Don’t Do That! I’ll Hot Sauce You!

August 24, 2011 at 6:06 PM (childcare and child protection, curious research, current news, social opinion)

It usually is not supposed to be anyone else’s business how a parent or sets of parents discpline their own children.  It usually is not anyone else’s business until it reaches the point of line-crossing, and the children are in danger.  Of course, danger in this instance can be defined broadly, which is why it has been taken to court!

Hopping back up to Alaska; here is one woman whom faces criminal charges for the possible abuse of her son.  Jessica Beagley, aged 36, is facing criminal charges for how she has disciplined her son.  She was on trial in Anchorage, and is currently free without bail.

Beagley has been arrested and indicted because of the manner in which she punished her son.  She and her husband have a set of ten-year-old boys whom they adopted from Russia.  One of the boys has a recorded history of being emotionally disturbed, with documentation of emotional and psychological issues.  He has done things that include frequent lying and peeing on the floor.  It seems that The Beagleys were aware of this boy’s disturbed nature before adopting him and his twin during 2008.

This situation with the young twin received greater attention when The Beagleys sent recordings of their discipline efforts to The Dr. Phil Show.  Jessica Beagley personally taped the incidents with her unruly son.  Her intention was to try getting assistance for dealing with a disturbed child.  It was the public viewing of these tapes from a segment of Dr. Phil’s program called Mommy Confessions that had the issue taken for legal review.  The tapes showed Beagley having her adopted son to ingest hot sauce, while he cried, then not allowing him to spit it out for eight minutes.  Also, the tapes have recordings of Beagley forcing the boy to take cold showers before bedtime as forms of punishment.

These are methods of child rearing and discipline that supposedly are religiously-endorsed.  It seems that conservative Christians, and some others, refer to one particular form of child punishment as hot saucing.  This is where the parent has the child to stick out his or her tounge, then hot sauce is dropped onto it as a manner of punishment.

Beagley is to return to court this coming Monday, August 29.  She could receive up to one year of incarceration, a $10,000 fine, and ten succeeding years of probation.  District Judge David Wallace is presiding over this case.  As several whom have seen her actions have described them as abusive, harsh, and outright-rude, it will be up to this Alaskan jury to decide how she will be punished for these incidences.  Beagley herself has said that she is a part of a loving family.  The original airings on Dr. Phil occurred during November  2010, where he described Beagley’s actions as brutal and offensive!

The scene as seen on the

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