Comic Book Take-Backs and Cosmic Terror!

July 30, 2011 at 2:25 AM (movie reviews, Uncategorized)

Friday is Friday!  We had two decent picks this week, and I believe that I was looking forward to viewing both of them.  Actually, some of the trailers for these films were exciting, so I did enter the theater with an eager mood!

Pick number one was Captain America!  I wanted to view this 21st Century take on this classic Marvel Comics staple story.  It started in Siberia, where a hidden chamber was found.  Inside, there was the frozen shield of Captain America.  A tremor occurs, we move forward, seeing a military commander going after The Jewel of Odin.  He captures it, and he kills it’s prior guardian!

The United States is where young men are enlisting for military service.   World War II is getting active, but young Steve Rogers is denied initial entrance into The U.S. Army.  Rogers is denied entrance, yet he proceeds with his life.  It is later, after seeing a movie, that Rogers is beaten up by street thugs.  An angry military officer named James Barnes sees Steve being attacked, and he saves Steve!

Rogers and Barnes become friends.  Both have a trip to The Modern Marvels Expo, where they see a technological display by Stark Industries.  As Rogers is viewing scenery, he is silently watched by Dr. Abraham Erksine (Stanley Tucci).

It is later, after five prior military medical examinations, when Rogers is taken aside by Dr. Erksine, and he is given an offer.  Steve can finally become a military officer if he takes this experimental serum.  Steve is sent to a secret lab, where he is the subject of a secret experiment to create a powerful fighter!

Returning to The United States, Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) is involved with the process of selecting the nation’s best soldiers to fight against Nazi forces.  After Steve passes a series of tests, Colonel Phillips speaks with Dr. Erksine, and they proceed with testing Steve.  He passes one test where he successfully ceases an explosion by leaping onto the bomb!

Dr. Erksine goes onto tell Steve about Johann Schmidt.  Steve learns of the chemical experiment that changed Schmidt into Red Skull.  Meanwhile, it is in Germany where Red Skull is gaining information to steal a secret serum from Allied forces.

Upon returning to his hometown, Steve encounters a beautiful young woman.  She takes him to a Brooklyn antique store, then into a hidden laboratory beneath it.  There, Dr. Erksine and Colonel Phillips are waiting.  They place Steve into a chamber, where he is given a series of micro-injections.  Then, Steve is placed into a capsule, where he seems to be in pain, het he wants to continue.

Once the testing is completed, scientists and financiers are watching, including Tony Stark.  A man secretly enters the lab, setting off a bomb!  Dr. Erksine is killed, and gunfire erupts in the Brooklyn streets outside.  Steve is able to chase down on assailant’s car while on foot, but the bandits exit the car.  They take a hostage, going to a river, and getting into a submarine.

Steve leaps into the river, snatching the lead bandit out of the submarine.  The criminal takes a suicide pill.  The scene flashes to the lair of Johann Schmitt (Hugo Weaving), who is presented as the blood-red-skinned and bald headed Red Skull!

It is at Red Skull’s secret lair where soldiers are scene in preparation for battle, and ready to assist Adolph Hitler.  Red Skull is preparing a weapon, and he is prepping troops to serve the HYDRA science facility.  Yet, in The United States, the newly-prepared Captain America is being viewed more as a sideshow than as a true factor against The Nazis!  As The Captain seeks soldiers to help him fight Hitler, true military fighters view him as a joke!

Now embarrassed, Steve is unsure about his true capacity to serve his nation.  He speaks with Colonel Phillips, who is not happy with Steve’s sideshow actions.  Yet, Steve suits up as Captain America to prepare for a rescue mission.  As Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and Howard Stark (Dominic Coopper) fly Captain America over the site, he leaps into gunfire!  He manages to get into a Nazi camp, then into a secret lab, where he frees trapped U.S. soldiers.

Under fire, they all escape.  Soldier Gabe Jones (Derek Luke) is chosen to assist, freeing Allied troops, and defeating enemy forces as Red Skull escapes his attacked lab from a torpedo-shaped helicopter.   Steve is fightingin the area, but later is declared killed in action.  Colonel Phillips is angry at this news, yet is surprised with others as Captain America emerges with other troops and captured soldiers!

After Captain America is denied his own offer to turn himself in for betraying his own forces,  he is awarded a medal of honor by The President.  Yet, Captain America does not receive it officially because he is fighting enemy Polish forces!  He has become a celebrity in The United States, and he is continuing to experiment with new technology presented by Tony Stark.

Captain America is presented with a new alloy shield as he leads U.S. forces on maps to find Red Skull, and to stop a growing Nazi force.  Red Skull is killing his own forces because they have failed to find Captain America.  Yet, forces that include Black Knight work with Colonel Phillips to hunt down Nazi forces and Red Skull.

Rockets are being prepared to fire at Allied forces from Red Skull’s hideaway. Yet, Captain America makes it to that location, using his shield to deflect most of the enemy fire, yet ultimately becoming the target of Red Skull’s major rockets.  He is able to stop the bombing of The United States, but he is ultimately knocked unconscious.  Captain America is cryogenically frozen for sixty years, and reawakened during current times to serve as a current-day Avenger!

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) Poster

We had been waiting to see Cowboys and Aliens, so we excitedly entered the cinema for the next film selection.  This film begins in the desert southwest of The United States.  It is the late nineteenth century, and Arizona Territory is where a man with no memories wanders into the town of Absolution.  He has a strange and alien-looking band around his left wrist, which makes him all the more of an outcast to the small town locals.

Absolution is dominated by the rules of Sherriff Woodrow Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford).  Yet, it is the sherriff’s son Percy (Paul Dano) who stands out as the town mischief-maker, getting away with what he can because he knows that his father is there to bail him out of anything.

It is one afternoon when Percy is drunk that he is playing with his gun, and he shoots a bystander.  His father deals with the situation, yet the drunkard Percy stumbles into further mischief.  Meanwhile, one of his drunk cohorts wanders into an open field area, that is filled with cows.  He gets to a river, and suddenly is knocked out by a laser blast!

As federal marshalls are after Percy and his latest mischief, people gather at the town saloon.  The stranger is there, having a glass of whiskey.  A woman named Ella (Olivia Wilde) approaches him, yet Percy is not interested.  Percy winds up there, having another drink, and causing trouble, as a rumbling sound is heard!

Suddenly, U.S. Marshalls on horseback are seen entering the town, arriving to take Percy into custody.  Yet, a strange light appears in the sky.  These lights set off explosions that blow up most of the town, as people are snatched into the sky!  Strange ships are seen, getting hold of people, and flying away with them!

A strange man has arrived in Absolution,  wearing a strange, alien-looking device on his left wrist.  He blasts some type of torpedo ray out of the wrist band, shooting at a vessel as it snatches Percy!  The stranger shoots at another ship, and he does shoot it out of the sky!

After the ships seem to have been eliminated, the townspeople emerge.  Sherriff Dolarhyde asks the stranger about what is happening.  He identifies himself as Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig), as other residents emerge to find out more.  A scream and shots are heard, and a strange thing is seen running away!  Sherriff Dolarhyde tries to get Jake to help, but Jake refuses and leaves.

A woman follows Jake, but he denies her assistance, also.  Jake then recalls a time when he had been involved with a woman, and he was a constant thief.  This leads to a memory when some of his accomplices and his son were taken into the sky by strange lights.  Jake was supposed to gather supplies of gold, turning it over to the aliens behind these lights, in order to retrieve his son!

At that point, Jake reveals more to Ella.  After telling her of what he has endured, Ella assists Jake with gathering the town adversaries into one combined force.  They unite with native Apache tribal fighters whom have been invaded by alien forces, also.

A plan is devised, where Jake means to bomb the alien ships.  The townspeople gather wires and explosives, and they prepare to approach what is recognized as the mother ship.  They set off a bomb, which initiates laser fire!

Tall, grayish-green, large eyed aliens emerge, attacking people.  They capture some people and some horses, killing all of them!  Jake manages to get to a cave area, where he sees that the aliens have been storing people.  The people were being saved for food, as the aliens were mining Earth for minerals, especially gold!

Jake has teamed with local Native Americans, preparing to battle the aliens.  He goes onto an alien ship that night, seeing people tied and trapped inside.  Ella is with him, and she helps to free trapped people as Jake finds himself fighting and killing aliens inside!

The aliens reposition themselves to attack the town of Absolution.  Other cowboys arrive to assist the people with the battle.  One alien sees a town boy, chasing him into a nearby ravine.  It tries to capture the boy, but he stabs the alien with his knife!

Jake and his hitmen gather outside of an alien ship.  Ella encourages Jake to battle the aliens, giving him motivation, then leaving him to battle.  He lures aliens, as one chases him into a crevice, releasing two slimy arms to reach a nearby boy. The boy has a knife, and he stabs the alien!

Ella regroups with Jake, encouraging him to defeat the alien invaders.  She proceeds into the alien vessel’s core, as aliens are outside of the ship, attacking the people.  Jake is inside of the ship also, and he sees an image of himself.  An alien suddenly approaches Jake, trying to tie him down.  Yet, he kills it, and he frees a trapped Sherriff Dolarhyde!

They all manage to escape just as the alien ship is about to launch.  The majority of it is underground, and Ella is still aboard!  Yet, she has a bomb with her, which she sets to explode.  Ella plans to destroy the aliens, knowing that she must die in the explosion, as well.

After the alien ship launches and explodes, humans who have been lost for years emerge from the underground caverns.  Percy is one of them, and none of them has any recollection of what happened.  Things seem to return to normal, as Percy now has straightened up, working for his dad.  Jake and Sherriff Dolarhyde shake hands, and Jake rides out of town!

Cowboys & Aliens (2011) Poster

Apes get crunk next Friday!  Rise of the Planet of the Apes opens next week, featuring James Franco, Andy Serkis, Tom Felton, and John Lithgow!  That same day also sees the premiere of the possibly comedic The Change-Up!

A lot of exciting trailers are being shown!  I have seen clips for The Amazing Spiderman, The Dark Knight Rises, Fright Night, In Time, Man of Steel, and The Woman in BlackMovies, movies!!!

flying_saucer.gif - (5K)


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Read About Radiant Rovers!

July 27, 2011 at 6:16 PM (animal activism, late night studies)

Alright dog lovers; here you go!  I will admit to having been fond of some good dogs, with two or four legs, from time to time.  However, I will admit that I would have to jump back if any of them came at me glowing!  No, not emitting outright signs of elation, but actually glowing!

WHAT?!?!  That’s what I said!  I realize that people do love a good pooch, yet I did not think that it extended to having it serve as an actual night lamp.  Over to South Korea; a group of intensely working scientists had been experimenting by using dogs as their subjects.  Before contacting P.E.T.A., I did read through the article.

At Seoul National University, Korean scientists had been working avidly to find methods of curing some of the most devastating diseases.  One proven method to work toward defeating illnesses is to destroy them at the cellular level.  After reviewing proven studies that show where domesticated dogs and human beings share traits that allow them/us to be able to contract a total of 268 of the same illnesses, scientists have worked with our canine associates to see how useful they can be with being used to find cures for human ailments.

These scientists created this beaming bone burier from technology that had been used earlier.  During 2005, South Korean scientists cloned the dog called Snuppy, which was used for testing and methods of treatment.  The same experiments were used to create Tegon during 2009, the female dog that is being used for finding cures and treatments for severe illnesses.

It was during some of these tests where Tegon was administered doses of the antibiotic called doxycyline.  This is used to work against bacterial infections.  It helps to fight problems that include acne, chlamydia, gonorrhea, periodontis, and urinary tract infections.  Doxycycline is not supposed to be used by people with allergic reactions to some of it’s internal components, or if people are afflicted with ailments that include asthma, kidney disease, liver disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

South Korea did perform prior experiments during 2009.  Four beagle puppies were used for testing, and were labeled as the planet’s first transgenic dogs because of their ability to fluoresce during darkness.  Ever the intellectuals, the scientists named all of the dogs Ruppy, which is a combination of the words ruby and puppy, as the dogs all emit a reddish hue while under fluorescent lighting!

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/07/27/south-korean…a-glowing-dog…/glowing-dog-south-korea…parkinsons.htm


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Watching Our Central Black Hole!

July 25, 2011 at 9:43 PM (curious research, late night studies)

The fascination with black holes continues to capture the imagination of humanity.  As many people remain curious about the nature of these fantastic celestial objects, scientists have been working to identify the actual truth on the existence of them.  Studies have included topics from the locations of the nearest black holes, to their actual sizes, to how they truly function.

We understand that black holes are the last levels of the lives of certain stars.  The stars that are more than three times as massive as our Sun collapse when they reach the ends of their lives.  This death phase reduces the star to a singular point of possibly infinite gravitational capacity, forming a black hole.

The gravitational pull within this area becomes so intense that nothing can escape it.  The region surrounding this point is called the event horizon, which is the border where nothing at or within it can get away from the black hole.  Aspects of spacetime that approach the event horizon become warped, and seem to enter the region at an incalculably slow pace.  Yet, upon finally entering the black hole, nothing can escape, and nothing can be seen again.

At the core region of the black hole is the singularity.  This is where gravity is so powerful that space-time itself begins to curve.  All of the mass within the black hole is at this area, yet it has no volume.  However, it is basically understood that the central region, the singularity, has an infinite level of density.

A supermassive black hole is believed to exist at the center of our Milky Way.  This is estimated to be 2.6 million times as massive as The Sun, and it is 27,000 light years of distance from Earth.  Scientists have identified the region to contain Sagittarius A*, a star with such luminous intensity that it must be powered by the strength of a black hole.

Chandra X-Ray Observatory has identified Sagittarius A*, seeing that it emits x-rays.  One such energetic burst was observed during 2001, when a three-hour long flare was ejected, recognized to be fifty times brighter than our Sun.  The flare was recorded as being one-hundred-million miles long, or twenty times as large as what scientists had predicted!

It is likely that a similar flare will occur at some point within the near future.  Research with Chandra X-Ray Observatory is being studied, with scientists working to locate this flare.  2012 conspiracy theorists try to pass the idea of a flare being emitted by The Sun next year, yet Earth will NOT be destroyed in the event of such an action!

Black hole with disk and jet

SEE THESE SITES!!!…detail-milky-big-black-hole.html

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Gone Before Life Got Good!

July 24, 2011 at 1:10 AM (current news, social opinion)

It is not the first case of children gone astray before they even know how to drive.  Well, given what all this particular kid has been involved with, he likely does know how to drive!  Unfortunately, there are other things within his range of capacity that should not be open to one at his age.

This story is getting additional attention because the assailant is only fourteen.  The young man currently is being held in a correctional facility at Cuernavaca, Morelos, México.  He has been there since December 2010, and he will remain there until the results of his upcoming trial are revealed.

This young man has been accused of committing criminal actions that include running cocaine and marijuana between The U.S. and México.  He has been accused of having military weaponry within his personal possession.  He has been accused of committing crimes that stand against federal laws, some of which include kidnapping.  Most significantly, he has been accused of murder!

The young man is known by the nombre del calle “El Ponchis”, which translates to “the cloak”.  His name by birth is Edgar Jimenez Lugo.  He was born in San Diego, California, in May of 1996.  Recently, Lugo has been an active participant within a Mexican drug cartel.  He was arrested in December 2010, and he currently awaits trial.

Due to his status as a minor, Lugo can not face trial as an adult.  His trial began in Cuernavaca, México this past Monday.  Legal parameters specify that any convictions and sentencing can not be allowed legally to pass his eighteenth birthday.  So, if he is convicted of murder, he will not be legally allowed to spend time in jail for any more time than the next three years!

I do not know; this is a VERY gray area!  He has committed crimes that include murder!  He is not allowed by law to spend excessive time incarcerated, yet he was old enough to kill someone.  I do see the mindset that may follow along with youths being capable of having successful rehabilitation and useful readmittance into society.  Yet, I also can go along with the understanding that Earth is overrunning with human beings, and getting rid of a few here and there, regardless of age, really IS NOT a problem!

Regarding Edgar, a slight amount of sympathy should be necessary.  His addiction to cocaine occurred before he even was born.  His mother was a dope fiend, using cocaine while she was pregnant with Edgar.  This passed along to Edgar while in the womb, before he even knew what drugs are, or what they were doing to him.  He grew up poor, abused, and socially rejected.  By the time he was merely eleven years old, Edgar already was involved with a drug cartel, where he was transporting narcotics, and he was killing people!

Rehabilitation is the issue.  Opponents will say that the government already is spending excessive funds on useless things, which some would try to say include assisting criminals.  Yet, as this is a child, it would be important to realize that fact, allowing at least for the opportunity to improve himself.  Assuming that he is physically healthy, there is room for Edgar to undergo the mental treatment meant to have him reintroduced to society upon a platform of purpose and progress.

It is something of a complicated issue.  First, he DOES need to be placed under protective custody for longer than three years!  HE KILLED SOMEONE!  Due to his being a youth, I can understand not pushing the death penalty, as we want to believe that he can be rehabilitated, then returned to society as a useful instrument.  Yet, I can attempt hearing the families of the people whom he murdered, and their NOT having ANY sympathy for an individual who so ruthlessly hurt and killed their loved ones.  They want an eye for an eye…..

Edgar has told officials that he was kidnapped at eleven years old.  He was taken into this cartel, where he was forced to perform illegal actions that included drug trafficking, stealing, violent attacks, and murder.  The crimes of murder, which included decapitating victims, likely became more enticing to a poverty-riddled Edgar because he was offered and given $2,500 for each hit!  Furthermore, Edgar has stated officially that he was drugged when put to these criminal actions, and that he was basically forced to commit the crimes.

The trial is supposed to last for two weeks, and it is not open to the public.  The trial location is not being identified, and the media is not permitted to attend.  The families of the victims and of Edgar Lugo will be there, along with sixty-five witnesses testifying to his actions.


SEE THESE SITES!!!…cartels-goes-trial

anicopcar.gif (8819 bytes)     Weed animated gif         

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…and Then There Were Four!

July 20, 2011 at 6:42 PM (curious research, late night studies)

Now that it has been dismissed from the bunch, it seems to be receiving more attention than ever!  First, two new moons were discovered around it. Then, it was demoted to the status of minor planet.  Now, another moon has been spotted, orbiting around it!

For some curious reason, astronomers had been observing Pluto, trying to spot rings around the world.  I did not know that there had been speculations about the distant planet/planetoid having a ring system.  Yet, legitimate astronomers actually were searching for evidence of rings encircling Pluto.

While searching for these rings, telescopically observing astronomers came upon a sudden surprise.  A fourth moon is orbiting Pluto!  Wow!  Here is poor Pluto, stripped of it’s planetary position, and demoted to the status of little more than an asteroid.  Now, here it is, packing four moons of it’s own!

Pluto is/was the smallest planet of our solar system.  It has a diameter that expands for no more than 1, 415 miles.  It actually is a mere eighteen percent of the diameter of our Earth.  It’s diminuitive size and distant orbit had scientists to reduce it’s status as an outright planet within our solar system, reclassifying it as a dwarf planet.

Now, as small as it is, astronomers whom have been studying Pluto have found that it has a fourth moon.  Yes; FOUR!  Take that, Earth!  Only the enormous gas giants have more moons than four!

It was 1978 when Pluto’s largest moon, Charon, was discovered.  It has a diameter of only 728 miles, making it half the size of Pluto.  Charon orbits Pluto in what has been estimated as the time length of one full day. Some scientists seem to be observing that Charon and Pluto are in a mutual orbit of one another, possibly classifying them as a dual planetary system.

May of 2005 was when Hydra and Nix were identified in orbit of Pluto.  Scientists using The Hubble Space Telescope viewed the distant objects, studying them to determine as to how they were to be classified.  After verifying studies were completed, these satellites were designated as official moons by The International Astronomical Union.

The recently identified moon has been labeled as P4, for now.  It has a diameter that is a distance of no more than between eight and twenty-one miles (one would think that Pluto just farted, and a chunk of rock flew off…)!  It has been spotted in orbit around Pluto that is somewhere in between the orbits of the moons Hydra and Nix, orbiting the planet within thirty-one Earth-length days.

P4, like Hydra and Nix, is thought to have formed from Pluto after it was slammed by an asteroid.  It may have been an asteroid, or it possibly could have been a larger object.  This is the same theory of how our Moon formed from the materials of our Earth!

A fourth moon for Pluto

SEE THESE SITES!!!…tiny-fourth-moon-near-pluto-154159650.html…telescope-finds-fourth-moon-orbiting-pluto

File:Pluto animiert.gif

Planet Pluto

Asteroids from

linie-0373.gif from Download

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How-bout Some Pie With That?

July 19, 2011 at 7:51 PM (current news, social opinion)

Now, surely there is nothing wrong with having a little pie!  Well, I suppose it is a bad thing when a cream pie happens to be aimed at your face.  Some are saying that it was whipped cream, and some are saying that it was shaving cream!

The scene inside of The British Parliament got a little fiesty today!  A concerned citizen of The United Kingdom likely had the sentiments of several people whom follow along with the issues of politics.  Enough of the talk, enough of the gridlock; enough is enough!

Rupert Murdoch, age 80, and chairman of NewsCorp, was speaking with Parliament during a hearing about the alleged actions of rep0rters from his newspapers.  These reporters supposedly had been hacking the cell phones of targeted individuals in order to get details for news stories.  Yet, the hearing was instantly interrupted when a man entered the legislative chamber, on the attack!

This man was identified as a reporter for The Telegraph, a news service of The United Kingdom.  As the Parliamentary hearing over Murdoch was occurring, the reporter entered the chamber.  He immediately rushed toward the table where Murdoch was sitting.  Before anyone really knew what was happening, the reporter tried to slam a pie into the face of the NewsCorp leader!

As everyone in the chamber was shocked, Murdoch’s son, James, rushed to defend his father!  At the same time, Murdoch’s current wife Wendi Deng, age 42, jumped up to confront the assailant.  She was able to get in a good facial slap on the man who had foam-pied her man in his mug!

The only harm that seemed to befall the elder Murdoch was that his glasses were knocked off of his face.  The audience within the chamber was taken aback, obviously stunned by the action and excitement of the moment.  Police did enter, assisted by Murdoch’s bodyguards, all of whom did get hold of the foam pie intruder!

The pie facer is Johnathan May-Bowles.  He is a British comedian who uses the alias Johnny Marbles.  May-Bowles has been known to express disdain for government impracticalities and social injustices.  Before attempting to pie-slap Murdoch, Johnny Marbles shouted out “greedy billionaire”, then he ran to the chamber bureau where the media tycoon was seated.  More of the foam got onto Marbles than anywhere near to Murdoch, as Wendy Dang / Mrs. Murdoch did shut him down before he could successfully attack her hubby!

A man, named on Twitter as Jonnie Marbles, is led from Portcullis House in London, Tuesday July 19, 2011, following an incident as Rupert Murdoch and James Murdoch gave evidence before a House of Commons Committee on the News of the World phone hacking scandal.(AP Photo/Steve Parsons-pa) UNITED KINGDOM OUT: NO SALES: NO ARCHIVE:

Pie-facer Johnathan May-Bowles


 OMGIF : Slowmotion pie attack Slowmotion pie attack | lol gif | Slowmotion Girl Food

OOPS!!! Was that YOUR FACE?!?!

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A Comical Cat Concept?

July 18, 2011 at 6:36 PM (animal activism, current news)

Certainly, this would be a great idea.  Yet, I am not sure as to how it actually will work!  The idea of it is comical, at least!

Attention all cat lovers!  Imagine walking into your home, then toward your bathroom.  You happen to hear that the restroom area is occupied.  Startled, and possibly scared, you step back because no one is supposed to be at home.  Then, you hear the toilet flush!

Do not be alarmed so quickly!  If you are the guardian of a household feline, it may be that one of your long-desired dreams has come true. A young and business-minded cat caretaker named Rebecca Rescate has created an item called CitiKitty, which is supposed to alleviate the need to clean the litterbox forever!

Ms. Rescate devised the idea for this device during her tendings to her own cat.  During 2004, she decided to toilet train her own beloved feline, Samantha.  It was while watching her own whiskered child on the bowl that Rescate came up with the idea to create a conformable comode for all cats!

Samantha was a tuxedo-point, bicolor cat.  She and owner (Mommy) Rebecca Rescate lived in a Manhattan apartment.  It was there where Ms. Rescate began to recognize that their living space was too small for the additional occupation and odor of a regularly ransacked litter box!

It is possible that she got the idea from viewing Mr. Jinx in Meet the Parents!  Yet, whatever the reason, Rescate took the next step, putting forth the effort to turn the idea into a practical presentation.  She has created a five-step process to train cats to leave the litter boxes, opting to use human toilets, instead.  It begins with an introduction to the toilet, having the cat to get comfortable with recognizing the toilet as an area of fecal and urinal waste disposal.

The beginning step is to have a litter-box replica-object placed within the toilet.  Then, have the cat to get accustomed to climbing atop the comode to relieve itself.  Once the cat is used to the idea of using a toilet instead of a litter box, remove the faked litter box from above the toilet.  It should be at a point when the cat is comfortable with regularly going to the comode to use it!

Again, it is supposed to be a five-step process that has the cat becoming accustomed to using a toilet instead of it’s litter box.  The cat has to get used to climbing atop a toilet to relieve itself of it’s waste.  Then, the processes of eventually removing the litter tray to leaving an open and water-filled comode will take the time of the cat regularly going to the toilet when it needs to excrete it’s loads!  Yet, after five steps (at least….), cat guardians should be pleased with the success of having trained their feline fuzzballs to use the toilet!

Of course, there are opponents to this idea of cats using the toilet.  Many of us see constantly that a cat, likely among Earth’s creatures with the most attitude, can not be trained to do anything that it does not want to do!  It will take time and patience (Hi, Halle…) to get your cat used to the idea of mounting a human toilet to handle it’s business.

Yet, after seeing the device, and seeing these cats allegedly in action, the thought of this object is somewhat appealling.  I plan to present the option throughout my home, seeing if it will pass the comedy, and onto an actually practical idea.  I am not sure that I will not be the only one actually trying to make it work!

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/07/18/smallbusiness/cat_toilet/index.html

                           kitten animation

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A Fantastic Finale!

July 16, 2011 at 2:19 AM (movie reviews)

Spectacular!  This film indeed was worth the wait!  After having seen all of this series of films, I truly believe that this story came to an ultimately outstanding conclusion.  If only I had read all of the books; I could only imagine the elation that I would have received from this film.  However, seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:  Part Two indeed was the gratifying gift that I had been expecting!

It begins with Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) being reminded that the wizard’s wand chooses the wizard.  He is told that three deathly hallows are present:  the elder wand, the cloak of invisibility, and a magical stone.  Then, Harry is warned of his immediate danger, as Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) is after him!

We see Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter) sneaking into a vault at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Meanwhile, as Harry is speaking to the goblin Dobby about The Sword of Gryffindor, we see that Severus Snape (Alan Rickman) has assumed the post of Hogwarts’ Headmaster.  Harry has to sneak into the school with the help of Dobby, yet he wants Harry to retrieve for him The Sword of Gryffindor as payment for his help!

Harry, Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint), and Hermoine Granger (Emma Watson) continue to search for the remaining Horcrux.  Harry has with him wands that belonged to Bellatrix Lestrange and Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton).  The three friends proceed by disguising themselves, then sneaking into Hogwarts.  Yet, elves inside the castle sense that they are impostors!

Hermoine disguises herself as Bellatrix.  She is made to present her wand as some type of proof, yet a gnome allows her and the others to pass.  They get to the caves beneath Hogwarts, where they drop into a deep cave!

The three are in the darkness, with lit wands.  They pass a sleeping dragon, yet a loud ringing begins.  They run into an opening to get hold of a Horcrux.  It falls, then multiplies, nearly trapping them before Harry gets hold of the original one.  Yet, they are tricked by a troll, who leaves them there, in a room full of gold!

Guards inside zap at the three with their wands.  Hermoine casts a spell to help them get past the guards by flying out on a dragon!  They are able to escape Hogwarts on the dragon, flying into London, then being dropped into a lake.  Voldemort’s image attacks them, yet they swim to safety!  Yet, The Dark Lord now knows where they are at!

The friends realize that they must attack Voldemort to get the final Horcrux.  The Dark Lord’s giant snake knows that they are after him.  They run, getting to the home of Dumbledore’s brother, Aberforth (Ciarán Hinds), from whom they need help to get back into Hogwart’s.  He begrudgingly helps them by using magic through the image of his sister, Ariana (Hebe Beardsall).

The image allows Neville Longbottom (Matthew Lewis) to appear.  He leads the three to an underground tunnel that takes them into Hogwarts.  Once inside, the group gathers with their friends and classmates.  They all learn that they need to get an item of Ravenclaw that is needed to fight Voldemort!

Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright) informs the friends that Professor Snape knows some of their plans.  Snape is informing the Hogwarts students that helping Harry and his allies will bring punishment upon them.  He says that they are not to keep secrets about any of Harry’s intentions, lest they be punished!

Suddenly, Harry emerges in front of the students and Professor Snape!  Snape pulls his wand on Harry, but Professor McGonagall  (Dame Maggie Smith) emerges, battling Snape!  McGonagall defeats him, and Harry collapses.  He hears the sound of a screaming baby, then he hears Voldemort’s voice.  The Dark Lord has this baby, and he tells Harry that he must surrender in one hour for her to be freed!

Professor McGonagall ends up casting out many of the Slytherin students, while calling other professors to assist Harry.  He leaves Hermoine and Ron, going to search inside of Ravenclaw House.  Professor McGonagall goes with Mrs. Molly Weasley (Julie Walters), as they summon stone guardians to protect the school!

Luna Lovegood (Evanna Lynch) pulls Harry back inside.  She gets him to speak with The Grey Lady, Helena Ravenclaw.  Harry needs a diary from her, yet he gets resistance, at first.  He does get help after his plans to defeat the dark wizards and to destroy the horcruxes are revealed.

Lord Voldemort and all of his allies gather outside of Hogwarts.  They cast spells to attack the castle.  A ghost inside is angry at the attack, and it becomes curious about helping Harry.  It assists Harry through a riddle.  Meanwhile, Ron casts a spell to enter the Slitherin tunnel as his older twin brothers, Fred and George, stand guard with others outside.

Ron gets hold of a tooth from a dragon’s skeleton.  He gives it to Hermoine, who casts a spell to distract and hurt Voldemort, while creating a brief flood.  This enrages The Dark Lord, yet Ron and Hermoine take a moment to kiss!

Hogwart’s School is totally aflame!  The students have been scattered.  A horde of witches and wizards chase Neville into a tunnel to the school, yet the tunnel collapses.  Neville survives, but more wicked witches and wizards attack the school with the assistance of a giant troll!  Neville is seen fighting bravely, as Draco is sneaking inside!

Ron and Hermoine have a map to find the needed Horcrux.  Yet, they are tailed immediately by Draco and other wicked allies.  Harry is inside of the castle, and he hears a voice that directs him toward a stone.  He is approached by Draco, and other mean magicians, who intend to stop him.  Hermoine and Ron enter, using their wands to blast the others, as Draco runs away in cowardice!

Harry and Hermoine get hold of a needed jewel, then they are forced to flee from a dragon!  It nearly has them trapped because Draco and other sinister spellcasters are blocking their escape.  Harry, Hermoine, and Ron are able to fly from the area on brooms, yet Draco grabs onto Harry’s broom, sneak-escaping the flaming dragon, also!

Harry destroys a Horcrux that he has with him, which wounds Voldemort.  It is at that point that Harry realizes that he must destroy Voldemort’s giant snake.  It is the last Horcrux that will defeat The Dark Lord once it is eliminated.  Yet, Lucious Malfoy (Jason Isaacs) works to bring Professor Snape before Voldemort.

The dark wizards prepare for an attack on the school as Death Eaters approach.  Hogwarts is protected by a magical shield to hold them off, as Snape confers with Voldemort.  Harry, Hermoine, and Ron sneak into the area, hearing Voldemort talking to Snape.  The Dark Lord questions Snape, then he fatally wounded the turncoat wizard because he had something that Voldemort wanted!

Harry gets tears from Snape, which he uses to get hold of a needed weapon.  As Snape tells Harry that he has his mother’s eyes, Voldemort speaks aloud.  He calls out Harry to meet him in The Forbidden Forest, as he kills everyone around him!

The others return to Hogwarts, which now is a destroyed mess!  Mr. Arthur Weasley was killed in the battle.  Harry has a potion with him that he casts into water, and it shows him a young Professor Snape, first learning of magic.  It goes onto show Snape as a student, and as a young man.

Suddenly, the spirit of Professor Snape appears, meeting with the spirit of Headmaster Dumbledore.  An image of Harry’s mom, Lily, being killed is seen, and it is revealed that Snape loved her.  Harry then understands that was a source of Snape’s revile for him because he is the child of Snape’s beloved by another man!

Further visions show Harry that Dumbledore ordered Snape to murder him so that Snape could gain Voldemort’s complete trust.  This trust allowed for a weakness in Voldemort, and Harry saw that as an opening.  It allowed Voldemort’s soul to be exposed to Harry, showing the night that The Dark Lord killed Harry’s mother.

Harry realized that he had to die in order to eliminate this last portion of Voldemort.  As well, Harry learned the truth behind Professor Snape’s dislike for him.  He saw that Snape had spite for him because he was the child of his mother, Lily, by another man, and not his own son!

Dumbledore revealed that Harry must die in order for Voldemort to be gone forever!  Harry understands this, and he knows that he must kill Voldemort’s snake.  Now, ready to die, Harry gets a first stone, seeing images of his parents and deceased allies.

Voldemort’s cohorts search for Harry.  They have Hagrid tied up, as Voldemort casts more spells to attack.  Harry awakens inside of a brightly-lit chamber without his glasses.  He sees a bloody Voldemort in embryo stage, then he sees Professor Dumbledore.  Harry and The Professor ponder their location, and Dumbledore reiterates that Harry is the Horcrux that Voldemort never meant to make.  With this knowledge, Harry has the choice of whether or not he wants to return to life.

As Voldemort’s snake remains ready to attack, The Dark Lord is seen in surrounding mirrors.  Harry’s body seems dead.  Hagrid gets the body, and he returns it to the ruins of the castle.  Everyone follows behind Voldemort and his snake.  As Voldemort sees that Harry has died, he and the dark wizards laugh, gloatingly.  He orders all of the other wizards to join him, or to die!

Draco joins Voldemort, followed by Neville, who mumbles something to remember Harry.  Then, shockingly, Harry arises, then he casts a spell to attack Voldemort’s snake!  The Malfoys escape, as the snake approaches Harry.

As Voldemort appears to have the upper hand, Hermoine enters, stabbing the snake.  Neville awakens, as Harry and Voldemort battle.  As The Dark Lord’s accomplices rally,  Mr. Weasley calls Bellatrix a bitch, then he zaps her to death!  Harry and Voldemort enter the castle, and they reach a top tier. Harry grabs hold of Voldemort, and they plunge off of the castle tier together.

A black smoke surrounds the grounds, as Harry and Voldemort grab wands.  They cast spells against each other, as Neville decapitates Voldemort’s serpent.  This weakens Voldemort, yet The Dark Lord casts one more spell at Harry.  Harry fights it off, and he gets hold of Voldemort’s wand.  He uses it to finally defeat The Dark Lord!

Hogwarts is a total mess!  The staff and students gather, as Hermoine and Ron emerge together, hand in hand.  Harry comes to realize that his wand was being used by Professor Snape.  Now that Harry has regained it, he breaks it, and he tosses the pieces of it.

Nineteen years pass, as the children of Harry, Ron, Jenny, Draco, and another prepare to go off to school.  These kids all are going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  We learn that Harry’s son is named Albus Severus Potter, named for Headmaster Albus Dumbledore and Professor Severus Snape!

Quite the delightful tale!  I can say that I truly enjoyed each of these stories, and that J.K. Rowling has created a spectacular storyline that should last for ages.  All children, all students, all people whom love a good tale truly should love Harry Potter!  Each of the films was fantastic, and all of them lead to this totally fabulous culmination!  If the movies were this tremendous, the books certainly are terrific!   See these films!  Read these books!

The movie mania does continue!!  Captain America:  The First Avenger premieres next week!  Cowboys and Aliens, along with Crazy, Stupid, Love, and The Smurfs open July 29.  August has Conan the Barbarian, Don’t Be Afraid of the DarkFright Night,  One Day, Our Idiot BrotherRise of the Planet of the Apes, and The Whistleblower!

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July 13, 2011 at 6:25 AM (Uncategorized)

I found myself awake earlier than necessary this morning, and I watched an interesting report on this morning’s news broadcast.  It was instantly horrifying, yet surprisingly funny by malevolent manner.  Well, he had it coming, yet not anymore!  You will see…

Over to California; a woman from Garden Grove could not put up with the marital misdeeds of her matrimonial mate any more!  Catherine Kieu Becker, age 48, had suspected that her husband was being unfaithful.  It seems that she had been following up on information that he was cheating, and she did find out that there was truth to that painful proclamation.

This past Monday night was when Becker reached her breaking point, after learning of her husband’s infidelity.  She prepared an evening meal for him, drugging the food to make him fall asleep early.  The husband, age 51, and as yet unidentified, chose to go to sleep early, thinking that his meal had made him sick.

It was later that night, while he was sleeping, that this man was awakened by something pulling at him.  He saw that his wife was ripping off his clothing, and she was reaching toward his genetalia.  She managed to get hold of it (it was sleeping, too…), and she took a knife to it.  A short time later, this woman had sliced her husband’s penis off!

Dick gone!!!  After displacing his dick from his whole body, Mrs. Becker took it to the kitchen.  Apparently no longer hungry for it, she opted to toss it into the sink.  Then, she turned on the garbage disposal, pulverizing the instrument of her personal pain to oblivion!  Afterward, Becker calmly called the police, telling them what had occurred.

Law officers arrived moments later, finding the man bleeding from his crotch region.  He was conscious, surprisingly, and he was immediately taken to the nearest hospital.  Mrs. Becker was arrested, and she was taken to Orange County Jail.  There, she awaits the results of a presently occurring investigation into charges of administering a sedative with intent to commit a felony, aggravated mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon, poisoning, and spousal abuse!

The husband was rushed to The University of California Irvine Medical Center.  He was placed immediately into surgery to halt the bleeding.  Doctors then continued with effforts to repair his mangled reproductive region.  Detectives for the crime went back to the home, where they got hold of the knife, and the rope used to tie the husband down!

Well!   I could not resist reporting about that story, after having watched it on this morning’s news!  I was in pain myself, at first, trying to comprehend the trauma that this man is enduring.  Then, I had to think about all that he might have done, must have been doing, that set his wife off in such a manner.  I guess that you do not commit to those vows if you do not really mean it.  You never know what you will lose……

 Catherine Becker has been

Catherine Becker

(Mrs. Dick Chopper)

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/police-ca-woman-cut-off-husbands-penis…/07/california_woman_cut_husbands.html…/police-ca-woman-cut-off-husbands.html…/police-ca-woman-cut-off-husbands-penis

 He had it coming….

Knife.gif - (2K)     Knife.gif - (2K)     Knife.gif - (2K)

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Let That Mama Stay on Her Back!

July 11, 2011 at 6:46 PM (Uncategorized)

Now that is a big baby!!!  MY GOODNESS!!! I do not expect this mother to get up and back to walking normally for a few weeks.

Longview, Texas is where JaMichael Brown entered our Earth this past Friday.  The Good Shepherd Medical Center, Longview, Texas was the facility that kept his mother, and that presented the medical team to assist with his delivery.  The town of Longview is located in northeastern Texas, forty miles to the east of Tyler, Texas.

Hands down, JaMichael holds the record for the largest baby ever born at Good Shepherd Medical Center.  He weighs in at a total of sixteen pounds and one ounce.  Reporters are saying that he is slightly smaller than the average one-year-old child!  JaMichael was born after thirty-nine weeks of pregnancy within his mother. 

His parents are Michael Brown and Janet Johnson.  Ms. Johnson has four older children, and this is her first child with partner Michael Brown.  Medical officials at Good Shepherd Medical Center had JaMichael born by Caesarean section, as requested by Ms. Johnson.  The birth was officially recorded at 9:05 a.m., Friday, July 8, 2011.

It is not known yet as to whether or not JaMichael is a record-breaking baby.  It is being investigated, although there are reports of babies that have been born in Indonesia, 2009, at 19.1 pounds.  Some records state that babies at the end of the nineteenth century were born at weights up to twenty-three pounds!  Talk about backs OUT!!! 

People whom have been reviewing stories about JaMichael’s birth already have given him the moniker “Moose”!  I do not know if that is meant to be funny, or a back-handed snipe, as moose are not exacty the cutest things!  Something along the line of a bear could have worked.  A gorilla might have been insulting, too.  Nonetheless, JaMichael is a HUGE baby!

This young boy was born into a family of big men.  JaMichael’s dad is six feet and six inches tall!  His uncle is six feet and eight inches tall!  His mother was affflicted with gestational diabetes, which does result in unusually large births.  However, with all things back to normal, this baby has no where to go, but UP!!! 

The largest birth ever recorded occurred during 1879.  Canada is where Ann Bates gave birth to a baby boy at twenty-three pounds and twelve ounces!  However, this baby survived only for eleven hours.

JaMichael Brown, born a whopping 7.3kg.

  SEE THESE SITES!!!–even-the-babies-20110712-1hb6p.html,0,559561.story?track=rss…/how-big-was-the-biggest-baby-ever-born

art_0217.gif (9423 bytes)          art_0217.gif (9423 bytes)

 An interesting aside. If you take the age that you are, or will turn this year, and add that to the last two digits of the year that you were born, it will equal to 111.  This should work for EVERYONE in the world!

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