, with a forty-two percent vote in his favor, after his father died, and amid wide speculation of a rigged election.

The world is watching Gabon now, due to broad allegations of corruption and social disarray throughout the nation.  A recent invitation extended to President Bongo from The White House is being eyed with questions about any possibly underlying intentions.  Bongo is to meet with President Obama this Thursday, in The Oval Office.

Gabon currently holds a rotating seat on The United Nations Security Council.  This provides the underlying validation to have President Bongo visiting The White House.  Additionally, Gabon has been an ally in the efforts to maintain security in nations that include Libya, Iran, and Cote d’Ivoire.  The interaction of Gabon with these nations is bad because of each of them being involved with widespread terrorist activities, drug trade, human trafficking, and civil unrest.

Gabon’s votes with The United States always have been favorable to The United States.  Yet, the re-election of Ali Bongo came with controversy during 2009.  One political contestant at that time, Andre Mba Obame, claimed to have won election, and he had himself sworn into the office.  However, amid social unrest, and brief intervention from France, Ali Bongo retained the Gabonese Presidency.

Bongo declared himself the winner of Gabon’s national election during 2009.  Opponents fervently proclaimed that he did not win.  Yet, this year, Bongo stated that he was the winner of the national election, having himself sworn in this past January.  Now, he currently is held up in the Gabonese United Nations compound, in fear of his safety!

Ali Bongo, however, remains the President of Gabon.  Continued disapproval from opposition leader Obame has lead to national unrest, along with social raids by protestors.  His supporters are standing by his talks with The United Nations, where he urged his Gabonese allies to overthrow the current government of Obame!  Currently, social unrest is rampant throughout Gabon, as The United Nations watches carefully, with muscles meticulously molded for movement in case of a need to stop any oncoming civil war!

Ali Bongo


Map of Gabon (Africa)


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