Gone Before Life Got Good!

July 24, 2011 at 1:10 AM (current news, social opinion)

It is not the first case of children gone astray before they even know how to drive.  Well, given what all this particular kid has been involved with, he likely does know how to drive!  Unfortunately, there are other things within his range of capacity that should not be open to one at his age.

This story is getting additional attention because the assailant is only fourteen.  The young man currently is being held in a correctional facility at Cuernavaca, Morelos, México.  He has been there since December 2010, and he will remain there until the results of his upcoming trial are revealed.

This young man has been accused of committing criminal actions that include running cocaine and marijuana between The U.S. and México.  He has been accused of having military weaponry within his personal possession.  He has been accused of committing crimes that stand against federal laws, some of which include kidnapping.  Most significantly, he has been accused of murder!

The young man is known by the nombre del calle “El Ponchis”, which translates to “the cloak”.  His name by birth is Edgar Jimenez Lugo.  He was born in San Diego, California, in May of 1996.  Recently, Lugo has been an active participant within a Mexican drug cartel.  He was arrested in December 2010, and he currently awaits trial.

Due to his status as a minor, Lugo can not face trial as an adult.  His trial began in Cuernavaca, México this past Monday.  Legal parameters specify that any convictions and sentencing can not be allowed legally to pass his eighteenth birthday.  So, if he is convicted of murder, he will not be legally allowed to spend time in jail for any more time than the next three years!

I do not know; this is a VERY gray area!  He has committed crimes that include murder!  He is not allowed by law to spend excessive time incarcerated, yet he was old enough to kill someone.  I do see the mindset that may follow along with youths being capable of having successful rehabilitation and useful readmittance into society.  Yet, I also can go along with the understanding that Earth is overrunning with human beings, and getting rid of a few here and there, regardless of age, really IS NOT a problem!

Regarding Edgar, a slight amount of sympathy should be necessary.  His addiction to cocaine occurred before he even was born.  His mother was a dope fiend, using cocaine while she was pregnant with Edgar.  This passed along to Edgar while in the womb, before he even knew what drugs are, or what they were doing to him.  He grew up poor, abused, and socially rejected.  By the time he was merely eleven years old, Edgar already was involved with a drug cartel, where he was transporting narcotics, and he was killing people!

Rehabilitation is the issue.  Opponents will say that the government already is spending excessive funds on useless things, which some would try to say include assisting criminals.  Yet, as this is a child, it would be important to realize that fact, allowing at least for the opportunity to improve himself.  Assuming that he is physically healthy, there is room for Edgar to undergo the mental treatment meant to have him reintroduced to society upon a platform of purpose and progress.

It is something of a complicated issue.  First, he DOES need to be placed under protective custody for longer than three years!  HE KILLED SOMEONE!  Due to his being a youth, I can understand not pushing the death penalty, as we want to believe that he can be rehabilitated, then returned to society as a useful instrument.  Yet, I can attempt hearing the families of the people whom he murdered, and their NOT having ANY sympathy for an individual who so ruthlessly hurt and killed their loved ones.  They want an eye for an eye…..

Edgar has told officials that he was kidnapped at eleven years old.  He was taken into this cartel, where he was forced to perform illegal actions that included drug trafficking, stealing, violent attacks, and murder.  The crimes of murder, which included decapitating victims, likely became more enticing to a poverty-riddled Edgar because he was offered and given $2,500 for each hit!  Furthermore, Edgar has stated officially that he was drugged when put to these criminal actions, and that he was basically forced to commit the crimes.

The trial is supposed to last for two weeks, and it is not open to the public.  The trial location is not being identified, and the media is not permitted to attend.  The families of the victims and of Edgar Lugo will be there, along with sixty-five witnesses testifying to his actions.










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