A Young Jupiter Was A Bully!

June 15, 2011 at 7:35 PM (Uncategorized)

I am not surprised at all.  I mean, just look at it.  A big-ol’ bully!  Not surprised, at all!!!

I enjoy a good, daily dose of news regarding astronomy issues.  I was browsing through some of the information distributed by astronomy.com when I came across an entry regarding the early formations of the planets of our solar system.  The article focused on the sizes of our planets, honing specifically on the reduced size of Mars, and the seeming omnipotence of Jupiter.  It seems that, during Jupiter’s past, it was greedy!

Astronomers have been observing the planets of our solar system, figuring out the details of how they came to be as the are, currently.  Questions had arisen about the compositions of the inner planets, and why all of them are not more alike.  Particularly, the topic of Mars arose, with many continuing to wonder why it is not more akin to our Earth.

The inner planets of our solar system are alike, more or less.  All called the terrestrial, or rocky planets, they are made of heavier elements, and they have solid compositions.  Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are small in relative size comparison.  Their proximity to The Sun allows them to be dense, with all of their elements stuffed within their planetary shells.

The outer planets are tremendous in size, composed primarily of lighter gases.  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all dwarf the inner planets.  Neptune is the smallest of our gas giants, with a diameter that is 22,853 miles greater than that of Earth.  Jupiter is the largest, with a diameter of 88, 846 miles.  That makes the king 22, 853 miles wider than Earth.  It’s size is equal to eleven Planet Earths!

A team of scientists with Southwest Research Institute studied the formation of our solar system in it’s early years.  Their research lead them to the speculation that a young Jupiter was more mobile during it’s younger years.  Some think that it may have moved closer to The Sun, then it returned to it’s current, more distant location.  While it was on it’s tour of the inner planets, it got a little greedy.  Current speculations are that it stole matter from the inner planets, causing a reduced size of Mars, and breaking up something that may have been beyond Mars, leading to a formation of the inner asteroid beltA big ol’ bully…..

It is thought that Mars could have been more like Earth during it’s early years.  Yet, it’s distance from The Sun did not allow it to maintain such a vibrant status, not receiving the necessary heat to hold a life-producing environment.  Plus, any criminal action committed by Jupiter most certainly eliminated Mars’ chances of being anything greater than it’s current existence. The gigantic world is thought to have removed any excess matter from Mars, spreading it into the asteroid belt, and possibly using some of it during the accretion of it’s clutch of moons!



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