Early America with Alien Adventurers?

August 19, 2011 at 12:12 AM (astronomy topics, curious research, extraterrestrial studies, late night studies, science and technology, Uncategorized)

Extraterrestrial enthusiasts continue with the suggestions that Earth has been visited by beings from other worlds several times during her past.  I found myself curiously pleased by the particular presentations surrounding the possibilities of our planet having been briefly probed by other-worldly explorers.  This particular episode goes to speculate that evidence of their having been on our world is all around us!

These episodes of Ancient Aliens explore the idea of ancient extraterrestrials having been on Earth, and that they left traces of their visitations in plain sight!  Around the world, certain areas contain spectacular structures that ancient civilizations allegedly created to display forms of honor and worship to their deities.  So many of these creations are so enormous and so fantastic that many modern people have wondered how ancient humans could have created them without the use of modern technological advances.  This particular chapter of Ancient Aliens ventures to say that our ancestors had the assistance and the guidance of extraterrestial beings with the makings of these monuments.

Some alleged evidence comes from ancient documentation of flying objects.  Lands that supported human civilization before the age of technology have evidence of primitive humanity having kept records of strange sights that were described as giant, metallic birds!  People from cultures that included Chinese, Egyptian, and Roman have these written images in their historic documentations, as well as ancient cultures from the western hemisphere.

Specifically within North America, as the home of The Hopi, records of alien encounters have been displayed through their petroglyphs.  These carvings from rock formations depict images of interactions between people and what seem to be beings of strange construction.  Closer examination of the images do seem to display that people were interacting with beings that were holding devices and wearing helmets!  Ancestral legends of the Hopi seem to tell of their people having interacted with space travellers whom they came to view as gods!

Adams County, Ohio is where Serpent Mound is found.  This is a 1,370 feet-long, and up to three-feet-long mound that has the sketching of a giant snake.  The image itself coils for over eight-hundred feet, displaying seven curlings, and a thrice-wound tail.  The snake has a widely-opened mouth that seems to be consuming something.  Researchers have described the eaten object as anything from an egg, to a frog, to The Sun!  It is thought that The Adena of the Ohio Valley region created this mound, and that it’s purpose was to serve as a land marker for aerial vessels!

Elizabeth Lake, California is where Native American cultures have stories of a phoenix-like bird emerging from the water.  It appeared to come and go into the skies, suggesting that trips were being made to and from the planet!  The natives referred to it as a Thunderbird, a creature of extraordinary power, likely a servant to the gods!  E.T. theorists suggest that the natives were seeing an extraterrestrial vessel making back and forth voyages.

Also, there were reports from some cowboys and ranchers during the late nineteenth century, in this same area.  This section of California is in Los Angeles County, and contains a lake that is situated directly above San Andreas Fault.  Tales from the mid-nineteenth century describe an enormous, winged creature emerging from the lake at night.  It moved rapidly, seemed to be metallic, and it was resistant to bullets, suggesting a metallic structure!











Alien Abduction


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