A Deeper History of Earth and Cybertron Revealed!

July 2, 2011 at 2:40 AM (Uncategorized)

Robots in disguise!  The anticipated third chapter of Michael Bay’s Transformers series premiered this week!  New people and a new plot charged theater screens, as this latest robotic rousing on the reel delivered the continuing saga of Autobots versus Decepticons!

An explanation of how an Autobot probe landed on our moon during the 1960s was given.  It provided details about how it’s secret presence initiated The Space Race between The United States and The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  Unbeknownst to the general public, an U.S. astronaut from the Apollo 11 mission discovered a crashed vessel that contained the remains of a robotic body! 

At present day, Sam (Shia LaBeouf) is living in Washington, D.C..  It is a sunny morning when he awakens next to his new girlfriend, Carly (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley).  He has his little Transformer bad-bot living with him, as well.  Then, to Sam’s suprise, his parents arrive!

Earth currently is being guarded by The Autobots, using energon as their main power source.  Russian agents have discovered that an energon signature has been detected at Chernobyl.  A team of Autobots and scientists went to investigate, and they were surprise-attacked!  A gigantic, serpentine, robotic creature emerged to assault Optimus Prime, and military forces arrived.  Optimus was able to defeat it, yet he revealed that the machine was the Decepticon called Shockwave, and it had a long-lost Autobot item!

Sam currently is interviewing for jobs, with little luck.  Autobots on Earth are going through training and debriefing, while working with United States military forces.  Optimus is learning of an item from Cybertron that was taken from the moon during the 1960’s launches.  Astronaut Buzz Aldrin saw a crashed vessel, which Optimus identified as The Ark.  It is the ship that was owned by The Sentinel Prime.  The Autobots’ mission now is to get this ship to safety!

Sam and Carly meet Dylan (Patrick Dempey).  He joins the group, as The Autobots have The Ark, and Optimus has found Sentinel Prime.  Meanwhile, The Decepticons are in Africa, where Megatron emerges, accompanied by Starscream and Soundwave.  They have news of The Autobots finding the lost moon ship, so they deploy Laserbeak to retrieve information.

Sam is adjusting to life with Carly, and he is dealing with a strange character at his job.  This man named Jerry Wang (Ken Jeong) knows of Sam’s interactions with The Autobots.  As well, he knows about the dark side of the moon, where the secret ship was found! 

Unknown to any of them, Wang’s office is being searched by a Deception spy-bot.  It is seeking information from Sam, and in the process, it throws Wang out of a window!  At the same time, a copy machine in another area of the office transfrorms into a Decepticon, and it chases Sam!  He and Carly manage to escape!

After Bumblebee assists Sam with regrouping, Sam gets into a secret government facility.  There, Sam gets details about Sentinel Prime, and he learns about the dark side of the moon.  Sam is told that he must keep this information secret, yet he does not agree to make that pact.

Optimus is taken to Sentinel Prime with The Matrix of Leadership.  The powerful key is used to revive Sentinel, who then is told about the loss of Cybertron to The Decepticons.  Sentinel informs Optimus, Sam, and others with them about special pillars that are used for space teleportation.  Sentinel wants the pillars returned to The Autobots because they carry information about a secret wormhole that could bring forth more Decepticons!

The O’Reilly Factor is where Seymour Simmons (John Turturro) discusses allying with The Autobots when the seeming majority of humanity want them off of the planet.  Afterward, Simmons meets with Sam to discuss the secret moon transmission.  From there, Optimus and Sentinel meet to decide that Optimus will remain in control of The Autobots.

Further details are gained, regarding a cancelled 1972 Soviet trip to The Moon.  Sam and Simmons travel into Russia, seeking a secret agent.  The Russians reveal that they have photographs from the dark side of the moon, featuring the secret vessel.  Sam gets details for Sentinel Prime, knowing that this information is being sought after by The Decepticons, also! 

The Decepticons mean to use Sentinel as a lure/trap to catch Optimus, Bumblebee, Jazz, and other members of The Autobots.  Sam, with the help of Ironhide, attempts negotiating with Sentinel, though Sentinel knows himself to be a traitor.  He made a prior deal with Megatron which lead to the destruction of an Autobot, and now Sentinel will not cooperate with current efforts to assist his team.

Optimus learns of this, then he becomes angry and confused.  At the same time, Megatron informs Starscream of Sentinel Prime’s presence, and of his possible defection to the Decepticon side!  Now eager, Megatron gathers forces to meet on the dark side of The Moon for a preliminary effort at invading Earth!

Sam has mixed words with his now-boss Dylan, who is secretly in cohoots with The Decepticons!  Dylan knows about what is on the dark side of The Moon, and he is acting as a liaison for The Decepticons.  He has Sam forced to wear a watch that implants a Decepticon chip into him to gather secret information when Sam speaks with The Autobots!

The government has upgraded to DEFCON One, and Sentinel Prime has declared himself to be The Autobots’ new leader!  He means to purge Earth of all of it’s natural resources, and he demands human compliance!  As well, he has forced various governments worldwide to exile all Autobots from the planet!

The U.S. government has a secret storage of an element called Xanthium.  Sam and Epps (Tyrese Gibson) get the undercover details, as The Autobots are being prepared for permanent shipment off of the planet.  The Autobots boarded a shuttle, which was set up by a turncoat Dylan to be destroyed when it launched!

Sam and Epps work to gather allies from Project N.E.S.T., the government program working with The Autobots.  Dylan gets hold of Carly, taking her to help The Decepticons with gathering materials to bring Cybertron within range of Earth.  Sentinel Prime launches an attack on New York City, as Decepticons attack Chicago!  As all things are looking bad, Sam is trapped in Chicago by Decepticons, and he is being viewed as a bad sign for humanity! 

A surprise occurs, as Optimus shows that he and The Autobots did not leave Earth!  They remained hidden while the decoy ship was launched and destroyed.  They now reveal that they are ready to battle The Decepticons with the help of Sam and Epps!

The Decepticons have taken over Philadelphia.  They have the assistance of Sentinel Prime, as they mean to begin a reconstruction of Cybertron.  Sam tries to attack Dylan, yet Dylan has Decepticon assistance.  So, Sam and Carly escape with Bumblebee.  Then, Dylan informs Megatron that The Autobots have remained on Earth.

Epps and Carly contact military forces to prepare them for a needed protection of Chicago.  Decepticons begin to appear, and Optimus now stands ready for battle!  As the fight starts, humans try uniting with The Autobots to save Earth.  Yet, Megatron is able to defeat Army choppers, and he sends Decepticons to kill any escaping military forces.

Sam, Carly, and Epps work with military forces to plan a counter attack.  Yet, their building-base collapses in the midst of their planning, and Megatron enters, forcing them to leap from a high floor.  They all jump out of the one collapsing building, into another, as it is collapsing!  A Decepticon sees them, and he sets loose an enormous, serpentine robot to assault the falling skyscraper!

Sam and Carly manage to get out in time.  Optimus arrives in time to begin fighting, yet he is shot at and caught.  Sentinel has Decepticons with him as he is on the verge of launching a global attack.  A derelict Starscream emerges to attack Sam and Carly, yet Sam has a cyber-gadget that he uses to put out one of Starscream’s eyes.  He gets hold of the object again, putting out Starscream’s other eye!

Starscream finally explodes, as Sam and Carly are saved by Bumblebee.  Philadelphia is under total attack, and the U.S. military has arrived for battle.  Bumblebee, Mudflap, and Skids now are after Sentinel Prime.   Bumblebee leads the attack, assasssinating Sentinel, and leading the raid to destroy the gigantic, hovering Decepticon ship.

Further fighting continues, with human paratroopers and snipers attacking Decepticons!  MudflapSkids, and other Autobots counterattack raiding Decepticons, as Sentinel Prime is using a teleportation device to bring more enemies to Earth.  A brand new battle has begun!

Optimus Prime kills one Decepticon, then he stands boldly, facing Sentinel Prime.  They engage in a fully-loaded fight, as Sentinel unleashes more Decepticon vessels.  Sam arrives, and he engages in battle against Dillon.  At the same time, Carly reaches Megatron, telling him that he has lost, and that he is now Dylon’s bitch!

The fight between Optimus Prime and Sentinel Prime nearly becomes lethal.  Sentinel almost kills Optimus, but Megatron attacks Sentinel.  While they fight, Optimus manages to move back, and Sam sees to it that Dylon is killed!  As Optimus regroups, he attacks Megatron, and he decapitates his main adversary!  Afterward, Optimus eliminates his turncoat former leader, Sentinel Prime.

Sam and military forces reunite with Carly, Epps, and Lennox (Josh Duhamel).  Bumblebee is there also, and he tries to push the idea of a marital union between Carly and Sam!  All is saved for the day, so it would seem!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The one we have been waiting to see, the final Harry Potter, is in two weeks!  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premieres July 15.  After all of the extensive plight, will Harry finally defeat Lord Voldemort?  That same day features the opening of Winnie the Pooh!

The trailers for Rise of the Planet of the Apes are looking quite exciting!  That little fellow looks quite the character, ready to put on a fiendishly plotted performance as Ceasar, the chimpanzee who knows just a little more than he should know!  It premieres August 5. 

The Help looks interesting, premiering August 10. It features Bryce Dallas Howard, Allison Janney, Sissy Spacek, and Cicely Tyson.  August 19 will have Fright Night and One DayContagion has potential, opening September 9!  Movies, movies!!!

Chevy Camaro Bumblebee Transformer


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