It Caught Me, Again!

July 5, 2011 at 1:27 PM (Uncategorized)

As many people are gathering this evening to celebrate our nation’s independence, I have myself comfortably situated at my desk.  I decided that I wanted to blog this evening, and I was searching for an interesting topic.  While listening to the television behind me, I hear a program giving details about 2012.

This show, Apocolypse 2012, is delving into some of the supposed facts from the self-proclaimed prophets of the 2012 inanity.  A surprisingly broad gamut of people are claiming to have proof in regard to the alleged truth behind the perilous predictions.  The program is presenting details from this one fixed-to-say foreseer named Patrick Geryl.

Geryl is an author from Belgium.  He subscribes to The Dresden Codex.  This is the collected documentation that has been collected from the Mayan culture of Central America by the Spanish explorers and pirates.  It is an elongated sheet of paper which has been folded enough times to make it into a book.  Inside of it, there is surprisingly accurate information regarding the orbital cycles of The Moon and Venus.  It is information given from the details of these celestial objects that are said to foretell of their alignment with Earth during 2012, bringing forth gravitationally-created consequences to our planet.

He is accompanied by other false prophets who speak to next year’s approaching adversity.  Michael Drosnin has written The Bible Code.  Within this work, so-called information is given of an oncoming comet that will strike our planet during 2012.  Mind you, there have been no reports given by actual astronomers that reveal details of meteors, or any manner of space debris, that may collide with Earth at any immediately oncoming date.  Yet, they can not see everything, and certainly, they do not report everything….

An issue that possibly is more unsettling about all of this is the talk effect.  As more and more people of legitimate mental faculty are expressing, constant talk about something happening can have possible effects on actually making it happen.  Not that anyone will have the power to control celestial objects, or the actual rotation of the planet, yet it is being stated that the continuous discussion of a negative action can lead to some level of calamitous occurrence because so many people may have an underlying desire to see that event happen.

Some prophecies are going on to state that The Christian Bible has foretold of 2012 disaster.  Calculations supposedly show that mathematical workings can reveal how time from the fall of Babylon lead to a time that will mean an oncoming end of the world.  Somehow, numbers worked out from the year 539 B.C., when Babylon fell, to the year 2012, will lead to that time period being a point of destruction!

I do not mean to perpetuate any levels of unnecessary madness and panic.  I am simply curious about what all of this hullaballoo means, if anything at all, and what it says about various aspects of past cultures.  It is curious as to why The Maya found this particular date to be so important in regard to the legacy of humanity, and why other cultures from around the planet, with seemingly no connections, also felt that this date had such a foreboding significance.

Allegedly, there have been so-called warning signs that were meant to expose a coming of disaster during 2012.  Various  broadcasts, websites, and written paraphernalia are being distributed to inform the public of what is coming next year.  So-called prophets, and even individuals like myself with nothing better to do, continue to disseminate details about the impending dooom and gloom that next year will bring! 

I will keep reading about this particular topic, while watching the various television programs that are broadcast about it.  It is interesting to me, though I do not claim to be an actual subscriber to any of these particular prophecies.  Other websites will arise with details and warnings, so I will reviews those, also.  Meanwhile, the planet will still rotate and orbit, so I will go ahead and do my thing, as well, without disturbance.



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