This Cinema: Secrets of Space and Social Separation!

September 3, 2011 at 2:40 AM (astronomy topics, curious research, extraterrestrial studies, historic review, movie reviews, science and technology, social opinion)

It was one of those evenings where the second movie should have been seen first, if not by itself altogther!  One movie was a must see because that is just what we are into seeing.  Yet, the second film was a terrific treat, as we did not anticipate it being that good!  Let me attempt to elaborate!

As devout science fiction fans, we entered Apollo 18 first!  Viewers are allowed to enter the website, where secrets about the Apollo missions are kept.  It is exposed that astronauts were prepped for a secret mission to The Moon.  They used a secret Saturn V rocket that was owned by The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to carry out the Apollo XVIII mission.

The Freedom capsule landed on The Moon, Christmas Day 1974.  The astronauts began toward the lunar south pole, taking photos, and getting samples. They had minor malfunctions with their craft, yet the astronauts proceeded to explore, setting up a camera, and taking samples from an impact crater.

Later, noise is heard outside, as the astronauts are in the capsule.  They speak with Mission Control, which intends to explore the sounds.  The camera got an image of something on the lunar surface that was moving!

Five days pass, and Freedom goes to the far side of The Moon. The astronauts find another out of place item, and they get a strange signal.  Then, they see footprints!  The team loses contact with Mission Control, as John Glenn remains on the far side.

The team follows the footprints, discovering that another craft is on The Moon!  They see that it is Soviet, as The U.S.S.R. flag is at the craft’s entrance.  They go inside, seeing that the ship is ravaged, yet functional.  However, they discover bloody gear inside!

The astronaut Ben (Warren Christie) finds the corpse of a cosmonaut!  The team then reports to Mission Control that The Soviets indeed had been to The Moon before The United States!  They return to their vessel to rest, and upon awakening, they see that the U.S. flag on the lunar surface is missing!

The team begins to suspect that The Soviets still are on The Moon. They prepare to leave, yet something disrupts their systems.  After losing communication with Earth, they suit up to return to the surface, and to repair the rover.  Outside, they see more footprints, and they find the U.S. flag, now shredded!  Contact is lost with Houston, and they see something moving!

Nate (Lloyd Owen) is outside, and he collapses.  Something is in his suit, and Ben goes out to rescue him.  They return to the rover, and Nate can not tell what happened due to being short of oxygen.  The Freedom capsule tries to contact them, as Nate now feels something in his helmet, then he collapses!  His abdominal region is gored, and something is under his flesh!

They have lost contact with Houston, and they proceed to seek what The Soviets were after.  They learn that The U.S. government knew of a secret Soviet mission.  Nate now is dealing with infection, as they begin to believe that they will be trapped on The Moon.  Nate hemmorages, as something inside of him begins taking over him!

Nate becomes enraged, and he attacks Ben.  Another astronaut on the support craft Freedom tries to reach them, yet Ben can not hear the signal.  Nate leaves the vessel, as Ben follows him, and they get to the lunar rover.  Ben suddenly spasms, and Nate tries to hide him.  Nate then proceeds to the Soviet craft, and Ben wants Nate to leave him there for good.  Suddenly, Nate is snatched away by something!

As Ben tries to find Nate, several crab-like critters appear!  Ben runs to the Soviet vessel, hiding inside, and getting to the stored air supply.  He tries contacting Mission Control, and The Deputy Secretary of Defense answers.  The Secretary tells Ben that he can not return to Earth because of these creatures. Ben then listens to a recording as John Glenn suddenly calls to his channel.  He means to rescue Ben, yet Nate suddenly arrives, wanting inside!

Nate tries to be forceful with entering, yet he is suddenly eaten by the creatures in his suit.  Ben tries to prepare for a return to Earth, and John Glenn orders him not to bring Nate inside.  As Ben wants to return to Earth with Nate’s body, he tries to rescue his fellow astronaut’s corpse.  Yet, Ben ends up being eaten by the creatures that ate Nate!  Afterward, official reports are made, saying that Ben and Nate died during a test flight with N.A.S.A.!

Apollo 18 (2011) Poster

Our next film was The Help!  This was the surprisingly sensational film that we should have seen first!  It starts with Aibileen Clark (Viola Davis) being shown as a maid in 1911 Jackson, Mississippi.  She works for $0.19 an hour.

We see Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan (Emma Stone) applying for work at the Jackson city newspaper.  She is a young, White female who regularly associates with her Black friend Minny (Octavia Jackson).  Minny works as a maid for Skeeter’s mom, Mrs. Walters (Sissy Spacek).  Also, she converses with Skeeter about the writing job, as Skeeter is a recent University of Mississippi graduate.

Skeeter’s mother wants her to be married, immediately.  Her mom has chosen to fire Minny, yet elder maid/helper Constantine (Cicely Tyson) protects her.  This occurrence, and time growing under Constantine allowed Skeeter to develop into a young White female dedicated to the rights of Blacks in The South.  She becomes a writer for the Jackson newspaper, where she writes about the opinions of Blacks working for Whites, focusing on those whom help to raise White children.

Aibileen decided that she wanted to go to college.  She needed money, and she approached her White employer for a loan.  Yet, Aibileen was denied the money because her employer told her that she should work hard for the money, and that Aibileen would be thankful for that, one day.

Minnie found employment with a young White lady whom was pregnant.  This lady, Celia (Jessica Chastain), kept Minnie a secret from her husband.  Meanwhile, Skeeter associated with a charity organization of Jackson who seemed to surface-associate with Blacks.  Some of the ladies within the organization were set on having Celia set to engage with any man for whom she may or may not have actual romantic feelings.

Aibileen is seeing that the young children of her White mistress are not receiving proper care when Aibileen is not present.  She is continuing a friendship with Skeeter, yet Minnie does not want Skeeter dealing with Aibileen.  Yet, Minnie is defiant, as she keeps a bond with Aibileen, and she means to learn what it is like for Blacks working for Whites.

Skeeter’s mother, Charlotte (Allison Janney), observes her daughter, as she is intent on having her to be married.  Yet, Skeeter is trying to be a writer, and she gets a job with a Jackson newspaper.  She starts by writing about the happenings within Jackson households, and she seeks the help of Aibileen for details.  Through this, she learns more about the truth behind the interactions of Blacks and Whites behind closed doors, with which Skeeter becomes very uncomfortable.  She finds further aggravation after learning about her friend Hilly (Bryce Dallas Howard), and how Hilly interacts with her Black help in a very unpleasant manner!

Skeeter continues with her interviews of Black maids of Jackson.  Yet, several of them are hesitant to reveal details because of possibly negative reactions from their White bosses.  Also, Skeeter is upset by Hilly’s plans to create a proposal to have Blacks using separate restrooms from Mississippi Whites.

Skeeter uses her gained information, along with continuing facts that she discovers about discrimination to write a book.  She wants to get details from Aibileen and other Blacks.  Skeeter learns of one incident in particular where Blacks were put off of an evening bus because of a night shooting that happened.  A Black male was shot by local police, and there were fears of riots.  The bus driver did not want riding Whites to be affected, so he had all Black passengers to get off of the bus!

Skeeter continued to collect details for her story.  She finds herself having to be resistant to her mother, who intends to have her marry a well-to-do man.  Skeeter does not particularly care for him, as she resists his advances, and her mother’s urgings.

Aibileen ends up assisting Hilly’s daughter, who has a hard time with learning to read.  Hilly would beat the girl for not being a good reader, yet Aibileen comforted her, and assisted her with improving her reading ability.  A bond of friendship formed between them, as the daughter found Aibileen to be someone upon whom she could trust with secrets and assistance.

It was one evening when a female friend of Aibileen was walking home because she was denied a ride by her white employer.  She was approached by White police officers, and she was accused of something that she did not do.  The officers beat the woman regardless, which was an incident that helped to incite racial rioting in Jackson.  Skeeter used the information of this incident within her writings as a lesson of understanding of how Whites were treating Blacks during her era, and a mean for recognizing tolerance versus intolerance.

As time progresses to the point of the funeral of President John F. Kennedy, public incidences of racial indifference were being expressed fully within Skeeter’s journalistic collections.  She had become very successful with her works.  Yet, the life of Skeeter continued on it’s not-so-pleasant path.

Later,  it was one afternoon when Minnie had become sick and tired of the rude behavior of Skeeter’s friend, Jolene (Anna Camp).  So, Minnie opted to get revenge.  She chose to bake a pie for Jolene, then to serve it to the not-so-merry mistress as an alleged manner of truce.  Little did Jolene know that the pie was baked and filled with shit (yes, feces)!

The town was hosting an African Children’s Benefits Ball, at which Celia arrived in full form and flair.  She was changing with the times, as she spoke with Minnie at the affair.  Also, Eugenia talked with Mrs. Walters, as they were attempting to heal the broken bond between them.  As well, she conversed with her mother, Constantine, in manners to heal and build their bond.  Constantine had a particular moment of reattachment with Eugenia when the two of them connected when Eugenia arrived to heal with her mother at the home of one of Constantine’s employers.

The instances and events of these women were compiled within Skeeter’s writings.  She went forward to publish a novel that she entitled The Help.  Skeeter’s daughter collected the novel’s earnings!

The Help (2011) Poster

The Amazing Spiderman will open July 3, 2012!  I am getting excited about the teasings for Ghostbusters 3 and Jurassic Park 4!  I am hearing that the third episode of the spirit snaggers is going to start filming during 2012.  Jurassic Park 4 may be released during 2013 or 2014, with Jeff Goldblum, Samuel L. Jackson, and Sam Neill rumored to be back with the program.  Also, Henry Cavill is said to be a part of the script, in the role of Superman, with Man of Steel opening during 2013!  We shall see…

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