If We Saw An Alien, Would We Know It?

August 4, 2011 at 12:05 AM (curious research, extraterrestrial studies, late night studies, social opinion) (, , )

I am watching Morgan Freeman as he narrates Through the Wormhole.  This particular episode is the season finale.  It is exceptionally fascinating because he is discussing the possibility of life on alien planets.  I have reviewed some of the information that is being presented, and Mr. Freeman is giving further alluring details about what might exist beyond our Earth!

This episode, the season finale, is entitled “What Do Aliens Look Like?”.  He gave possibilities on how life on other worlds in other solar systems could have evolved, based on the settings of their home planets.  It might depend on how close the planet is to it’s host star.  It could depend on whether or not the life lives on a moon of a larger planet.  It could be based on the age of their homeworld.  Several factors would have to be taken into account in order to determine the true nature of extraterrestrial life.

Freeman reiterates the fact that we have no idea as to what life would be like from another world.  We base our speculations upon our knowledge of what we believe to understand about how the universe operates.  As we take the knowledge of the evolution of life on Earth into account, students of the idea of extraterrestrial life use that as a basis on how life on another world could evolve.  Actual scientists, along with E.T. fanatics, and all others whom are curious about the idea, will roll the dice.  It is figured that out of all that is out there, certainly, Earth is NOT alone!

We have no idea as to what actual life that is alien to our Earth might look like!  Morgan Freeman expressed this sentiment, noting that we are just coming to an understanding of what some of the planets beyond our solar system are like.  Several curious thoughts have been expressed, including how alien life might be built, how it might appear to our eyes, and how it even might be similar to life on Earth!

Recalling the studies of Dr. Stephen Hawking, mathematical ratios dictate that life beyond our world must exist.  He crunches the numbers, based on the actual size of what we have come to understand as the universe, factoring the numbers of galaxies,  suitable stars,  habitable zones with possibly habitable worlds, and a whole bunch of other stuff.  Based on the calculations, and upon actual logic, it is seemingly impossible that Earth is the only planet of ALL that is the universe to host forms of life!

Questions arose about the possible anatomies of alien life.  Might they be bipedal, like us?  Would they have what we believe to be the standard two eyes, one mouth, one nose, all on one head?  Could they come in varieties of colors beyond what we recognize as the skin complexions of human beings?  For all that we know, they might look just like us, or they could look like anything beyond our imagination!

I thought that this was a good topic upon which to end the season of this fascinating series!  Several of us want to believe, do believe that life does exist beyond our Earth and our current understanding.  We can continue to speculate, as we use more scientific facts and evidence about what we understand of life on our world, and about what we are learning about worlds beyond our solar system.  Yet, in truth, we never can be certain until we actually, truthfully, see extraterrestrial life in it’s flesh!

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