A Comical Cat Concept?

July 18, 2011 at 6:36 PM (animal activism, current news)

Certainly, this would be a great idea.  Yet, I am not sure as to how it actually will work!  The idea of it is comical, at least!

Attention all cat lovers!  Imagine walking into your home, then toward your bathroom.  You happen to hear that the restroom area is occupied.  Startled, and possibly scared, you step back because no one is supposed to be at home.  Then, you hear the toilet flush!

Do not be alarmed so quickly!  If you are the guardian of a household feline, it may be that one of your long-desired dreams has come true. A young and business-minded cat caretaker named Rebecca Rescate has created an item called CitiKitty, which is supposed to alleviate the need to clean the litterbox forever!

Ms. Rescate devised the idea for this device during her tendings to her own cat.  During 2004, she decided to toilet train her own beloved feline, Samantha.  It was while watching her own whiskered child on the bowl that Rescate came up with the idea to create a conformable comode for all cats!

Samantha was a tuxedo-point, bicolor cat.  She and owner (Mommy) Rebecca Rescate lived in a Manhattan apartment.  It was there where Ms. Rescate began to recognize that their living space was too small for the additional occupation and odor of a regularly ransacked litter box!

It is possible that she got the idea from viewing Mr. Jinx in Meet the Parents!  Yet, whatever the reason, Rescate took the next step, putting forth the effort to turn the idea into a practical presentation.  She has created a five-step process to train cats to leave the litter boxes, opting to use human toilets, instead.  It begins with an introduction to the toilet, having the cat to get comfortable with recognizing the toilet as an area of fecal and urinal waste disposal.

The beginning step is to have a litter-box replica-object placed within the toilet.  Then, have the cat to get accustomed to climbing atop the comode to relieve itself.  Once the cat is used to the idea of using a toilet instead of a litter box, remove the faked litter box from above the toilet.  It should be at a point when the cat is comfortable with regularly going to the comode to use it!

Again, it is supposed to be a five-step process that has the cat becoming accustomed to using a toilet instead of it’s litter box.  The cat has to get used to climbing atop a toilet to relieve itself of it’s waste.  Then, the processes of eventually removing the litter tray to leaving an open and water-filled comode will take the time of the cat regularly going to the toilet when it needs to excrete it’s loads!  Yet, after five steps (at least….), cat guardians should be pleased with the success of having trained their feline fuzzballs to use the toilet!

Of course, there are opponents to this idea of cats using the toilet.  Many of us see constantly that a cat, likely among Earth’s creatures with the most attitude, can not be trained to do anything that it does not want to do!  It will take time and patience (Hi, Halle…) to get your cat used to the idea of mounting a human toilet to handle it’s business.

Yet, after seeing the device, and seeing these cats allegedly in action, the thought of this object is somewhat appealling.  I plan to present the option throughout my home, seeing if it will pass the comedy, and onto an actually practical idea.  I am not sure that I will not be the only one actually trying to make it work!








                           kitten animation


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