How-bout Some Pie With That?

July 19, 2011 at 7:51 PM (current news, social opinion)

Now, surely there is nothing wrong with having a little pie!  Well, I suppose it is a bad thing when a cream pie happens to be aimed at your face.  Some are saying that it was whipped cream, and some are saying that it was shaving cream!

The scene inside of The British Parliament got a little fiesty today!  A concerned citizen of The United Kingdom likely had the sentiments of several people whom follow along with the issues of politics.  Enough of the talk, enough of the gridlock; enough is enough!

Rupert Murdoch, age 80, and chairman of NewsCorp, was speaking with Parliament during a hearing about the alleged actions of rep0rters from his newspapers.  These reporters supposedly had been hacking the cell phones of targeted individuals in order to get details for news stories.  Yet, the hearing was instantly interrupted when a man entered the legislative chamber, on the attack!

This man was identified as a reporter for The Telegraph, a news service of The United Kingdom.  As the Parliamentary hearing over Murdoch was occurring, the reporter entered the chamber.  He immediately rushed toward the table where Murdoch was sitting.  Before anyone really knew what was happening, the reporter tried to slam a pie into the face of the NewsCorp leader!

As everyone in the chamber was shocked, Murdoch’s son, James, rushed to defend his father!  At the same time, Murdoch’s current wife Wendi Deng, age 42, jumped up to confront the assailant.  She was able to get in a good facial slap on the man who had foam-pied her man in his mug!

The only harm that seemed to befall the elder Murdoch was that his glasses were knocked off of his face.  The audience within the chamber was taken aback, obviously stunned by the action and excitement of the moment.  Police did enter, assisted by Murdoch’s bodyguards, all of whom did get hold of the foam pie intruder!

The pie facer is Johnathan May-Bowles.  He is a British comedian who uses the alias Johnny Marbles.  May-Bowles has been known to express disdain for government impracticalities and social injustices.  Before attempting to pie-slap Murdoch, Johnny Marbles shouted out “greedy billionaire”, then he ran to the chamber bureau where the media tycoon was seated.  More of the foam got onto Marbles than anywhere near to Murdoch, as Wendy Dang / Mrs. Murdoch did shut him down before he could successfully attack her hubby!

A man, named on Twitter as Jonnie Marbles, is led from Portcullis House in London, Tuesday July 19, 2011, following an incident as Rupert Murdoch and James Murdoch gave evidence before a House of Commons Committee on the News of the World phone hacking scandal.(AP Photo/Steve Parsons-pa) UNITED KINGDOM OUT: NO SALES: NO ARCHIVE:

Pie-facer Johnathan May-Bowles


 OMGIF : Slowmotion pie attack Slowmotion pie attack | lol gif | Slowmotion Girl Food

OOPS!!! Was that YOUR FACE?!?!


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