Friends Filming Find Something Fantastic!

June 10, 2011 at 9:50 PM (Uncategorized)

As the summer is heating up, so are the films being released to the cinema screens!  This week held the premiere of an anticipated science fiction film that had been attracting major attention for several months.  I can say that it was entertaining and suspenseful, having an emotionally affecting storyline attached to it!

Super 8 begins with a group of pre-teens playing outside at night.  They get to a car, going for a ride, although they do not have drivers’ licenses.  Their intention is to document sights within their area for the purpose of making a home movie.

As they have stopped by railroad tracks to shoot some scenes, a train approaches.  They watch as a truck drives to the railroad crossing, and it proceeds to drive head-on toward the train.  Suddenly, a loud explosion is heard, and a catastrophic wreck occurs that takes out the entire area around the kids.  Their filming set is lost, as well!

As the train is burning, they suddenly see one of the train cars moving.  The camera still is filming, and one of the boys sees blood on the train.  As they question whether or not it is fake blood from their filming endeavor, Joe Lamb (Joel Courtney) sees cube-like objects at the train.  A truck is spotted at the wreck scene, and one boy recognizes it as the truck of his school biology teacher.

The boys approach the truck, seeing that Dr. Woodward (Glynn Turman) has been hurt.  Yet, Dr. Woodward moves slowly, telling the boys not to discuss what they have seen.  The boys run away as other people arrive.  They reach the truck in which they had driven as the Air Force gets to the scene.

After making a pact not to divulge what they have seen, Joe has kept a cube from the wreck site.  Overnight, he watches as the cube moves by itself!  The next morning, he does not tell his family what really happened as they all watch information about the wreck on the news.

Joe and his friends decide to return to the accident scene.  They mean to add the disaster scenario to their home movie.  Joe and buddy Charles (Riley Griffiths) are the leads for the film, as Charles means to have it finished within three days. 

Later, Joe tries to invite Alice (Elle Fanning) to a party.  Yet, as Joe speaks to Alice at her home, her father is mean to him.  She decides to sneak off to the party with Joe, anyway!

Once Joe and Allie are together with the others, they try to start filming, again.  They want to find out what happened at the train site.  When they arrive, the kids see that the Air Force has gotten there!

After going to a restaurant for lunch, the group talk about what they saw.  They realized that it was an Air Force train.  Also, they knew that military forces had arrived after the wreck, cleaning up, while making efforts to keep details hidden from the nearby town of Lily, Ohio.  Yet, it is Joe’s brother, Jackson Lamb (Kyle Chandler), who gets a hint that something more is happening!

Jackson tries to alert the town sherriff, yet he is dismissed.  Later, into that evening, the sherriff stops at a gas station, and he sees dogs running out of a nearby wooded area.  The sherriff hears noises, so he walks toward the trees.  He sees dogs running from the woods, then his car suddenly is lifted into the air!

Workers at a nearby gas station go outside to see the sherriff’s car mangled!  The sherriff sees something, causing him to scream.  He tries to run inside of the gas station, but he is grabbed by something, and he is snatched into the woods!

The next day, the boys are at one of their homes, filming.  They have Alice acting like a zombie.  Meanwhile, police go to the wreck scene, and one deputy calls for backup.  They realize that one deputy is missing from the scene, and they put out an A.P.B. for his return. 

As other townspeople are reporting missing items, The U.S. Army has arrived at the town.  At the same time, one of the boys now has a missing dog, Lucy.  One of the boys’ father is a town deputy, and they attempt speaking with him after a town meeting.  They are encouraged to put together information about what they saw so that a better picture of what to find is ready.

Later, at night, city workers are trying to repair power lines.  One of them sees a girl being tossed about, back and forth!  Suddenly, large items are being thrown around like toys.  As one worker tells the others to move, he is grabbed by something, and he is taken away!

The citizens of Belmont County now are riled up.  Several people are missing.  One townswoman even goes so far as to blame The Soviets for the current disarray!  Mr. McCandless (Tom Quinn) knows a little more about what is going on, as he and Deputy Crawford (Michael Giacchino) discuss the possible involvement of The Air Force.

Later, Joe and Alice discuss their film production.  Deputy Crawford gets information about missing dogs, with his own dog found one county away!  Strange military messages begin filling radio airwaves, as the boys and Callie continue filming.

Joe’s step-father, a town deputy, arrives and takes Joe away.  He confronts military personnel who are at this site.  Joe’s dad tells him that he can not be friends with Alice anymore, as his father does not like her father.  Joe and his dad argue, then Joe goes to visit his mother’s grave for comfort.

At the gravesite, Joe hears strange noises.  It is now night, as Joe’s father goes with police to the area air force base.  The military forces have people trapped at the base, treating them for injuries that they received at a recent and unexplained accident. One man knows something, and Air Force soldiers kill him!

Alice sneaks to Joe’s home, as all of the area power is out.  They talk, and the power is restored.  Alice and Joe watch a recording of him as a baby, being held by his now-deceased mother, and talking with her now-deceased father.  It is revealed that their parents died together.

While talking, Alice and Joe hear strange sounds outside.  They see a cube-like object being lifted off of a chest of drawers, then slammed through a wall, and tossed outside.  Alice returns home, where her father is drunk and angry.  Now night time, she rides away on her bicycle, and her dad drives after her.  He is speeding and he crashes into something, when Alice is picked up from her bicycle by some unknown force!

Two of the boys are fussing over their filming, and they review the tape from the night before.  They see strange images on the tape, and they want to investigate.  Yet, when the next day arrives, they, along with their entire town, are evacuated!

It is alleged that a major fire is approaching, so the townspeople are relocated to Greenville Air Force Base.  Jackson goes to Alice’s father, as he knows that something has taken Alice.  The other boys collaborate, and they decide to try finding Alice.

A town policeman who is a friend of The Lambs tries to buy time for the Lamb boys to sneak onto Air Force property.  He helps them to reach the Air Force base, where the boys get to their nearby school.  There, they break in, and they view a recording!

The Lamb boys document details about hidden government information that tells of an alien found underground in 1963.  It was captured by the military, and it has been trying to get home ever since then.  One man had been trying to help it escape.

Later, the Lamb boys and their friends are raided by military forces, and they are taken from their school.  Staff Sargeant Walters (Tony Guma) knows something is happening, as he confronts one of the boys, Preston (Zach Mills).  They all manage to get onto an Air Force bus, yet it is attacked!

They do not know what struck the bus, as the adults on board go outside to investigate.  Suddenly, something grabs one officer, then it grabs the entire bus!  A large creature emerges, it has the bus, and the boys are trapped!

The adults are being killed, and the boys break the bus’ windows to escape.  The creature is shown as large and menacing as it eats one of the officers!  The boys get away, going to the wreck site, when Donny (David Gallagher) arrives.  He is high from smoking, so the boys take his car. They drive into town, which is now under attack by the military!

As the military is fighting the creature, the boys run into a house.  The house is bombed, yet the boys escape. Two of them run to find something in a nearby home, having to break into it.  They see that something escaped from beneath it’s garage.  As well, they realize that their friend Alice is in the hole in the ground where the house was standing.

Next, the boys locate a mine, and some kind of shed.  Bodies are hanging around it, and they watch as the creature is hanging one more body!  The boys use firecrackers to create a distraction, as two of them go to save Alice.  They get trapped by the creature, but Alice knows how to negotiate with it.  She is aware that it has been trapped by the miliary, and it simply wants to go home!

A sherriff arrives, attempting to save the kids.  He is taken by the creature, and it approaches the kids.  It is Joe who tries talking with the creature to calm it.  Yet, as it grabs Joe, a sound is heard.  The creature sets Joe down, and it runs!

Suddenly, it seems as if metal from within the town is being pulled toward this central object near the creature.  The metals combine to create a gigantic object.  A ship is formed, which the creature means to use in order to return home. 

Afterward, a junior detective does an investigation on “the accident”, calling it an attack by zombies!  The kids have finished with the production of their film, complete with stories of missing people and attacking zombies!  They plot goes onto tell about an investigation of zombie attacks that lead to the realization of military experiments turning humans into zombies!

Next week, Ryan Reynolds adds a verdant illumination to the screen with the premiere of Green Lantern!  The story of how Hal Jordan comes to acquire the magical ring will be explained, with a look into the world of the intergalactic keepers of peace.  Yet another D.C. Comics action figure to brighten the big screen! 

That same day will start the hilarity of Jim Carrey in Mr. Popper’s Penguins!  The rest of June will include features like Bad Teacher, Cars 2, and Transformers:  Dark of the Moon!  Around the corner to July will have Captain America:  The First Avenger, Cowboys and Aliens, Friends With Benefits,  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:  Part 2, Horrible Bosses, Larry Crowne, The Smurfs, and Winnie the Pooh!

Yes, this movie was Supa!

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