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September 29, 2011 at 9:28 PM (current news, late night studies, social opinion, tv reviews, web gossip)

I was somewhat excited about The X Factor, at first.  I do enjoy hearing people sing (when they can sing), and I was thinking that the show would bring another concert-themed presentation to evening television.  I feared that it would be an American Idol clone show.  I do like to see and to hear singers.  Yet;  I do not know…

I was not impressed, this evening!  I think that I heard one or two good singers, out of what; nearly one hundred?  Simon only can come up with so many sprightly snipes.  Well, he possibly can bring them as often as he likes.  Yet, besides listening to him, I did find it difficult to sit through so many sounds that outright sucked!

I likely will give it a chance, though.  I really do like to hear singing, and they will eventually eliminate all of the sideshow acts.  When it does finally get down to the point where we can hear the real singers auditioning, then the show likely will be very good.  Plus, I really do love hearing all of Simon’s sarcasms!  L.A. was funny too, when he told one sour singer that she made him want to slit his wrists!

For example, that girl who came out, trying to sing Seasons of Love, was really upsetting.  That is a good song, and we had to sit through her destruction of it!  There were several people who came out to the stage, and they knew that they could not sing!  Yet, I guess that they really wanted to be on television, which was a mistake as well (most of them did not look like anything….).

I will give the show a chance.  When they sift through all of the crud, and they finally get to the real singers, then the show likely will be good.  This was the last night for auditions, so the real singing can start next week.  They are calling it “Boot Camp”, and it looks like they will have the singers in groups, eliminating them in masses, to get down to a total of thirty-two performers.  I will go ahead and tune in, so that I can see and hear what the real deal will be!

The X Factor Review: Six Factors That Separate X From Idol image



Animated Music - Notes

X Factor logo

I was wiggling to this….

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Boldy Going Where They Keep Going and Going!

September 27, 2011 at 9:53 PM (current news, extraterrestrial studies, social opinion, web gossip)

Now, now, boys!  Play nicely!  Well, I guess making that statement is quite moot, at this point.  When the feud has been festering for forty or fifty years, it probably is not going to end with a quick handshake and a few kind words.  So, it probably is to be expected that when one challenger publishes a new book, it will include some gibes at a long-term adversary!

George Takei and William Shatner became world icons due to their immortalized roles as Captain James T. Kirk and Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu on the television series, turned world phenomenon, Star Trek.  This began when the first show premiered during 1966, and it indeed has taken us to places where no one has gone before!

It seems that some level of discord has been continuing between Shatner and Takei.  I have read some stories about a rift that started separating the men during their filmings of Star Trek:  The Original Series.  He claimed that Takei had a long-lasting vexation with him, which may have started during their filmings of the 1960’s hit series.  Yet, a more announced and public disagreement was brought to light during 2008.  This was when Takei took the step to wed his same-sex partner, and Shatner claimed to be angry for allegedly not being invited to the ceremony.

Shatner maintains a website, where he put an entry that sniped at Takei about the wedding.  Here, Captain Kirk (Shatner) claimed that Lieutenant Sulu (Takei) never invited him to his (Takei’s) wedding, which was something of an insult.  Shatner went on, stating that he was not concerned about Takei’s revelation of homosexuality, and that Takei had some psychological issues that kept him from communicating with Shatner.

A truce was supposed to be called during 2009.  Howard Stern was supposed to have both men on his Sirius Radio broadcast, and only Takei showed up.  Takei told Stern that invitations to the wedding were sent to all of his former castmates of The Original Series, but Shatner claimed that he never was invited.  Takei claimed that Shatner was invited, as he stated that he was surprised that Shatner did not show up, as “he enjoys the limelight”.  Yet, Takei also claimed that Shatner never would attend any events that included other members of the Star Trek cast because “he doesn’t like the limelight to be shared with colleagues from Star Trek”!   

Now, William Shatner has published this new book, Shatner Rules: Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World At Large. It allegedly contains some sharp scrawlings about Takei, supposed to be aimed at his former co-star and crewmate for making unkind statements about him (Shatner) for roughly forty years.  Shatner also defends himself against Takei’s statements about his “big, shiny ego”.  Shatner writes that he (Shatner), as is supposed to have a big ego.  “If mine is shiny, it’s because I tend to it very carefully and lovingly.  Perhaps George’s needs a good polish”!

George Takei Insists William Shatner Invited to Wedding










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Drug Battle Between U.S. and Mexico Elevates, Despite Other Statements

September 26, 2011 at 11:06 PM (current news, historic review, late night studies, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

As our nation is focused on conflicts and warfare overseas, it is often overlooked that a battle continues to brew right at our back door.  Right now, our nation is locked in a very deadly battle, combating the forces that are steadily fueling drugs into The United States from beneath it’s southern border. 

Drug cartels from México have made their presence known, as their factions have shown elevated methods of displaying power against forces that attempt to block their efforts.  It nearly seems that The United States is engaged in a losing battle, while drug cartels from beneath it’s southern border are successfully imposing over eighty percent of the illegal narcotics into the nation.  As increased finances and security efforts have been enacted, it has become questionable as to whether or not a fight will be, or can be won against the pushers of pot.

The United States seems to be facing a duel-edged sword.  There are some issues with protecting the nation from drug trafficking due to what is happening within this country.  A lot of political clamoring has prevented fully-fledged efforts to block all action of illegal drug trafficking between The U.S. and México.  Disagreements on how criminals should be handled are occurring in discussions between both nations.  The U.S. remains concerned about the barely controllable violence happening within the drug battle, and México is seemingly on the verge of giving up it’s portion of the fight due to an unpopular opinion by it’s population.

During 2008, The United States elevated it’s southern border security levels.  A joint effort was put into effect with México, as The Merida Initiative began.  This meant to work with México, along with many nations of Central America and South AmericaThe U.S. Congress has approved funds to be allocated to these nations, which is meant to be used for purchasing equipment to fight the battles, and for the creation of programs that are supposed to review and to train security forces.

Additionally, The United States is said to be enacting stronger efforts to block the manners of international drug movements.  Over 4,000 new federal agents are being trained, learning how to complete tasks such as applying wiretaps, questioning suspects, and sending informants between both nations.  The U.S. has sent unarmed drone planes to fly over Mexican soil in efforts to locate drug smugglers, and to identify them in order to have either government deal with them.  Yet, the federal government of México currently is in a state of corruption that does not allow it to make effective legal actions against drug smugglers.

Human Rights Watch has been working with The U.S. government to deal with actions of drug cartels, and how these groups affect U.S. tourists.  They have been observing how attacks upon these organizations, and the eliminations of their central figures are working to reduce their levels of strength.  Yet, representatives from México and The United States have issued statements that contradict the findings of Human Rights Watch.  Both national governments have stated that levels of violence are on the rise with the actions of drug cartels, and those whom are responsible for committing the criminal actions are not being handled to the fullest levels of legal extent by either nation.

US-Mexico Marijuana Traficking









México                United States of America


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When Foot in Mouth is A Family Thing!

September 24, 2011 at 10:13 PM (current news, late night studies, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

Sometimes, it just gets difficult not to pick at her!  She is such a cute little silly/dufus thing!  It possibly is best for most people just to let her be, as the truth likely is that she knows not what she says.  I could not pass the chance to taint my blog with this latest hilarious/heinous outburst from the little Palin!

Young Bristol Palin was at a Los Angeles area bar-club and diner, The Saddle Ranch Chop House.  She was having drinks, riding mechanical bulls, and doing whatever it is that she does during her evenings out.  Now afflicted with some level of celebrity status, she has media popping out at her, from under logs, from behind shrubs, and at any general occasion.  As she is a typical youth, and likely as she is her mother’s daughter, handling instant attacks from camera-weilding journalists was not something for which she was prepared to handle!

Right now, Bristol is in the process of being filmed for a reality program that is going to be shown on The BIO Channel.  She already is carrying all of the calamity that comes with being a sudden celebrity, as she is on television, and she is across The Internet, just as much as her mother.  Her stint on Dancing With the Stars helped to propel her popularity, or perhaps pushed her perception of peskiness into the general public.  Whatever; she is now a well-known figure of American pop culture!

Bristol is about to have her own television show!  It will be shown on BIO Channel, with the episodes airing for half-hour broadcasts.  It does not have a title yet, though the fact that Bristol Palin is the central figure certainly will draw an audience out of various woodworks.  It is supposed to premiere later this fall, or perhaps during the Spring 2012 television season.

This recent announcement comes along with Bristol Palin’s publicity gained though her comments with The BIO Channel.  Palin was out one evening last week, heading to an L.A. area bar.  Paparazzi from this station caught wind of her presence, and some of them opted to follow her.  Bristol was captured on camera as she rode a bull-ride, and as she had some fun in that downtown area.

It was when Bristol arrived at the bar that she was verbally accosted by citizens whom recognized her.  She had the unfortunate luck of being approached by some drunkard, who opted to get rude with her. The outspoken simpleton started yelling toward Bristol, while calling her mother evil.  Bristol, for whatever reason, decided to engage in argument with this man.  He continued with his rants, and she asked him if he was a homosexual!  Bristol and friends proceeded to leave the club, as other drunk club goers yelled at them, calling them “White trash” and “bitches”!

It was at the point when the bar drunks referred to Sarah Palin as a whore when Bristol asked one of them if he was a homosexual.  She was comically/curiously inferring to the man’s claims of her mother being hyperactive in the bedroom as some strange link to this man being gay.  The man continued, calling Sarah Palin “evil”, and comically admitting to his own homosexuality!

All of this happened as Bristol was out that evening, being filmed for her part with The BIO Channel.  She will be a part of a series of ten, half-hour shows.  It is supposed to premiere later during the fall season.  It will cover adventures with her young son, her current friends, and it will delve into details about her time working with a charity organization when she lived with the Massey brothers, Christopher and Kyle.  The show does not have a title, yet.











bull rider



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Two Stars For Kepler 16b!

September 23, 2011 at 5:27 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, current news, extraterrestrial studies, science and technology)

As the search for other worlds within our galaxy, within this universe continues, astronomers are continuing to make amazing discoveries!  This one likely happened between a mixture of outer space enthusiasts and science fiction fanatics.  Yet, whatever the reason, it always is exciting to realize that so much is going on beyond what it is that we think we know!

It was earlier this month when astronomers whom were eying the depths of the known universe caught the sight of a distant world.  Locating exoplanets seems to be so commonplace nowadays, yet it always is an interesting thing when another one is spotted.  A new world that has been labeled as Kepler 16b was viewed, recently.  It was identified by The Kepler Space Observatory, and the studies of it are revealing spectacular details!

Located roughly 200 light years away from us, Kepler 16b has been found to be a gas giant.  This is a world similar to Jupiter, or to Saturn.  Kepler 16b has been found to be roughly the size of Saturn, said to be a world that is a mixture of gas and rock.  It is in orbit of it’s host stars, Kepler 16, in a 229 day-length period.

Kepler 16b is in orbit of the binary star system at a period of 229 days.  It’s distance from the stars equals to what the distance of Venus is from The Sun.  Scientists have figured Kepler 16b’s location to be sixty-five million miles out from it’s host binary stars.  This is within what is being recognized as the habitable zone.

This world is the first world that astronomers have validated as a planet in orbit of two stars.  Other worlds in this situation are believed to exist, yet Kepler 16b has been the only verifiable example, thus far.  Both of the stars are smaller than The Sun.  Such a world would have two sunrises, and two sunsets, similar to what the young Luke Skywalker witnessed when he was a boy on Tatooine!

Unlike the imaginary Tatooine, Kepler 16b has been identified as mainly a gas world.  Having no truly solid surface, it would not have any life, as we allege to understand it.  Yet, the verification of this planet’s existence teases with studying scientists at the idea of a world in a binary star system being capable of supporting life.  It does exist within it’s solar system’s habitable zone, which does suggest that similar worlds with temperatures at the right settings for liquid water to be present could exist within similar orbital patterns.  Where there is water, there is life…..

Unfortunately, further studies proceeded to reveal that Kepler 16b is not capable of supporting life.  Studies show that the planet likely is composed of a half-solid, and a half-fluid mixture.  The binary stars likely do not emit enough heat to support our comprehensions of life, although a combination of the heat emitted from both of them does equal to roughly ninety percent of the heat coming from The Sun to Earth.













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…is it truly justice?

September 22, 2011 at 7:02 PM (curious research, current news, historic review, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

Troy Anthony Davis was executed by The State of Georgia, less than a month before his forty-third birthday.  He had been incarcerated for being found guilty of a murder during 1989.  Davis was accused of being the murderer of Officer Mark Mac Phail of Savannah, Georgia.  He was supposedly seen shooting Officer Mac Phail outside of a Burger King, with witnesses confessing and testifying that they had observed Davis committing the murder. 

No weapon was ever found to be used as evidence.  Yet, prosecuters had evidence to show that bullets were found at the restaurant which supposedly came from the weapon that Davis allegedly used.  His trial occurred during 1991, with a jury consisting of five Whites and seven Blacks.  There were thirty-four supposed witnesses whom testified for the prosecution, and six witnesses whom testified for the defense.  Despite Davis’ continued and adamant pleas to his innocence, his defense failed to clear him of the murder charges.  The trial ended with Davis being sentenced to death.

From 1991, until yesterday, Troy Davis insisted that he was innocent of the murder of Officer MacPhail.  He gained support from his family, along with people that included former President Jimmy Carter, Pope Benedict XVI, Reverend Al Sharpton, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  Celebrity endorsements in Davis’ favor included statements from Sean “Puffy” Combs, Kim Kardashian, Kimora Lee Simmons, and Gabrielle Union.  Yet, despite these public outcries for further review of Davis’ case before his execution, and despite his on insistence of his innocence, Davis was unable to escape the final decision of jurors for the case of his supposed 1989 murder.

It was 11:08 p.m. EST when Troy Davis was put to death.  His case was not able to get past a 2011 U.S. Supreme Court decision, which did order a Georgia – U.S. District Court to reexamine the evidence, verifying whether or not Davis actually was the murdering assailant during the 1989 killing of the Savannah, Georgia policeman.  He was not able to get past a 2010 case, which upheld his guilt in the 1989 killing.  He was not able to receive the assistance of almost one million people, all of whom signed a petition to have The Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles show leniency, having his case reopened, then retried.  He was not able to receive assistance from the requests for clemency from individuals whom included several public figures from around the world.

Last night was the fourth and final effort to have Troy Davis executed.  After having several pleas to have his case reopened, and obtaining several requests to have his death delayed, Georgia opted to continue with Davis’ set date for execution.  The Butts County, Georgia Superior Court ultimately denied all requests to have Davis’ case examined again, which coincided with denials from The U.S. Supreme Court, and The Supreme Court of The State of Georgia

Even in the 21st century, it does seem difficult to overlook the possibilty of underlying racism that exists at a basic, and somewhat subdued level within the southern United States.  Few people are ready to stand up, identifying issues for what they truly are, yet they continue to prevail at steady rates because of the lack of public exposure and elimination.  Until greater levels of observation and  public outrcries to stop these types of actions are made, Troy Davis will not be the only one to be found guilty of crimes, and to die for crimes that he did not commit.

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As Justice is Served…..

September 21, 2011 at 7:48 PM (current news, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

I do remember when this absolutely abhorrent event took place.  It was saddening, yet at the same time, disgusting, while invoking sentiments of rage.  It was very difficult not to assume an accusatory and presumptive attitude toward random people afterward. 

 The murder of James Byrd, Junior was horrifying, while angering and saddening all at once.  It occurred in the Southern town of Jasper, Texas, where sentiments of racial separatism and hatred toward outside ethnicities remained prevalent, even after the civil rights movement.  A man was murdered because of his skin color.

Mr. Byrd was walking in the town, during a June 1998 evening, when he was approached by a pickup truck.  Three White males were in the vehicle, and they offered him a ride home.  Byrd was about to enter the truck, then what seemed to be an act of neighborly kindness soon became an unrestricted action of evil.  The men grabbed hold of Byrd, assaulted him, then they were able to bind him to the back of their truck.

Byrd was attacked by the men in the truck.  He was beaten excessively, then he was chained to the back of the truck.  Then, an action of nothing less than malice occurred, as Byrd was dragged on the road by the speeding truck.  The driver curved the truck from one side of the road to the next, as Byrd’s body flailed along behind it.  He scraped along the road, as his clothing were torn off, and eventually, his skin was razed from his body.  Parts of Byrd were dismembered, and he finally wound up beheaded from the extreme pulling of the pickup truck.

Byrd had been scraped, skinned, and mutilated, dying a painful death.  The men involved, Lawrence Brewer, Shawn Berry, and John William King all were members of The Ku Klux Klan.  An organization that is iconic for it’s actions of hatred against people outside of their race had some of it’s members act in a manner which seemed to express pride as they murdered and mutilated a man due to his being of another ethnicity, his being Black.

Police got wind of what had happened that night, and arrested each of these men soon afterward.  They were faced with charges of capital murder, as trials occurred at three separate times.  Each of the men was tried, then convicted of murder.  Shawn Berry, who was the truck driver, was alleged to have cut James Byrd’s throat before dragging him.  He has been incarcerated in Brazoria County, Texas, and is eligible for parole during 2038.

John William King struck Byrd multiple times with a baseball bat, then he assisted with tying him to the truck.  He was caught by police, and incarcerated, where he joined the racist hate group.  He was found guilty at his trial for the attack on Byrd, and he was sentenced to death.  He remains on death row at The Allan B. Polunsky Unit at Polk County, Texas.

Lawrence Russell Brewer, the one whom drove the truck, was executed today.  His lethal injection occurred at 6:21 p.m., CST.  He had a final meal that included barbecue, a cheese omelette, fajitas, fried okra, and pizza.  Brewer was allowed to make last phone calls before his execution occurred.  Brewer maintained that he kicked Byrd, and he sprayed paint into Byrd’s face.  Yet, he insisted that the other attackers chained Byrd, and that it was Shawn Berry whom cut Byrd’s throat before they drove with him dragging behind their truck.

While jailed, Brewer became a member of a collection of racist inmates called The Exalted Cyclopses.  They are linked with The K.K.K., as some branch affiliation of leaders within the hate group. They are supposed to be the ones whom collect new members to The Klan.  However, all of Brewer’s links, liaisons, and memberships ended abruptly at 6:21 p.m., Central Standard Time. 

James Byrd, Junior







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Peering Past Perry’s Presumptions?

September 19, 2011 at 7:33 PM (current news, historic review, political atmosphere, social opinion, web gossip)

As the 2012 race for President of The United States is heating up, eyes are turning toward Texas  Governor Rick Perry.  He  is being viewed as one of the leaders to grasp the Republican nomination.  Several members of the nation’s political constituency are viewing each of the presumed candidates, looking to find which one is presenting the best options for our nation, and which one has the potential to unseat President Obama.

The Lone Star State currently is facing an economic slump.  Yet, despite a situation of national recession, Texas has managed to wade through the setting, adding far more opportunities for employment than any other state.  Over 732,000 jobs have been allowed to the Texas employment scene during the last decade.  This is during a time when the nation as a whole has faced a crippling economic depression.

Texas is a Right to Work State.  This is where citizens of these states have the options to choose if they wish to join employment unions, or not to join them.  The choice to become a union member is open to most employees, outside of government jobs, and some select career options that choose not to become involved with unions.  Texas is one of twenty-two states that tout the Right to Work label.  

Governor Perry has been viewed as a leader whom has reduced regulations and taxes on organizations within his state that have created employment opportunities.  Texas does not have a state income tax, and taxes on citizens did not double during Perry’s terms.  The state’s overall tax rate increased a mere 0.8 percent, from 7.1 percent to 7.9 percent during the first decade of the twenty-first century.

During Perry’s terms in office, property taxes were decreased by one-third the rate that they held before his election.  These reductions were countered by increases in cigarette taxes, as well as elevations in the amounts of state companies that pay franchise taxes.  Governor Perry has touted these financial achievements as plans that cater to Texans’ sense(s) of fairness…..

Governor Perry has claimed publicly that the tax rates within Texas have worked because of the reduction of business tax rates, and a replacement of franchise taxes with a margins tax of one percent.  Some argue that this plan is set for failure, as it levies taxes upon production rates.  It motions for the formations of public groupings in order to handle, or to avoid state taxation.  This is viewed as potentially damaging because it creates a pyramid setting that allows those whom bond to avoid increased tax rates to escape the heavier tax amounts that are levied upon individuals whom are financially incapable of grouping to reduce tax rates.

As Governor Perry is claiming that taxes have been lowered upon those whom have been offered job opportunities during his terms, it is shown that Texas remains a state that has one of the nation’s highest poverty rates.  As of 2010, 18.4% of Texas citizens lived below the poverty line.  This is accompanied by impoverished Texans not having basic needs that include heatlh insurance and financial assistance programs.  Over half of Texas’ citizens are minorities, whom have not received the benefits of basic education, or the elevated employment opportunities that are available in other states!

Many in Texas are saying that the so-callled middle class has been pushed into the level of poverty during Governor Perry’s terms.  The jobs that have been created are minimum wage jobs, or those that pay only a slight amount more.   A rate of 9.5% of the states work force per hour makes minimum wage, which is the highest rate within The United States.  Texas has the lowest minimum wage payment to it’s workers at an average of $7.25 hourly.  This depressed distinction is shared only with Mississippi.

Rick Perry 2012










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Gumby or Dumby?

September 17, 2011 at 9:19 PM (current news, social opinion, web gossip)

Was it a new and creative way to express one’s personality while attempting a daring act, or was it something just downright dumb?  Well, the fact that it was used in an act of crime does nudge the whole effort toward the edge of idiocy.  Yet, there was some humor in there!

It was Labor Day, September 7, when a ninteen year-old Jason Kiss opted to commit an armed heist.  He was with a friend who was dressed in a Gumby suit when they made an attempt at robbery.  Yes, dressed in a Gumby suit!  The area of Rancho Penasquitos, a suburban region of San Diego, California, was where a 7-Eleven corner store was held up by Kiss, and this character in costume.

“Gumby”, entered the store, approached the clerk,  and he demanded money, along with a pack of cigarettes!  Apparently not concerned with crime, or cancer, the assailant proceeded to try retrieving a gun from within the character outfit.  He had trouble reaching it, which seemed to cause him to become frustrated.  Then, his agitation lead him to decide giving up on the attempted heist, as he dropped some change onto the floor, then he left the store!

Certainly, the store clerk did not know what to make of the situation!  Reports say that he decided not to report the incident until the store owner had seen the video footage, and he had called the cops.  Then, the information was given to Crime Stoppers, and a $1,000 reward offer was issued for information about the suspects.

It was that following Tuesday when Kiss, and his accomplice, nineteen year-old Jason Giramma, gave themselves up, surrendering to San Diego Police.  Giramma admitted to being the one wearing the Gumby costume.  The San Diego police officers had both young men to bring it with them when they were to be interrogated. 

Giramma and Kiss were not arrested.  They both face criminal charges and fines. The issue was sent to a San Diego District Attorney for review, as charges may or may not be issued.  Quite interesting!  While some people may have been shot and killed for such an action, others simply get slaps on the wrist!

'Gumby' walked into the store with another man.









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Ancient Egypt Assisted By Ancient Aliens?

September 15, 2011 at 9:55 PM (astronomy topics, curious research, extraterrestrial studies, historic review, late night studies, science and technology, social opinion, web gossip)

I was watching a rebroadcast of Ancient Aliens, one of the hit series that airs on The History Channel.  This particular episode is entitled Aliens and Ancient Engineers.  It explores theories surrounding how the buildings of some of our planet’s most spectacular, man-made structures were completed with the assistance of extraterrestrials.

Rediculous, I know.  The show examines several of the extremely intricate and fascinating buildings that were constructed during ancient times, and which remain to this day.  It delves into the curiousity surrounding how such detailed and megalithic structures were made by humans without the technical capacity that exists today.  Some speculators, theorists, and such, dare to propose that many of the fantastic, ancient buildings were constructed with the assistance of extraterrestrial beings!

The Egyptian pyramids were examined as obvious examples of human work with the assistance of more technically advanced beings.  These fantastic and enormous buildings are so tremendous, and they are situated with such precision.  Some skeptics, and followers of ancient extraterrestrial visitor theories, believe that these pyramids had to have been built with the help and/or instruction of more capable beings.

At first, I found it all to be insulting.  How could these people sit here and claim that the fantastic works of our ancestors could not have been completed without the help of beings from beyond this world?  Why would they not have the knowledge of mathematics, physics, and other advanced studies that would be needed to create these nearly perfect structures?  Why would they not have been able to do these things?  Just because you are stupid… 

I went on, examining websites that explore similar ideas.  One example that was mentioned is the mathematic precision involved with the alignment of The Great Pyramid at Giza.  It is supposed to be aligned exactly with the magnetic north pole.  This is an accomplishment that is curious for humans to have achieved before such advances in science occurred, or even before the actual recognition of where Earth’s  magnetically-aligned north pole is located!

The Sphinx is built so that the structure seems to interact with the movements of The Sun.  The rising and setting of The Sun all seem to occur precisely around the head of the great lion-pharoah.  Such an exact tracing of The Sphinx’s head occurs only at winter solstice of the northern hemisphere, so it is questioned as to how the ancient Egyptians had such knowledge without the help of beings from beyond.

Theories suggest that the alien visitors came from a world within the constellation Leo.  This is why a megalithic lion is situated within The Sahara Desert; a reminder of from where the extraterrestrial visitors came!  Some details allege that the extraterrestrials visited Earth at some point around 10,500 B.C., having humans to assist with this construction as an eternal reminder of their presence on our world. 

The head of The Sphinx was said to have been that of a lion, originally.  However, it was changed after several thousands of years, during the reign of the pharoah Ramessses II.  He was arrogant and conceited, and he wanted to have a marker that would remind the world forever of his presence.  Supposedly, Ramesses had thousands of Egyptian slaves and workers to remove the lion face, and to have his facial image replacing the spot!

Back to the pyramids; The Great Pyramid is constructed to cohere with the mathematic figure pi.  The perimeter of the structure, when divided by two times it’s height, the resulting figure is supposed to equal to pi to it’s most precise outcome.  Ancient alien theorists argue that ancient Egyptians did not even know what in the Hell pi was (although they were sitting right beneath Greece…), yet alone have been able to construct a fantastic building based upon calculations aligned with surrounding mathematic figuring.  Certainly, these prior human beings had to have had outside assistance….

These are just a few of the speculations proposed by this program.  It actually is very fascinating, as it suggests that other ancient, and fantastically enormous structures around the planet were constructed with the assistance of extraterrestrial beings.  Many people do want to know how ancient human beings were capable of such fantastic works without the knowledge that allegedly arose during modern times.  Additionally, many people do believe that Earth has been visited by extraterrestrial beings who left their markings in some of the most obviously hidden locations!

These Ancient Alien shows are very fascinating.  Personally, I would have to have the exact evidence of the extraterrestrials having been on Earth before I would dare to suggest that our ancestors could not have completed their fantastic works on their own.  Oh, some of the locations supposedly have images inscribed in stone that portray beings that did not look human!

There is a lot more to these theories.  I would have to say that it would be necessary to watch these programs, then to have intelligent and inquisitive individuals to use their own inferences to come up with some reasonably rational revelations.  Indeed, it all is fascinating, and it does poke-tease at those of us whom want to believe that Earth is not alone out of all that is out there!  I would have to suggest for people to watch these programs, then read some of the arguments, and actually look at the evidence, to decide for themselves as to what the truth might be.

Pyramid and Sphinx, Giza, Egypt Photographic Print by Jacob Halaska












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