That’s Quazie!!!

June 29, 2011 at 10:48 PM (Uncategorized)

Back into the universe; more and more amazing sights are being recognized!  As I am sitting here watching Through the Wormhole, I am listening to Morgan Freeman discussing energy, mass, light, and a theoretical fourth dimension. I found myself once again excited by the awe of all that exists beyond our world.  I perused through The Web, stumbling across one article about a recent space observation.

Astronomers from The United Kingdom have been observing the universe, gazing at past sights within space-time.  A presence was spotted, seeming to be light from the oldest quasar ever discovered.  Studies of the light and it’s source of origin gave the scientists information which revealed that the light had been travelling for thirteen billion years!

The quasar seems to have been around at times when our understanding of the universe was a mere 770 million years old.  At the current recognition of our universe having existed for 13.7 billion years, that would make this quasar a pretty old fart!  Joking aside, the magnificence of the light that it emits currently designates the quasar as the brightest object that we have ever seen!

As expected, a supermassive black hole exists at the core of the quasar.  The studying scientists have revealed that they believe this black hole to be the source behind a quasar that is two billion times more massive than The Sun!  It was not expected to be so large because it has been viewed at a young age.  It would take time for the black hole to become extremely massive because it would need to have consumed many stars and other celestial materials.  An excessively large black hole is supposed to be fully matured, not just a kid!

This quasar has been named/labeled as ULAS J1220+0641 (don’t blame me…)The United Kingdom Infrared Telescope at Mauna Kea volcano, on The Hawai’i Big Island, is where astronomers have been observing deep space sights, including this quasar.  One astronomer working with The Canadian Astronomy Data Center stated that this celestial discovery might totally alter the current theories surrounding the existence of black holes.

Quasars are widely believed to be the oldest and most distant objects of the known universe.  They emit tremendous forces of light, making many of them trillions of times brighter than The Sun.  The quasars are powered by accompanying supermassive black holes, and these objects have been seen to exist at galactic cores.  Additionally, quasars can become so brilliant that they outshine all of the stars within their host galaxies!

SEE THESE SITES!!!–quasar-oldest-most-distant-ever-discovered  

 This research used the facilities of the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre operated by the National Research Council of Canada with the support of the Canadian Space Agency.


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