Let That Mama Stay on Her Back!

July 11, 2011 at 6:46 PM (Uncategorized)

Now that is a big baby!!!  MY GOODNESS!!! I do not expect this mother to get up and back to walking normally for a few weeks.

Longview, Texas is where JaMichael Brown entered our Earth this past Friday.  The Good Shepherd Medical Center, Longview, Texas was the facility that kept his mother, and that presented the medical team to assist with his delivery.  The town of Longview is located in northeastern Texas, forty miles to the east of Tyler, Texas.

Hands down, JaMichael holds the record for the largest baby ever born at Good Shepherd Medical Center.  He weighs in at a total of sixteen pounds and one ounce.  Reporters are saying that he is slightly smaller than the average one-year-old child!  JaMichael was born after thirty-nine weeks of pregnancy within his mother. 

His parents are Michael Brown and Janet Johnson.  Ms. Johnson has four older children, and this is her first child with partner Michael Brown.  Medical officials at Good Shepherd Medical Center had JaMichael born by Caesarean section, as requested by Ms. Johnson.  The birth was officially recorded at 9:05 a.m., Friday, July 8, 2011.

It is not known yet as to whether or not JaMichael is a record-breaking baby.  It is being investigated, although there are reports of babies that have been born in Indonesia, 2009, at 19.1 pounds.  Some records state that babies at the end of the nineteenth century were born at weights up to twenty-three pounds!  Talk about backs OUT!!! 

People whom have been reviewing stories about JaMichael’s birth already have given him the moniker “Moose”!  I do not know if that is meant to be funny, or a back-handed snipe, as moose are not exacty the cutest things!  Something along the line of a bear could have worked.  A gorilla might have been insulting, too.  Nonetheless, JaMichael is a HUGE baby!

This young boy was born into a family of big men.  JaMichael’s dad is six feet and six inches tall!  His uncle is six feet and eight inches tall!  His mother was affflicted with gestational diabetes, which does result in unusually large births.  However, with all things back to normal, this baby has no where to go, but UP!!! 

The largest birth ever recorded occurred during 1879.  Canada is where Ann Bates gave birth to a baby boy at twenty-three pounds and twelve ounces!  However, this baby survived only for eleven hours.

JaMichael Brown, born a whopping 7.3kg.








art_0217.gif (9423 bytes)          art_0217.gif (9423 bytes)

 An interesting aside. If you take the age that you are, or will turn this year, and add that to the last two digits of the year that you were born, it will equal to 111.  This should work for EVERYONE in the world!

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