Comic Book Take-Backs and Cosmic Terror!

July 30, 2011 at 2:25 AM (movie reviews, Uncategorized)

Friday is Friday!  We had two decent picks this week, and I believe that I was looking forward to viewing both of them.  Actually, some of the trailers for these films were exciting, so I did enter the theater with an eager mood!

Pick number one was Captain America!  I wanted to view this 21st Century take on this classic Marvel Comics staple story.  It started in Siberia, where a hidden chamber was found.  Inside, there was the frozen shield of Captain America.  A tremor occurs, we move forward, seeing a military commander going after The Jewel of Odin.  He captures it, and he kills it’s prior guardian!

The United States is where young men are enlisting for military service.   World War II is getting active, but young Steve Rogers is denied initial entrance into The U.S. Army.  Rogers is denied entrance, yet he proceeds with his life.  It is later, after seeing a movie, that Rogers is beaten up by street thugs.  An angry military officer named James Barnes sees Steve being attacked, and he saves Steve!

Rogers and Barnes become friends.  Both have a trip to The Modern Marvels Expo, where they see a technological display by Stark Industries.  As Rogers is viewing scenery, he is silently watched by Dr. Abraham Erksine (Stanley Tucci).

It is later, after five prior military medical examinations, when Rogers is taken aside by Dr. Erksine, and he is given an offer.  Steve can finally become a military officer if he takes this experimental serum.  Steve is sent to a secret lab, where he is the subject of a secret experiment to create a powerful fighter!

Returning to The United States, Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) is involved with the process of selecting the nation’s best soldiers to fight against Nazi forces.  After Steve passes a series of tests, Colonel Phillips speaks with Dr. Erksine, and they proceed with testing Steve.  He passes one test where he successfully ceases an explosion by leaping onto the bomb!

Dr. Erksine goes onto tell Steve about Johann Schmidt.  Steve learns of the chemical experiment that changed Schmidt into Red Skull.  Meanwhile, it is in Germany where Red Skull is gaining information to steal a secret serum from Allied forces.

Upon returning to his hometown, Steve encounters a beautiful young woman.  She takes him to a Brooklyn antique store, then into a hidden laboratory beneath it.  There, Dr. Erksine and Colonel Phillips are waiting.  They place Steve into a chamber, where he is given a series of micro-injections.  Then, Steve is placed into a capsule, where he seems to be in pain, het he wants to continue.

Once the testing is completed, scientists and financiers are watching, including Tony Stark.  A man secretly enters the lab, setting off a bomb!  Dr. Erksine is killed, and gunfire erupts in the Brooklyn streets outside.  Steve is able to chase down on assailant’s car while on foot, but the bandits exit the car.  They take a hostage, going to a river, and getting into a submarine.

Steve leaps into the river, snatching the lead bandit out of the submarine.  The criminal takes a suicide pill.  The scene flashes to the lair of Johann Schmitt (Hugo Weaving), who is presented as the blood-red-skinned and bald headed Red Skull!

It is at Red Skull’s secret lair where soldiers are scene in preparation for battle, and ready to assist Adolph Hitler.  Red Skull is preparing a weapon, and he is prepping troops to serve the HYDRA science facility.  Yet, in The United States, the newly-prepared Captain America is being viewed more as a sideshow than as a true factor against The Nazis!  As The Captain seeks soldiers to help him fight Hitler, true military fighters view him as a joke!

Now embarrassed, Steve is unsure about his true capacity to serve his nation.  He speaks with Colonel Phillips, who is not happy with Steve’s sideshow actions.  Yet, Steve suits up as Captain America to prepare for a rescue mission.  As Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and Howard Stark (Dominic Coopper) fly Captain America over the site, he leaps into gunfire!  He manages to get into a Nazi camp, then into a secret lab, where he frees trapped U.S. soldiers.

Under fire, they all escape.  Soldier Gabe Jones (Derek Luke) is chosen to assist, freeing Allied troops, and defeating enemy forces as Red Skull escapes his attacked lab from a torpedo-shaped helicopter.   Steve is fightingin the area, but later is declared killed in action.  Colonel Phillips is angry at this news, yet is surprised with others as Captain America emerges with other troops and captured soldiers!

After Captain America is denied his own offer to turn himself in for betraying his own forces,  he is awarded a medal of honor by The President.  Yet, Captain America does not receive it officially because he is fighting enemy Polish forces!  He has become a celebrity in The United States, and he is continuing to experiment with new technology presented by Tony Stark.

Captain America is presented with a new alloy shield as he leads U.S. forces on maps to find Red Skull, and to stop a growing Nazi force.  Red Skull is killing his own forces because they have failed to find Captain America.  Yet, forces that include Black Knight work with Colonel Phillips to hunt down Nazi forces and Red Skull.

Rockets are being prepared to fire at Allied forces from Red Skull’s hideaway. Yet, Captain America makes it to that location, using his shield to deflect most of the enemy fire, yet ultimately becoming the target of Red Skull’s major rockets.  He is able to stop the bombing of The United States, but he is ultimately knocked unconscious.  Captain America is cryogenically frozen for sixty years, and reawakened during current times to serve as a current-day Avenger!

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) Poster

We had been waiting to see Cowboys and Aliens, so we excitedly entered the cinema for the next film selection.  This film begins in the desert southwest of The United States.  It is the late nineteenth century, and Arizona Territory is where a man with no memories wanders into the town of Absolution.  He has a strange and alien-looking band around his left wrist, which makes him all the more of an outcast to the small town locals.

Absolution is dominated by the rules of Sherriff Woodrow Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford).  Yet, it is the sherriff’s son Percy (Paul Dano) who stands out as the town mischief-maker, getting away with what he can because he knows that his father is there to bail him out of anything.

It is one afternoon when Percy is drunk that he is playing with his gun, and he shoots a bystander.  His father deals with the situation, yet the drunkard Percy stumbles into further mischief.  Meanwhile, one of his drunk cohorts wanders into an open field area, that is filled with cows.  He gets to a river, and suddenly is knocked out by a laser blast!

As federal marshalls are after Percy and his latest mischief, people gather at the town saloon.  The stranger is there, having a glass of whiskey.  A woman named Ella (Olivia Wilde) approaches him, yet Percy is not interested.  Percy winds up there, having another drink, and causing trouble, as a rumbling sound is heard!

Suddenly, U.S. Marshalls on horseback are seen entering the town, arriving to take Percy into custody.  Yet, a strange light appears in the sky.  These lights set off explosions that blow up most of the town, as people are snatched into the sky!  Strange ships are seen, getting hold of people, and flying away with them!

A strange man has arrived in Absolution,  wearing a strange, alien-looking device on his left wrist.  He blasts some type of torpedo ray out of the wrist band, shooting at a vessel as it snatches Percy!  The stranger shoots at another ship, and he does shoot it out of the sky!

After the ships seem to have been eliminated, the townspeople emerge.  Sherriff Dolarhyde asks the stranger about what is happening.  He identifies himself as Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig), as other residents emerge to find out more.  A scream and shots are heard, and a strange thing is seen running away!  Sherriff Dolarhyde tries to get Jake to help, but Jake refuses and leaves.

A woman follows Jake, but he denies her assistance, also.  Jake then recalls a time when he had been involved with a woman, and he was a constant thief.  This leads to a memory when some of his accomplices and his son were taken into the sky by strange lights.  Jake was supposed to gather supplies of gold, turning it over to the aliens behind these lights, in order to retrieve his son!

At that point, Jake reveals more to Ella.  After telling her of what he has endured, Ella assists Jake with gathering the town adversaries into one combined force.  They unite with native Apache tribal fighters whom have been invaded by alien forces, also.

A plan is devised, where Jake means to bomb the alien ships.  The townspeople gather wires and explosives, and they prepare to approach what is recognized as the mother ship.  They set off a bomb, which initiates laser fire!

Tall, grayish-green, large eyed aliens emerge, attacking people.  They capture some people and some horses, killing all of them!  Jake manages to get to a cave area, where he sees that the aliens have been storing people.  The people were being saved for food, as the aliens were mining Earth for minerals, especially gold!

Jake has teamed with local Native Americans, preparing to battle the aliens.  He goes onto an alien ship that night, seeing people tied and trapped inside.  Ella is with him, and she helps to free trapped people as Jake finds himself fighting and killing aliens inside!

The aliens reposition themselves to attack the town of Absolution.  Other cowboys arrive to assist the people with the battle.  One alien sees a town boy, chasing him into a nearby ravine.  It tries to capture the boy, but he stabs the alien with his knife!

Jake and his hitmen gather outside of an alien ship.  Ella encourages Jake to battle the aliens, giving him motivation, then leaving him to battle.  He lures aliens, as one chases him into a crevice, releasing two slimy arms to reach a nearby boy. The boy has a knife, and he stabs the alien!

Ella regroups with Jake, encouraging him to defeat the alien invaders.  She proceeds into the alien vessel’s core, as aliens are outside of the ship, attacking the people.  Jake is inside of the ship also, and he sees an image of himself.  An alien suddenly approaches Jake, trying to tie him down.  Yet, he kills it, and he frees a trapped Sherriff Dolarhyde!

They all manage to escape just as the alien ship is about to launch.  The majority of it is underground, and Ella is still aboard!  Yet, she has a bomb with her, which she sets to explode.  Ella plans to destroy the aliens, knowing that she must die in the explosion, as well.

After the alien ship launches and explodes, humans who have been lost for years emerge from the underground caverns.  Percy is one of them, and none of them has any recollection of what happened.  Things seem to return to normal, as Percy now has straightened up, working for his dad.  Jake and Sherriff Dolarhyde shake hands, and Jake rides out of town!

Cowboys & Aliens (2011) Poster

Apes get crunk next Friday!  Rise of the Planet of the Apes opens next week, featuring James Franco, Andy Serkis, Tom Felton, and John Lithgow!  That same day also sees the premiere of the possibly comedic The Change-Up!

A lot of exciting trailers are being shown!  I have seen clips for The Amazing Spiderman, The Dark Knight Rises, Fright Night, In Time, Man of Steel, and The Woman in BlackMovies, movies!!!

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