Fire Flusters Texas Felines!

August 1, 2011 at 10:03 PM (animal activism, current news)

This is a most horrific and saddening bit of information to report!  As an animal care advocate and cat lover, I was very upset by what happened here.  Yet, there will be a recovery!

It actually was last Thursday when a fire occurred at an animal care facility, located in Bridgeport, TexasThe Center For Animal Research and Education was stricken by a fire.  This is the home to several exotic felines, including cougars, leopards, lions, and tigers.  Included within this kitty-cat collection is one rare snow leopard.

Ms. Heidi Krahn founded this animal shelter in 2002, and she received official licensing by 2004.  She began plans for the facility during 1990, and was actually able to get the facility running by 2003.  Since that point, C.A.R.E. has been the home to fifty-three exotic felines.

Obviously, Krahn works tirelessly to maintain and to care for these cats.  She is assisted by the dedication of Dr. Bill McGee and Dr. Jeff Williams, both of whom are licensed veterinarians.  Together, the form a team which works with the felines, along with educating college interns, and prepping future veterinarians whom specialize in the aspects of feline care.

There were fifty-four big cats at C.A.R.E..  It is my understanding that three were lost in the tragic fire.  The recent drought and extreme heat that has afflicted Texas lead to exceptionally dry land around the animal shelter, helping to ignite sparks upon dried grass that grew into the devastating fire.  I had uncomfirmed information which stated that three of the big cats were killed in the flames.

The Center is seeking assistance from sources that care to lend help, at this time.  Ms. Heidi Berry, as the facility’s executive director, has provided contact information, along with details for anyone whom wishes to offer assistance.  Ms. Berry, along with groups of volunteers, have maintained this home for exotic cats since 2004.

Photo of Bigcatcare. Org




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