Heroic Battles and Humorous Birds: To The Movies!

June 18, 2011 at 2:32 AM (Uncategorized)

This evening, we got to see a couple of the summer headliners for which many people had been waiting!  I can say that I enjoyed both films, as I was looking forward to both of them, as well.  I did think that they were fun!

The highly anticipated film Green Lantern began our evening outing!  It started with an explanation of the origins of the immortal guardians of the universe, The Green Lantern Corps.  Their main adversary, an entity called Parallax, had been captured and imprisoned.  The Lantern guard Sinestro was sent to the prison-world location to review it, yet an accident happened that allowed the release of Parallax. 

Six months later, Sinestro informs The Corps about Parallax’s escape.  It already had destroyed several of their bases.  Lanterns gather to form a new homeworld, presumably safe from Parallax.

Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is a young man, working for Ferris Aircraft as a pilot.  He is a hotshot, often known to push the limits with aircraft.  Hal has a flying accident, and he gets into trouble because he proceeded with this activity without approval. 

Meanwhile, one Lantern crash lands on a vacant world, and he is injured.  This Lantern sends out a sentry to choose a new Lantern to take his place.  It reaches Earth in the form of a glowing, green orb, and it abducts Hal Jordan!  It takes Hal to a rocky shoreline, where he sees a crashed vessel, and a surviving Lantern.  Hal rescues him, and the Lantern gives Hal the magical ring.  He leaves the crash site as government choppers arrive.

A still benevolent Sinestro (Mark Strong) is with The Lantern Corps.  He informs them of oncoming trouble, and asks to be the hero to battle Parallax.  The Lantern Council is weary of allowing this, yet they let Sinestro lead a squadron into war!

Returning to Earth, a secret government base is where an introductory Dr. Amanda Waller (Angela Bassett) is taken by government xenobiologist Dr. Hector Hammond (Peter Saarsgard) to view a secretly held alien being.  They are testing the being, as Hal Jordan has the Lantern ring with him.  He is at a party with his girlfriend.  He leaves, and he is attacked by an agent from his job!  While trying to defend himself, the ring lifts Hal off of the planet!

After travelling through a wormhole, Hal arrives at a planet where he is physically examined.  He is issued a Green Lantern uniform, and he meets Tomar-Re (voice of Geoffrey Rush).  Hal is told more about The Corps, he takes his first unbound flight, and he learns of green being the color of will.  Hal is introduced to other Lanterns, including Kilowog (voice of Michael Clarke Duncan).

Now, Sinestro gathers a team of Lanterns to fight Parallax.  Hal is  practicing with his ring, and learning more about using it from Kilowog.  Sinestro works to teach Hal to have no fear, yet he is disappointed with Hal. 

Dr. Hammond now is feeling the effects of his dealings with the alien being.  He tests his own blood, finding that he is metamorphosing.  While learning that his own father had known of alien technology, Hammond also sees that he is gaining strengthened powers of his own!

The Lantern Corps battles a monstrous creature, and it is able to destroy some of them with the yellow power of fear.  One guardian falls victim to this power, and he is transformed into Parallax!  As this occurs, Hal is on Earth, at a party with his girlfriend Carol (Blake Lively ), and Hector Hammond. 

Hector finds that he is falling victim to the power of rage!  The yellow power ring has taken hold of Hector.  As it deforms him, it transmits information of Hal’s whereabouts to malevolent forces!

Meanwhile, Hal shows Carol his new uniform, and some of his new powers.  They grow closer, as Hector is increasing with rage, and his head is deforming largely!  He is able to read Dr. Waller’s mind, learning that she was behind the death of her own husband.  Hector is approached by other scientists who realize that he has been exposed to an alien presence.  However, he breaks free, trapping them and Dr. Waller.

Green Lantern arrives, saving Dr. Waller, then battling Hector.  Hector is able to keep Green Lantern suppressed with unusually strong yellow force.  He is bound by Hector with ropes, then Hector recognizes that Hal Jordan is Green Lantern!  At that point, Hal recognizes that his purpose is to save Earth before Hector can destroy the planet.

The yellow force renders Hal afraid to battle Hector.  Yet, Carol reinforces Hal with courage!  At the same time, The Guardians meet, with Sinestro getting a new ring to fight Parallax.  Hal attempts to get help from Sinestro, as The Guardians are unwilling to battle Parallax with uncertainty of Hal’s capability.  Yet, Hal convinces all of them that he has the courage, so they allow him to return to Earth, and to protect the planet from Parallax.

Arriving at Earth, Hal has to save Carol.  Hector has her trapped, and he means to kill her!  Hal offers Hector his ring in exchange for Carol, and doing this seems to make Hector all-powerful!  Yet, Hal did maintain his own power, and Parallax defeats Hector by imposing the yellow power of fear upon him.  Hal attempted to get his ring, yet Parallax stopped him.  Carol helps Hal to escape, as Parallax goes onto hover above the entire city!

As it tries to attack the city, other Lanterns arrive to battle Parallax.  Hal has some of his power, and he reads The Green Lantern oath to reenergize himself.  Now reinforced, Hal is able to fight Parallax, eventually defeating it by drawing it into outer space, and having it thrown into The Sun!  He has to use all of his Lantern force to keep from succumbing to the gravitational power of The Sun, finding himself saved by a still benevolent Sinestro, and by The Lantern Corps!

  Poster for Green Lantern

I saw Mr. Popper’s Penguins, as well.  It was cute……  No, really.  It was fun!  I found that I did appreciate this humorous and emotionally enthusing theatrical take on the concept of the novel written by Richard and Florence Atwater.  Jim Carrey provided his usual comedic antics as Thomas Popper, a New York City real estate investor.

Popper is a successful businessman who lives in Manhattan.  His job has him set for advancement as he is about to take the lead in a major business deal.  Yet, all of his immediate personal life is put on hold upon learning about the death of his father.

Popper has time at home, and he begins correspondence with a group that explores Antarctica.  The response to his letter is the arrival of a live penguin at his New York City loft.  Slightly confused, Popper watches cautiously, and slowly allows the bird to take up residence with him. 

What starts as one penguin soon becomes six penguins when more boxes arrive, and Popper is unable to return any of them.  As he interacts with his ex-wife Amanda (Carla Gugin0), Popper is consistently trying to advance his status at his job.  This focus comes with what he views as an inconvenient burden when Amanda leaves their kids Billy (Maxwell Cotton) and Janie (Madeline Carroll) for a stay with him!  

It is near to the time of Billy’s birthday, and Popper’s son believes that the penguins are a gift for him.  Billy is upset already because his parents are separated, so the penguins come as a pleasant surprise.  Popper does not want to distress Billy any further, so he curiously allows the penguins to stay!

What at first was a questionable, and possibly disturbing presence of wild, Antarctic avians in his apartment becomes an affair of adoring affection.  The birds grow close to Popper, as well as to Billy and Janie.  The children have a sleepover with Popper, and the penguins escape into the apartment building!  This goes further, as they get out of the building, and into the streets of New York City!

Popper has gone to attend a gala that evening, as his kids are at his loft.  The penguins make it to the evening affair, slipping into the party through a barrel of water that was taken to the building.  Once inside, the birds chase Popper back to his apartment!

At home, Popper finds that his daughter Janie is angry with him.  Janie reveals that she has a young man with whom she has interest.  She wants her father to listen to her more, but he does not because of his heavy work schedule.  The arrival of the penguins serves as a curious bridge between Janie and Popper, allowing them to bond while caring for the birds!

They wind up going to New York’s Central Park Zoo to find out how to care for the penguins.  Popper has his ex-wife to meet him there, yet calamity arises, as they were told that the penguins got shipped to Dubai, Tokyo, and Washington, D.C.!  To their relief, The Poppers learned that someone had lied, and the penguins still were in New York. 

As some officials were angry with Popper possessing penguins, he wound up with a citation for illegally harboring wild animals and trafficking penguins.  Officials attempted to get hold of the birds, trying to lure them away with sardines.  Yet, as the penguins saw that they had to choose between taking food from the strangers, or staying with Popper, Janie, and Billy, the birds chose their familiar human family!

Popper wound up with assistance from a friend who owns a Manhattan restaurant.  He was able to provide funds to return the penguins to their proper Antarctic home.  However, one penguin did lay an egg before it left.  When it hatched, The Poppers kept the baby penguin, and they named it Bald Eagle!    

Mr. Popper's Penguins (2011) Poster

These trailers for Transformers are crunking up!  Transformers:  Dark of the Moon opens June 29, a week and a half away!  Yet, the week before that (next week) will have Bad Teacher, Cars 2, and Turtle:  The Incredible Journey.  July will bring the excitement of Captain America:  The First Avenger, Friends With Benefits, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Horrible Bosses, Larry Crowne, and Winnie the Pooh!


Time For Bed, Baby…..

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