The Darkest Planet Yet Discovered!

August 12, 2011 at 5:52 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies)

Good telescopic observations are what I would have to use for attributing the finding of this particular object.  Of course, most of these astronomers are accurate observers, and they are very good with the work that they do.  Yet, I think that it may have taken a bit of extra skill to locate this particular sight!

Astronomers working with Princeton University made this discovery.  Telescopes gazed a distance of some 750 light years to locate TrES-2b.  This gas giant world is located in The Draco Constellation region of The Milky Way.  It is the first planet out from it’s host star, GSC 03549-02811 (no, they did not mean for everyone to get involved….).

TrES-2b is currently outstanding because of it’s non-reflective characteristic.  The planet has been viewed as being very dark, or darker than a black acrylic paint, as it was stated in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.  It is exceptionally opaque, and researchers are not totally sure as to why this is so.  The world reflects a mere one percent of the light from GSC 03549-02811.

TrES-2b is not completely void of illumination.  Apparently, it has a dull red glow about it, which is being described as similar to the lit coils within a stove.  This is due to the heat that the planet emits, likely due to it being a gas giant orbiting on top of it’s host star.  TrES-2b is only 310 million miles from it’s star, GSC 03549-02811, meaning it can reach temperatures that are near to 2,000 degrees, Fahrenheit!

TrES-2b is a gas giant.  It is suspected to be tidally locked, meaning that one side of the planet always faces it’s star.  This is like our Moon, where it’s dark side is never seen from Earth!  The gravitational binding of TrES-2b to GSC 03549-02811 causes the planet to be presented through phases, similar to how our Moon is viewed from Earth!

Darkest alien planet

SEE THESE SITES!!!…/Alien_World_is_Blacker_than_Coal_999.html



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